What To Do With Used Crib Mattress

What To Do With Used Crib Mattress – As you know, I’m slowly working on turning our playgroup into an “interbi” hangout. One of the things I wanted to include in the room was a reading area, and we have this little corner in the room that is perfect for that.

I also had a Yunus crib mattress and wanted to find a way to use it instead of throwing it away. I decided it was the perfect size to use as a seat cushion for a DIY mini bed for the kids to sit in the reading nook.

What To Do With Used Crib Mattress

What To Do With Used Crib Mattress

This construction is quite simple. And bonus if you already have an extra crib mattress on hand! If not, you can always change the size to fit a standard mattress, or you can customize your pillow to the size of your choice.

What Do You Do When You Are Done With Your Crib Mattress?

I’m part of Home Depot’s ProSpective program, which means I get to test all kinds of tools and share them with you. I was sent a Diablo 5 1/2″ frame bushing saw blade, and decided to try it on this project.

I’ve actually never tried a Diablo saw blade, although I’ve heard great things about it, so I’m excited to try it.

Ideal for hardwood, softwood, 2x wood, pressure treated wood, OSB, plywood and laminated beams. I chose to try it on several layers. I always like to clamp a board or square to use as a guide for my saw.

I cut my plywood to the following dimensions (you can adjust the dimensions, depending on the size of your mattress and the space you want around it):

Naturepedic Organic Breathable Mini Crib Mattress

This knife cuts like butter! Maybe I’m just used to old, dodgy knives because I never change knives, but this knife really works.

It also comes with a variety of bushings for 1/2″, 5/8″, 10mm and 20mm saws. This allows me to use my Ryobi saw blade without any problems.

I inserted a 10mm bushing in the middle to fit snugly over my saw hole, and I was good to go.

What To Do With Used Crib Mattress

They also sent me the Diablo 6 1/2″ 24 tooth frame saw blade and the Diablo 6 1/2″ 32 wood and saw blade.

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I need to upgrade to a bigger circular saw and then can’t wait to try this blade. In the meantime, I’ll tell you a little about them.

Diablo 6 1/2″ Saw Blade with 24 Teeth. Compatible with any 6 1/2″ circular saw or cordless saw, it can cut hardwood, 2-wood, pressure treated, OSB and laminated beams, and has 5x the life, 2x the durability and 65% more cuts. per load from the average blade.

As for the Diablo 6 1/2″ 32-tooth saw blade, it is optimized for all cordless corded saws and is the industry’s first multi-purpose blade for cutting wood and metal.

Specially formulated TiCo carbide provides durability when cutting wood and metal. I’m excited to try this when I get a bigger saw, especially since I like metal more and this gives me the ability to cut both metal and wood for the same project without changing the blade.

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First I need to attach the sides and partitions. I did this by using my pocket hole jig to make pocket holes on each end of one of my large panels (this will be the bottom), then on the sides (my 24″ x 33″ piece) using 1 1/4″ pocket screws. (Side note: if I were to do it again, I would flip the panel so that the pocket hole is at the bottom and not visible).

Then I turned it over (on its side), and marked and measured 21″ increments on the back, and used a straightedge to mark a vertical line at each point (so two lines).

Then I used my finger bit to drill some holes along the vertical line. Here I will screw from the back to connect the cubical partitions.

What To Do With Used Crib Mattress

I lined up my 12″ x 33″ dividers on the other side and drilled pre-drilled holes through the back to connect. It was a puzzle to get them right, but I did it. If you have someone to help, a few extra hands will make it easier.

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I drilled some pocket holes in each end of my second long plywood panel, then placed it in front of those dividers to secure it (this will be the seat when we get it set up).

I used my sink bit to drill the holes in the front and drilled the dividers from the front of the seat panel. I clumsily attached it to the side with pocket screws.

Once everything was put together, I went ahead and added the legs before putting everything upright. I ordered Mid-Century style furniture legs online for another project I built a while back, so they worked perfectly for this one.

I measured 2″ from each side and marked the holes for the wooden leg brackets. I pre-drilled the holes and screwed the brackets. Then I used a larger drill bit to make a hole in the middle.

Lullaby Earth Breeze Air Breathable Mini Crib Mattress

Usually the screws that come with furniture legs are adjustable and can be screwed into the legs to shorten the screws, but I couldn’t get this to work so I just screwed it to the bottom of the deck and ended up using it. I used a dremel to cut off the excess bulk on the other side.

Today I had to add a middle leg for support under the bed, so I chose to use a 2×2 cut to 6 5/8″ (cut to the same length as the other leg). I cut this to the top. screw it to my bottom panel and 2″ wood screws

With the legs attached, I flip everything over, lifting gently as I flip so as not to damage the legs.

What To Do With Used Crib Mattress

I then attached the remaining 12″ x 33″ panels by drilling pocket holes on one side of each and attaching them to the seat with 1 1/4″ pocket screws.

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I added the tops with wood glue and nails. You can use wood filler to putty over this, but I don’t bother because it doesn’t stand out. Just make sure you set your depth so the wall studs will nail themselves.

Then it’s time to cover the pillow. As I mentioned before, I used one of our old crib mattresses. I turned the sheet upside down and placed the mattress upside down on top of the sheet.

I placed a 2’x4′ 1/4″ piece of plywood in the middle of the mattress (it doesn’t have to be the exact size of your mattress, you need something to attach the fabric to if you want the non-version version to sew like this).

I folded the sides of the fabric and stapled them to the plywood, then folded the ends, pulling them as tight as possible while stapling tightly.

Lullaby Earth Healthy Support Waterproof Crib Mattress 2 Stage Dual Firmness

I could probably make the entire bed a few inches narrower, as it was a bit wider than the mattress. Simply measure your mattress and determine the width you want accordingly.

The boys love their new beds. Yunus insisted on sleeping there the first night we went to the game room. He was so excited! Doing things for my boys makes me happy, especially when they get excited.

Disclosure: I agree that The Home Depot is joining me to participate in the promotional program described above (the “Program”). As part of the program, I am compensated for promoting Home Depot products and services. All opinions and experiences expressed are my own words. My post complies with the Word Of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) Code of Ethics and Federal Trade Commission guidelines. Has your child outgrown their crib, or is a neighbor, friend, or relative trying to take it away? If you have a large dog, keep the crib mattress and prepare yourself for how to go from a crib mattress to a dog bed with the addition of a no-sew cover.

What To Do With Used Crib Mattress

I don’t know about you, but owning a large dog is definitely a learning experience. It’s interesting, but it’s a lot of fun to go from a dog under 20 kg to 70 kg. However, my big boy was recently diagnosed with arthritis in one of his knees. As we started the regimen for him, I noticed that he would get stiff when he was in bed and limp when he stood up. So I decided I needed to find a good orthopedic dog bed.

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