What To Put In Front Of Fireplace

What To Put In Front Of Fireplace – A beautiful fireplace can be the focal point of any home. It helps set the tone for the rest of your living room, and Ree Drummond certainly knows how to make it a focal point, like The Lodge and Sister House fireplaces. If you’re looking to spruce up your home this year, we’ve rounded up the best fireplace decorating ideas to help transform your space.

These designs are perfect for enhancing your fireplace in any season. If you love open shelves in the kitchen, bring this idea to your fireplace mantel as a piece of art. Stained glass, antique window frames and scented candles make this the place to display your favourites. If you don’t have a dresser, here are some ideas for adding a dresser. Here are some ideas for making a fake fireplace and turning it into an electric fireplace if you don’t have one!

What To Put In Front Of Fireplace

What To Put In Front Of Fireplace

Even when it’s hot outside, there are some super creative ideas to blend your unused fireplace into your room. For example, you can stock a fireplace with tons of cute coloring books or use it as a place to store decorative quilts. Remember, a fireplace doesn’t have to be functional to make it a focal point! After checking out our fireplace decorating ideas, you’ll be ready to put on your interior design hat and get to work.

Stone Fireplace Ideas For Creating A Fireplace You’ll Love!

If you have a working wood burning stove, you will need a place to store the wood. You can make it cute too! You can do it yourself for a modern look with aluminum pipes. And FYI: It also doubles as a bookstore or magazine.

Get inspired by Rhee and her sister Betsy as they design The Sister House. Placing decorations around a built-in brick fireplace creates a warm and inviting space.

If you want to completely restore the old brick fireplace, paint it white. It keeps it modern and clean and basically gives you a blank canvas to decorate however you like.

Another way to update an old brick fireplace is to paint the interior gray and build a wood panel over it. It gives a very modern and attractive look to modern mixed media.

Elegant Fireplace Ideas For Homes Old And New

Add a simple blue and white border around the fireplace for an instant nautical pop. And guess what? You don’t need to paint! This is peel and stick paper.

How useful is this idea? If you don’t have a fireplace or room, make a nook in the corner! You just need a square fireplace, then build around it.

If you have wall space but no fireplace, another idea is to build a fake house! It requires wood, marble slabs and some fake bricks. Once finished, even simple decorations like a pile of books and some chandeliers can really add style.

What To Put In Front Of Fireplace

The great thing about creating your own farm sign is that you can make it say anything you want. All you need is plywood, 1 to 2 boards, a stencil and a little paint. The result is part of the actual statement.

My Diy Electric Fireplace And Built Ins

An easy way to add a farmhouse touch and give your home a place to decorate is to add a shiny dresser. It complements natural stone very well and allows you to add plants, framed pictures or whatever you want.

If you have a simple floaty cape, you can easily add a little detail to set it apart with a belt or pattern. This version is made more attractive by black color.

Identify this hot spot. In this country living room, a large creature guards an elegant mantle and a stone fireplace.

If you have a photo that means a lot to your family, enlarge it as a black and white print and use it as the centerpiece of your fireplace. His brother Ladd Drummond showed a picture of his father and grandfather in their youth herding cows on a blanket.

Adding Cement Board To Fireplace Surround

A sliding door can have many uses beyond closets. Depending on which direction these doors are moved, show a fireplace or television.

Bookcases are an elegant and functional way to house your fireplace. Simplify your style by keeping your favorite books and adding interesting touches like potted plants and antiques.

This dreamy fireplace looks soft enough to curl up on and fall asleep (someone already does!). Marble countertops offer a clean alternative to brick or rectangular countertops.

What To Put In Front Of Fireplace

An easy way to add color under the fireplace is to wrap your book in a pastel book sleeve! Even if you are already there

Ways To Style A Fireplace With Candles Or Lights

Keep your coat fresh and clean every season. St. Patrick’s Day and Easter stickers will give your outfit a cute and springy look. If your holiday decorations *somehow* fall short, you can always keep free printables!

Window frames add a touch of luxury to any outfit. Cathedral window frames add a farmhouse touch and are very easy to make at home. In addition, they can be changed and you can paint each side a different color. Feel light and beautiful? Go for the gold. What? Want something more gothic? Turn it to the dark side.

Top off your outfit with sweet, earthy pine nuts. Beautiful and practical, the pine cone is a fantastic fire starter. Surprise your guests by grabbing one of these simple decorations from the mantle and moving the flames.

Even if you don’t have a fully functional fireplace in your home, that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own! A sliding fireplace is very easy to build yourself, and adding an electric fireplace can add warmth.

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What To Put In Front Of Fireplace

How to Make Pumpkins Last This Season Where to Buy Cowgirl Home Decor 20 Fall Flowers for Your Sticks and Pots 25 Beautiful Ways to Decorate with White Pumpkins I’m in deep research mode for the river house and farm “gap.” The fact that both houses had the same problem made me realize that it was a bigger problem. Where do you put the fireplace and the TV so you can both enjoy watching? The TV and the fireplace are important points in the room and can determine the direction of your sofa, and if you design it, you can do it right so that you can watch both at the same time without straining your neck. If you’re not adjusting right now, we’ve given you options and suggestions, but if you’re considering an adjustment, I’ve got NEWS FOR YOU. I wish I had known earlier when I found the formula, or I wish I hadn’t put the TV on the fireplace in our family room. Let me show you:

Best Fireplace Inserts (2023 Guide)

Pros: It’s a one-stop shop that makes designing and planning your room easy. You can have symmetry with any window, or say bookcases on both sides. This makes your design easier as you know where to look to get the best of both.

Disadvantages: Unless you have a very low line of fire, your TV may be too tall for good viewing. Most fireplaces require at least 12 inches to be safe, and some require more. If you want to add a cape, it will go up – be careful. We have a long bed, so that’s fine, but if I’m being honest, I wish our TV was lower. We could have avoided this by doing an under/indoor fireplace (which would have been nice too, but wish it had fake wood) or option 3 (which I wish we would have done). I really like the way we designed it, the TV is back in front of the fireplace, but I realize now that it’s too tall.

1. Don’t choose a large fireplace to avoid being too tall (but you also don’t want to look silly). Before choosing this option, consider the clearance of the fireplace, see how you can close it to the floor and the TV.

2. If so, choose a linear fireplace if it works in style in your home. I like this because it breaks up the shape of the box and makes it look a little bigger and allows it to hang (but better).

Rookie Mistake: Decorate Fireplace Mantel

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