What To Do With Used Pill Bottles

What To Do With Used Pill Bottles – Most (if not all) of us have prescription medications and I’m sure anyone who has emptied their medication bottle will immediately send the bottle to the trash. These are great pill bottle variations.

After reading these great hacks, you might stop and think how useful are these little plastic tubes? I didn’t think much of it, but when I saw these empty medicine bottles, I lost my mind in amazement. From cleaning and organizing your home to crafting, there are nearly a hundred uses for this medicine bottle hack worth trying. Look at yourself!

What To Do With Used Pill Bottles

What To Do With Used Pill Bottles

We can’t fill every drawer, seat cushion or coin purse on laundry day or last-minute trips, can we? You can use old medicine bottles to store your empties in a safe and convenient place. Pack the container in your car, purse, or your child’s purse. If you’re feeling really crafty, you can tie a hair knot around the neck of the bottle and turn your new medicine bottle coin container into a liquid laundry detergent holder. That way they never get lost on wash day.

Creative Ways To Reuse Empty Pill Bottles: Give Your Medication Containers A Second Life

No more searching in the cold and dark for twigs and paper to light the campfire. These easy pill bottle lighters are perfect for quickly lighting campfires at your next family campout! This is a great camp prep project to get kids involved.

Use the dispenser bottle again to measure the detergent in the pre-filled HE laundry detergent. This trick is especially useful if your kids are learning to do their own laundry. This will help keep your hands clean and your laundry room clean! Fill several bottles simultaneously to the desired size. Keep them in the laundry room so they’re ready to grab and go when you need a quick load of laundry. No need to worry about pouring liquid detergent or filling soap.

Who else hates clutter and clutter in their suitcase? Or worse, that litter box seems worse every time you open it. With this little hack, you can store all your small essentials in the included compartments.

Design a fun cover or label for each and attach it to the suitcase or purse. This way you only see what you want. No more pulling everything out and rummaging around to find what you need.

Safely Dispose Of Old Medicine

You never know what you’ll need on the trail or at a last-minute campsite. Here’s a great survival kit guide for making your own pill bottle survival kit in an emergency. The small compact size of this elegant idea makes it perfect for packing anywhere.

Paint, glue or polish your old medicine bottles with toothbrush holders for all family members. Love this idea! If you’re looking for a crafty way to store your toothbrush, check out this dinosaur toothbrush holder. Your kids will love customizing their own.

Lock yourself out of the house all the time? Put a spare key in a medicine bottle, attach a rock to it and hide it in your yard. I know I’ve been locked out a few times before. This hack will keep your keys safe and dry at all times.

What To Do With Used Pill Bottles

Make sure the headphones don’t get caught in your purse or bag. Even better, if you have multiple children, you can label each one with your child’s name so that each one is their own.

Pill Bottles Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

Travel pins are a sweet little gift for someone who loves to sew. Or if you sew, it’s great for travel. This cute idea can be tossed in a purse or suitcase and is ready to be used by anyone in a pinch!

We mentioned a list of small household items that can be packed in a pill bottle in hack #4 above, but what if you adapted them into travel packs? Pack Q-tips in travel bottles or use them for shampoo, conditioner, face wash, face cream, etc… Make sure they are tightly sealed.

Hang batteries under old vitamin bottles. It is ideal for all kinds of tools like screws, nails, nuts and bolts to organize things in the garage. We often see things like this in the kitchen for condiments!

Hey bakers and cake decorators, keep your cake piping tools in individual pill bottles. And so the hunt gets a perfect edge. Fill all your tool boxes with these tiny little containers and you’ll never have to rummage through messy drawers again. Good idea!

The Malawi Project Is Sending 1 Million Empty Pill Vials

Looking for fun holiday activities for kids? Make a cute little snowman and fill it with candy. These make great stocking stuffers or gifts for seniors or your child’s school cheer.

Calling all designers! If you have enough gems and google eyeballs, this is a good medicine bottle hack to try. By using old bead bottles (instead of glass) you can organize all these beads by color, size, shape or class. But don’t stop there! This hack can be used for some cool little crafts. Not only do they help you stay organized, but they’re plastic and have a locking lid so you don’t have to worry about leaks or spills if they fall!

15. Elephant Bottle Crayon Chalk “Everyone has a colorful life. You have to remove the paint. ” – Bene Nordby

What To Do With Used Pill Bottles

Dissolve and recycle old, chipping paint in pill bottles. Genius! Your kids will love the colors of the rainbow! . This idea also applies to the languages ​​used. Be sure to remove the plastic tube that formed the candle after cooling and before lighting.

Condo Blues: 25 Of The Best Ways To Reuse Old Pill Bottles

Who doesn’t love a good cookie? Bottle cookies may look a little strange, but these fun little cookies are perfect for Christmas or anytime. They are fun, easy and a little different. Here’s another way to make the holiday even more festive. There’s never a bad time to enjoy mini cookies!

Make your own nail polish remover tube with a pump and medicine bottle. These are great for kids! They minimize mess, are reversible and great if you need to lift your nails on the go. If you accidentally polish while working on your nails, that’s okay. Grab a stick and wipe it off immediately!

So before you toss those bottles, stop and think about how you can get the most bang for your buck. How can you use these amazing medicine bottles in your home? I am sure you will never see these plastic medicine bottles.

Do you like these amazing pill bottle hacks? Let us know how they work for you. Or if you have another creative and useful hack to use this cute little medicine bottle tube, let us know! Throw away used medicine bottles? Stop it! Once you’ve cleaned them, you can use this list of ideas for great ways to recycle medicine bottles.

Switch To Generic Pill Bottles At Target Cvs Pharmacies Sparks Protest

None of us likes getting sick, but it is part of being human and many times in our lives. Some of us suffer from chronic diseases that require long-term medication. So you know what that means? Yes, this means you have to take good care of yourself, but it also means you have lots of empty medicine bottles!

Well, I’m sure you’re wondering about the safety of pill bottles for anything other than medicine storage. If you clean the bottle well, do not store food in it. A few things though. First, dispose of any excess or expired medication properly – do not flush or pour down the drain. Second, remove the label completely. Do not mention the name of the medicine on the bottle, the dose or your medical information.

Once you’ve done all of this, you’re good to go! Your medicine bottles are now ready for recycling at home. If you’re wondering how something so small can be useful in any way, prepare to be amazed! 20 Great Ways to Recycle Medicine Bottles This list will make you happy and you may find that some of the ideas on this list solve a problem that has been bothering you for a long time!

What To Do With Used Pill Bottles

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