What To Do With Unwanted Inground Swimming Pool

What To Do With Unwanted Inground Swimming Pool – If you’re tired of maintaining an overused pool or prefer a grassy, ​​tree-lined one instead, it might be time to say goodbye to your pool. Filling your pool with dirt is the fastest and cheapest way to get rid of your pool because you don’t have to remove your concrete or metal liner. This saves labor and material costs.

However, filling a pond with dirt is still a delicate process that requires careful preparation, removal and demolition.

What To Do With Unwanted Inground Swimming Pool

What To Do With Unwanted Inground Swimming Pool

Open the pool drain to allow the water to clear. You may need to help yourself to water. The push broom is great for cleaning the last bit of water out of the pool when the pool is empty enough for you to stand.

Pool Care And Maintenance Made Easy

Always be environmentally conscious when draining your pool. Make sure your pool water does not run into storm drains if it contains chlorine. Local pool removal professionals who deal with pool removal can help with environmentally friendly and legal pool disposal.

Turn off the power to your pool and begin the decontamination process. Next, remove the pump. Now it’s time to remove all lights, ladders, diving boards and other accessories.

While filling the pool with soil greatly reduces demolition and disposal costs, it does not completely eliminate the need for demolition. It is important to break up some of the concrete in your pool. Anyone who doesn’t have the tools and experience for this part of the job needs to bring some expertise to do it right.

Start by making a hole in the bottom of the pool with a hammer. This step is important because it prevents rainwater, snow and moisture from collecting at the bottom of the pool. Aim for a hole every 4 feet.

Swimming Pool Start Up Do’s & Don’ts

Next, use a hammer to remove the top of the pool. You will completely dissolve the sugar that is above the ground. Be sure to blow out any damaged concrete as you work. The remains of the vehicle are collected with a shovel so that the edges remain completely smooth and clean.

Depending on the dimensions of your pond you will need enough gravel to half fill the pond. Graves can be deposited by truck.

Starting with a hard gravel base is especially important when the pool is filling with dirt, as the gravel allows water to travel to the bottom of the drain. This prevents backups and flooding in your yard.

What To Do With Unwanted Inground Swimming Pool

Next, it’s time to add the clean layer of fill or sand that sits on top of the gravel. This layer should be placed about 2 meters below the top of the pool.

Pool Landscaping Ideas To Dip Your Toes In

It’s time to add fertilizer to the clay pond. Fill the point with soil from the end of the fill/sand layer to the top of the pond. It is important to use topsoil instead of other types of soil because topsoil allows grass and plants to grow in the pool area, creating a natural look in your yard.

Finally, a strange “patch” will appear in the yard where your pool used to be and block your topsoil.

“It’s important to make sure the new topsoil is a few inches higher than the existing lawn grade, as this area will settle over time,” says Tara Dudley, expert review board member and owner of Plant Life Design. “This will prevent less space in the lawn in the future.”

This last step is optional. However, adding trees and shrubs helps retain soil. If the spot starts to “dry out,” you may need to add more soil over time. When designing your new garden, think about what plants, flowers and trees will and won’t grow in your area.

Tips To Ensure Your Pool Is Energy Efficient

Scott Dylan Westerland has been writing about homes and real estate for over ten years. In addition to HomeAdvisor, he has written for Today’s Homeowner, HomeDit.com, FlyHomes and HomeLight.

Tara brings over 15 years of residential landscape design experience to her clients and operates a residential landscape design company in central Iowa. Her hobbies include spending time with friends and family and creating beautiful outdoor spaces. Are you tired of seeing pool stains on your pool? Are the layers of algae on the surface a constant reminder that hydrotherapy season is just around the corner? If this sounds familiar, Pinnacle’s acid wash service may be your solution.

At Pinnacle Pool Service, we understand how difficult it is to maintain clean water all season long; That’s why our technicians are dedicated to restoring the luster of your oasis by removing any unwanted materials from your slab’s floor, sides or base surfaces, such as plaster, gunite or pebble-tec.

What To Do With Unwanted Inground Swimming Pool

Our acid wash services remove dirt and stains, so when they’re filled with fresh H2O – what’s left is a turquoise paradise free of dirty stains!

Above Ground Pool Ideas 2023

If your pool has an algae bloom, the algae and phosphates will add to your pool’s finish. So taking out, filling and throwing away the chlorine tablets won’t work. You need a professional to strip your finish with an acid wash to remove any nasty pool chemical residue.

If we did, we wouldn’t have done it. Pinnacle’s trained and licensed technicians carefully remove the acid before filling your pool without damaging the surface. We recommend acid washing once a year or whenever stains accumulate. Acid washing removes a very thin surface layer and we don’t recommend doing it more than once a year, as it can speed up the need to rebuild your pool.

Muric acid is a toxic substance that can be harmful to your health. Pinnacle Pool Service technicians are experts in handling this material. They have the right equipment to keep your pool safe and clean. Done wrong, it can damage the inside of your pool, which is an expensive fix. For this reason, leave acid washing to the experts.

Looking for an acid pool washing service for your inground pool? Fill out the form below to receive a free quote. Sounds like a great test, you say? It’s not bad if you’re alone. If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can always hire a contractor to handle the heavy lifting.

Make A Backyard Garden From Your Swimming Pool

If your pool is in poor condition or in need of expensive repairs, this is the perfect renovation project for you. The result will leave you with a beautiful garden that you can enjoy for many summers to come.

Here’s what you need to know about turning your old in-ground pool into a veritable garden Shangri-La.

As with any large project, your transition from pool to garden depends on proper planning and a solid strategy. If your yard has special or unique needs and you plan to do it yourself, you can expect to need the following list of materials and tools.

What To Do With Unwanted Inground Swimming Pool

You’ll need dirt, garden soil and topsoil, as well as a shovel, a wheelbarrow and a crew of people with strong backs.

Of Your Most Frequently Asked Pool Questions Answered

Or, you can do what most homeowners do and hire a contractor. If you need advice, want to talk to a landscape designer or architect, or help with design and layout ideas.

In most cases, homeowners drain the pool, drill drainage holes through the bottom, and add fill material. Alternatively, you can ask your contractor to remove the pool walls and use the finished material as the beginning of the filling process.

The right move here depends largely on your area’s soil drainage, local building codes, and your budget. Now let’s assume you are charging.

This type of backfill includes pieces of construction debris (building blocks, large rocks, etc.) that help prevent the hole from sinking as it settles. It also helps to improve drainage.

Turn That Old Swimming Pool Into A Backyard Garden

Fill three quarters of your pond with loose material.

If you plan to plant trees, use a less dense mulch because their deep roots need a larger layer of better quality soil. Plants and grasses do well in two feet of good soil.

On top of the soil fill, add a layer of gravel. This helps to improve drainage and fill in any irregularities.

What To Do With Unwanted Inground Swimming Pool

Next, use a mechanical mixer to mix the fill soil and gravel until it is firm and compact. It should feel stable and not shift or burn when you ride on it.

Repurpose Your Old Swimming Pool Into Something New

Now, apply two to three meters of good quality soil and then finish with a good layer of soil. Now you are ready to plant!

Before starting your project, check with your local building department to see if you need a building or demolition permit. Local zoning and planning ordinances may have something to say about filling your pool.

Having a job is also a good idea

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