Why Do I Wake Up Feeling Dizzy

Why Do I Wake Up Feeling Dizzy – Getting out of bed can be exhausting. Waking up will only make things more difficult. “Dizziness is one of the most common reasons people seek medical care. But there could be many reasons,” says audiologist Dr. Julie Hornaker. “When we get older We are susceptible to medical conditions and blood pressure problems that cause dizziness in the morning.”

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Why Do I Wake Up Feeling Dizzy

Why Do I Wake Up Feeling Dizzy

If you feel dizzy at times You probably don’t need to worry. Most people experience occasional dizziness in the morning. But sometimes you often feel dizzy when you wake up. Common causes of dizziness after waking up include:

Can Allergies Make You Dizzy?

Dr. Hornach explains how these causes are linked to feelings of shakiness. And what do you do to relieve stress?

Dr Hornak said dizziness was a personal matter. The way you feel dizzy may differ from other people. “People who experience dizziness, vertigo, or imbalance may be described as light-headed. But that’s what defines it,” she explains. “The best way to describe vertigo is the feeling of altered or disturbed spatial orientation relative to the surrounding environment.”

In other words, dizziness is a strange feeling in the space around you. Vertigo is the feeling that you are spinning or that the world around you is spinning, whether your head and body are moving or not.

Sleeping on your back, stomach, or side can affect your morning blood pressure. “When you lie down Your blood tends to pool on your torso.” When you stand up, Blood flows to your legs and abdomen. This lowers blood pressure. “Usually, the body restores blood pressure very quickly,” explains Dr. Hornach. But if recovery is too slow, it’s called orthostatic hypotension, which can make you dizzy.

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Low blood pressure, also known as orthostatic hypotension or orthostatic hypotension, is more common in older people. It can also happen if:

But Dr. Hornaker said that wasn’t a cause for panic. “Although orthostatic hypotension may cause an uncomfortable feeling of dizziness or fainting upon waking, it is not uncommon for people to experience orthostatic hypotension.” But this is only temporary. It should only take a few minutes. But if you feel these on a regular basis should consult a medical professional

This condition can cause dizziness when you wake up. BPPV is an inner ear problem. The inner ear (vestibular) balance system has five sensory organs in each ear:

Why Do I Wake Up Feeling Dizzy

“The feeling usually lasts a few seconds to a minute. It calms when the crystals settle in other parts of the ear. People with BPPV may feel dizzy when they first go to bed or roll over in bed,’ notes Dr. Honaker. debilitating symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and difficulty walking in a straight line

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“Experts such as audiologists and physical therapists can diagnose this condition,” says Dr. Hornak. “They also allow you to move your head and body to push the crystal back into place.”

When you don’t drink enough water Your blood volume will decrease and so will your blood pressure. Low blood pressure means slower blood flow in the brain. makes you feel dizzy when you wake up

But the antidote is simple. “It may take time for the body to recover. Therefore, drink plenty of water. throughout the day and eat nutritious food if you are particularly dehydrated Intravenous electrolytes can help,” says Dr. Hornak. Pick a time before bed when you stop drinking. This way you don’t have to wake up too much when going to the bathroom at night.

Some medications can cause dizziness upon awakening because of their effects on blood pressure or interactions with other medications. These medications include:

Woke Up Dizzy? Here’s What Your Body’s Trying To Tell You

“If you think your medication is causing your dizziness. Your primary care provider should be your primary base,” says Dr. Hornach. “Your provider can help you determine if there is any medication that is causing your symptoms.”

If you have sleep apnea It indicates that you are breathing intermittently while you sleep. Sleep apnea prevents your blood from getting enough oxygen. causing dizziness, fainting, or feeling like you’re about to pass out

“Sleep apnea can also cause other problems, such as headaches, which can lead to dizziness,” says Dr Hornach.

Why Do I Wake Up Feeling Dizzy

When you have heart failure Your heart can’t pump enough blood to meet your body’s needs. This can cause blood pressure problems that can cause dizziness when you change positions.

Guide: Dizzy When Waking Up

“It is known that there is a link between heart failure and imbalance problem and an increased risk of falls,” Hornak said. “People with cardiovascular problems are more likely to experience dizziness and balance problems.”

“Your provider can check how your blood pressure responds to changes in body position,” says Dr. Hornach. “They can also rule out other problems, such as heart problems.”

Waking up with dizziness also increases your risk of falling. to prevent falls Dr. Hornak recommends elevating your legs before walking. or turning over after standing

“Stand up slowly and stop,” said Dr. Hornak. “Make sure you know your direction and there are no abnormalities when you complete this test. You’re ready to go. Getting up in the morning isn’t always easy. sleep deprivation or poor quality sleep It can make your alarm sound like your worst enemy, but sometimes getting out of bed can be especially difficult due to health problems and symptoms. that happened in the morning

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This is a common problem for people who feel dizzy after waking up. According to the Mayo Clinic, dizziness ranges from lightheadedness to a spinning room. Or commonly known as vertigo. There are many reasons. including problems with the inner ear low blood pressure and malnutrition Dizziness is normal. especially in the elderly Nearly half of them went to see a doctor at least once for treatment (according to the Cleveland Clinic).

Although dizziness is a common sensation, But it can interfere with your daily life. And it can lead to falls injuries, nausea, vomiting, other health hazards and accidents. Now, if you wake up feeling dizzy all the time. Here are some common reasons.

Like dizziness that occurs at other times of the day, morning dizziness has several possible explanations. According to Healthline, some people experience morning dizziness because of a change in posture. When you stand up or roll out of bed for the first time Your body will adjust the balance to support it. This can cause dizziness when fluid in the inner ear is released. In some cases, your blood pressure may drop suddenly when you stand up. This can lead to dizziness, fainting and even fainting (according to Medical News Today).

Why Do I Wake Up Feeling Dizzy

Premature dizziness can be linked to certain health conditions. For example, a drop in blood sugar at night can lead to morning dizziness. especially in patients with diabetes obstructive sleep apnea Apnea during sleep can trigger a feeling of imbalance upon waking. Many other conditions, such as heart disease, anxiety, anemia, and carbon monoxide poisoning, are also known. multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease It can cause dizziness and lightheadedness (according to Healthline).

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Fortunately, morning dizziness can sometimes be relieved with simple interventions, such as staying hydrated and getting out of bed slowly, according to the Mayo Clinic. Contact your doctor to rule out any medical conditions that may be causing your morning dizziness. Did you feel dizzy when you woke up this morning? If you find your bedroom spinning in the morning You may be wondering if you should be concerned.

Pauline Jose, MD, family medicine specialist and director of medical education at pH Labs, discusses the most common causes of morning dizziness.

If you experience repeated dizziness See a doctor who can properly evaluate your symptoms and help resolve underlying medical conditions. Remember, dizziness is not the same as fainting. This could be either feeling light-headed or light-headed.

Dr. Jose said low blood sugar, also known as hypoglycemia, can cause dizziness in the morning.

Sleepy Young Woman Feeling Sleepy Or Dizzy After Waking Up In Bed, Suffering Stock Photo

According to Harvard Health Publishing, when you don’t get enough glucose, which is the body’s main fuel source Your system will slow down to protect itself. including the brain That’s why you may feel slightly dizzy or confused when you wake up.

If it’s an incident that happens alone Eating or drinking sugary drinks, such as a glass of orange juice, may be enough to control your blood sugar.

But hypoglycemia is often associated with conditions like diabetes, says Dr. Jose, so if this happens frequently and you suspect you have hypoglycemia, ask yourself: You should see a doctor who can test your blood sugar to get a more complete picture of the problem.

Why Do I Wake Up Feeling Dizzy

If you wake up awkwardly and unbalanced This can be a side effect of some medications. For example, medications for high blood pressure might lower blood pressure too much. This causes blood pressure to fluctuate, says Dr. José.

Calming Your Fear Of Dizziness

If you think your medicine is making you dizzy Talk to your doctor, who may adjust your dose or prescribe another medication.

If you wake up and feel like the room is spinning

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