What To Eat If Vomiting And Diarrhea

What To Eat If Vomiting And Diarrhea – I have received several questions from my readers about the best foods to eat during and after food poisoning or the stomach flu. For this helpful post that mostly offers gluten-free and grain-free options, I did some research and went back to my experiences.

I know the feeling of not being able to hold anything, not even water. Food poisoning or the stomach flu can interfere with your healthy eating plan or eating anything at all. Usually, the worst of it passes pretty quickly, and you can suffer a little here and there.

What To Eat If Vomiting And Diarrhea

What To Eat If Vomiting And Diarrhea

I believe that nutrition is the key to recovery from any type of illness or injury. With an upset stomach, it’s easy to reach for foods you can stick to, even if those calories are empty calories.

The Best Foods To Eat When You’re Sick

Instead, reconsider your options and speed up your recovery with my favorite real foods when you have the stomach flu or an upset stomach.

The perfect choices are foods that are easy to digest, easy to digest and good for gut health. While these foods will provide you with important nutrients to promote a speedy recovery, they will cause minimal additional distress. Some of these foods will do you good when you’re dealing with the onset of food poisoning, while others are some of the best foods to eat after feeling sick. They are gluten and dairy free foods.

You’ve heard of the BRAT diet: bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. Although they’re outdated because they’re too restrictive, some of these foods are safe if you’re recovering from gastrointestinal ailments like vomiting or diarrhea.

Some of them will be on the list today, but we’ll start with bananas. Bananas are great for replenishing the nutrients lost when you lose fluids, namely potassium. They are also soft, comfortable to hold and not too heavy.

Food Poisoning Vs Stomach Flu

Without going into the details of the stomach flu or food poisoning, you’ll likely lose fluids pretty quickly. If you suffer from the standard symptoms, all the necessary hydration is wasted.

A clear liquid diet is highly recommended for the first 24 hours. Instead of regular water, stock up on coconut water, which contains essential electrolytes that will actually double your moisture and help you replenish these reserves more effectively. It is important to drink liquids at times when solid food cannot be reduced. Forget sweet lemonade, drink coconut water throughout the day.

Want to speed things up a bit? Stay hydrated, replenish electrolytes and add gut probiotics to the mix with coconut kefir. It’s basically a fermented coconut milk drink, so it offers a little more nutrition than coconut water without feeling like solid food, while avoiding dairy, which is a big no-no during stomach flu season.

What To Eat If Vomiting And Diarrhea

Alternatively, you can make coconut kefir with coconut water and a starter culture. Since the stomach flu and food poisoning damage the gut, you want to monitor these good bacteria during and after recovery. If you can handle dairy, some milk kefir or plain yogurt can help balance your gut bacteria.

Brat Diet For Upset Stomach Or Vomiting

A lot of people like ginger ale to cure stomach flu, but I’m sure too much white sugar isn’t good for you. Instead, choose a herbal tea that soothes the bowels. Soaking ginger root in hot water or your favorite ginger mix on hand is a lifesaver. Ginger is especially good for reducing nausea.

Another great option is peppermint tea, which can help with headaches and sinus problems during the stomach flu.

Mix grass gelatin with your favorite juice, coconut kefir or anything else you like to make a healthy gummy or jelly. Gelatin provides animal protein that contains the full set of amino acids while keeping the stomach clean. It also has gut healing properties. The food is light and can be sweetened naturally, making it easier to eat.

Gelatin is also easy to digest. If you avoid solid foods, mix some collagen (basically, no gelatin) into your tea or water for similar benefits.

How To Recognize The Signs Of Stomach Flu

. This is another great healing liquid option to soothe an upset stomach, restore fluids and add some protein to the mix. You can find it in health food stores because it’s more common, but it’s easy to make at home, so fill your freezer with homemade soup.

You can boil any kind of bone in water with leftover vegetables to make use of your leftover food and make it an excellent remedy for any ailment. It has many of the properties of gelatin, so it is good for the intestines and rich in essential amino acids such as proline and glycine.

Bonus: add to the mix healthy anti-inflammatory turmeric and black pepper, or vegetables and chicken if you like. Normal broth can be part of the clear liquid for 24 hours. Learn how to make nutritious bone broth here. I love Kettle & Fire Instant Bone Broth, especially the Ginger Turmeric Broth (PS you can get 10% off with this fancy code)

What To Eat If Vomiting And Diarrhea

Complex carbohydrates are great for the flu or food poisoning. They are tasty, quite soft (especially if they choose regular potatoes), and they are effective in exchanging nutrients. Potatoes are extremely nutritious, with lots of vitamin A and beta-carotene. You can really add to these. Keep pre-cooked potatoes on hand to add to bone broth soups or as a protein filler that you can add to other foods. If you don’t feel like cooking, canned pumpkin offers similar benefits and is a very easy snack.

Foods To Eat When You Have Diarrhea

Freshly cooked rice is great for those with stomach aches. It’s easy to make plain or mix it with bone broth, and you can make a big batch without much fuss in the kitchen, which is the last thing you need to do with the flu or stomach bug! As your appetite grows, you can add spices, vegetables and proteins to the blank canvas. Of all the grains, white (not brown!) rice is the easiest to digest and is naturally gluten-free for minimal intestinal discomfort.

You should choose low-fat foods that speed up digestion, since fat delays stomach emptying, and soft foods, which are much tastier to a hungry person. I would say that rice is the ideal food for this, as it provides a large amount of energy. Add a little salt for seasoning!

If you are on the paleo diet and are curious about white rice, check out my post on why I incorporate it into my diet from time to time.

You want to avoid too many fatty foods that upset your stomach, so if you can digest meat, lean towards it. The body will welcome a protein supplement!

Is The Brat Diet Spoiled? This Decades Old Practice May Be Outdated

Fish and chicken don’t taste terrible either, so steaming some of it and breaking it up into small bites can give you the energy you need without further upsetting your stomach. At first, the spices are underestimated. Add to soup if it eases the stomach.

The best medicine of all? Rest and stay hydrated! Don’t push yourself too hard, you’ll heal much faster. Whether you’re cutting out liquids or adding solids, there are many Paleo foods that can help you recover from the stomach flu or food poisoning. I wish you all the best!

About the author: Hi, I’m Irene Makri. I share easy and delicious recipes with a healthy twist. I have been writing food blogs for over 10 years and have a diploma in nutrition and weight management. I believe in a balanced diet with occasional cookies and macaroni and cheese. More about me here. Sign up for my newsletter and free subscriptions.

What To Eat If Vomiting And Diarrhea

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Hello, I am Irene Makri. I share easy and delicious recipes with a healthy twist. I have been writing food blogs for over 10 years and have a diploma in nutrition and weight management. I believe in a balanced diet with occasional cookies and macaroni and cheese. You are here: Gastro Stop > Lifestyle and health tips > Diarrhea and diet – foods that stop diarrhea

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