Ikea Kura Bed Girl Ideas

Ikea Kura Bed Girl Ideas – Let’s face it, we all love a good idea from IKEA, especially when it comes to kids’ bedrooms. One week they want a house bed, the next they want a spaceship bed, and before you know it they’re too cold for anything and want an adult bed because they’ve decided they already It’s “Two Boys”. .

Catering to your child’s needs can be expensive, but don’t worry, IKEA’s KURA bed can save you the hassle of costly DIY…anything you (or your kids) can imagine can fit into this bed A full-size single bed for just £1. 179. Can be thrown away.

Ikea Kura Bed Girl Ideas

Ikea Kura Bed Girl Ideas

In this blog I’m going to cover the basics of transforming a Kura bed, from the very simple to the slightly more complicated…so here are tons of uses for IKEA KURA beds your kids will love…

Ikea Kura Hacks For Children Room

OK, first off… what is the IKEA KURA bed? This is a reversible children’s bed in bright white and natural wood. In its simplest form, pictured below, it’s a single bed and bunk style combination that you can pull straight out of the box. It’s super easy to make, and the simple Scandinavian style is perfect for any kid’s interior.

Let’s start simple, IKEA actually sells an easy-to-put comforter that can turn your Kura bed into a fun campsite for your kids to sleep in. I admit I never liked these tents before, but IKEA, these tents really pass the style test.

Now dinosaurs have a lot of room inside, so prehistoric lovers will love this cool dinosaur night tent. It has a bit of a crawl space – I love how IKEA has designed it here:

If you’re looking for dinosaur interior inspiration – you’ll love our blog here – or click on an image below:

Kid Friendly Diys Featuring The Ikea Kura Bed

The image above is a computer generated space, but it looks real, doesn’t it! This is a great way to use CGI to show how to create a simple IKEA hack. All you need to achieve this look is your KURA bed, a TROFAST frame with drawers of your choice, and some MDF panels for the beveled edges. The photo below shows the open storage space inside, perfect for storing toys in a hidden place.

I love this design because it’s simple, functional, and also because it’s easy and cheap to make!

If you’re not too DIY, but still love this bunk bed and storage box, try these simple kura trofast tips.

Ikea Kura Bed Girl Ideas

Maybe you love the low price and practicality of the KURA bed, but don’t have time for DIY and want to keep things simple – below you’ll find stylish ways to decorate your KURA bed, just for fun. paint or beautiful accessories from the children’s bedroom;

Ikea Kura Curtain Kura Curtains Loft Bed Curtain Ikea Kura

I love the colors used below – a light blue (maybe Farrow & Ball’s light blue – or similar), with mustard and ochre tones for added warmth. If I had to guess where most of the items in this room were purchased…

If you like the subtle colors above but want a little less color, you might like the kids bedroom designs below…paint your Kura bed white or light gray, add a stucco canopy, cloud wallpaper/mural and Accessories. Natural wood or rattan. I appreciate that they added a bar across the top gap, but if you don’t, I don’t think it affects the look too much. To make a change, don’t just screw on the whiteboard that came with your bed; screw on the whiteboard that came with your bed.

Creating a play area under a bunk bed is a great way to free up much-needed floor space in a small bedroom. The family below manages to use all the square meters to accommodate a desk, a reading nook and soft seating.

Downstairs everything is simple, brightly colored walls, bright bed linen, linen duvet cover and striped pillowcases and sheets. Stick contrasting horns against the wall for a colorful but matching Scandi bed back. I believe this image belongs to UK children’s retailer Petit & Small – I believe they sell the items in this image… except rattan mats from IKEA;

Kura Reversible Bed, White/pine, Twin

For those who prefer muted tones, bare wood and natural bedding, go back to neutrals… if you don’t add white panels to your bed, you’ll end up with a minimalist wooden bunk bed – perfect for any kid’s interior ! Here, we see white walls, a neutral rug (hop, washable!) – with the addition of a dark pink traditional style rug, patterned bedding. I discovered IKEA KALAX and their wooden lamps here! Complete the look with rattan accessories such as this hanging storage and doll’s bed or crib;

So I cheated again – the damn hack below involves some DIY, but it’s easy! Buy a roll of natural reed rope, cut it to size, and place it between the white board and the wood…easy! These guys kept it simple and bohemian with white walls, wall stickers and fun accessories;

A super easy trick that will definitely impress your kids is… add curtains! Use a curtain with an open loop at the top and pull it up…kids can make their own comfy bed in privacy…great if kids share a room!

Ikea Kura Bed Girl Ideas

Below is the official room from IKEA…I saw it on their website and loved it – simple but effective decor. Paint the walls a dark navy blue, add star wall decals, cloud lights, and padding underneath the play area…easy and zero DIY!

Ikea Hacks For Kids & Nursery

I love this area under the double layer sofa (see below)…perfect for toddlers, kids under two – maybe even some teen rooms! You can easily achieve this look by adding a single mattress, striped sheets, or any fabric you like, and throw in some pillows. The key here is to vary the size and texture of the fabric. I love the rust velvet and deep pink here!

Here’s a great Scandi example of how you can transform a bed and a room with simple DIYs. The white KURA bed is glued with strips of cut-to-size plywood for a playful and relaxed feel. Style it with Natural Wood Toys, Ollie Ella Rattan Picnic Basket, Ferm Living Lion Pillow, and more! In this example, the play area is raised and the bed is lowered, which I hope will be useful for kids who get up at night for potty training or who don’t yet trust ladders. The beauty of them is that you can change it as they grow – if they’re more adventurous!

How cute..just paint the bed (I would use eggshell paint by the way! It’s more hardwearing, but not ugly, and shiny…wow!) and you’ve got yourself a big readable The book under your little night light in the girl’s room;

For those looking for sage green, bare wood, Scandinavian style…this @coco_homedeco room is for you…add an IKEA IVAR cabinet under the bed for much needed storage. I’ve seen people turn them into mini closets for kids – so many storage ideas! This color is similar to Farrow & Ball’s Treron or Pigeon…any earth gray/green will do the trick;

Ikea Kura Bed Hacks That Will Make You Look Like A Genius!

How does this halftone effect have such an impact on the bed? It’s crazy, but it’s instantly elevated to “chic” for me. It looks like they picked a color from the bottom of the second tier and continued around the bed…it’s that simple – just make sure the color you pick matches the accessories that complement it, or it’ll just disappear. achieve the desired effect;

Well, they’re for the DIY adventurer…or those who prefer to hire a carpenter/handyman or handyman!

What kid doesn’t love something resembling a tree house? These guys added IKEA pedals (BEKVAM) to help with getting in and out;

Ikea Kura Bed Girl Ideas

Looks like someone here is bad at doing things with wood! Whole house bed with TROFAST stairs and storage;

Ikea Kura Bed Hack For A Kid’s Room

While I don’t like the Union Jack below – I applaud their imagination…let’s face it – kids don’t appreciate style – what they see here is a beautiful castle bed and they have to climb through the door. lie in bed and then

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