What To Do With Old Wireless Router

What To Do With Old Wireless Router – Of all the technology in your home, the internet router is one of the things you don’t think about. Generally, once installed, you can just put them away and forget about them. You need a power cycle to restore Netflix at least until your connection drops.

However, you will eventually want to replace it. You may have chosen a new Internet service that has its own router. Maybe your old one is outdated and doesn’t provide the features you need. Anyway, you now have an old router on your hands. Like most technology, it can’t be thrown into the trash with kitchen scraps. They have important and dangerous parts that must be disposed of properly, although the technology is common, it is not so easy to dispose of it responsibly.

What To Do With Old Wireless Router

What To Do With Old Wireless Router

However, with a little creativity, you can avoid the hassle of getting rid of your old router entirely. Your old router has some unusual uses that can give it a second life and save you a trip to the landfill.

How To Use An Old Router As A Wi Fi Extender

Even if you don’t want to use your old router for its own purposes, there are some important parts inside that can be reconfigured (with a few spare parts) to do other things. As Hackaday explains, you can create an internet radio station powered by your router and stream your favorite tunes to your office.

Peter from Piie.net put together this project using cheap tplink 703n routers that look like a Raspberry Pi but can work with whatever you have lying around the house.

Even if your old router can receive the data needed for Internet radio, it has no way to convert that signal into sound, so you’ll need to upgrade it a bit. A sound card is plugged into one of the router’s USB ports and a small speaker is installed to handle the sound. Now, using openwrt and some other software packages, you can configure the router to control channels and volume.

The result is a low-tech but efficient device that not only makes use of your old router, but also sparks interest in coding and computer electronics.

Ways To Find Your Wifi Password When You Forgot It

The whole purpose of Wi-Fi is to access the internet without being tied to a wall. But everything falls apart if your home doesn’t get a strong enough signal, or worse, no signal at all. Sure, you can go to a big box store and get a dedicated Wi-Fi device, but if you have an old router, you have everything you need.

As Lifewire explained, there are several ways to use an old router to extend your Wi-Fi range, and the one you choose depends on your needs and the routers functionality. Your old and your new. An easy but less popular way to use an old router to power WiFi is with an Ethernet cable.

Connecting the old and new router with an Ethernet cable and putting the old router in AP mode will turn it into an access point that you can use to connect to the network. However, if you want to extend the connection to a remote part of your home, this means running more cables down your hallway. Nobody wants to do that.

What To Do With Old Wireless Router

You can avoid cables entirely by accessing the router’s administrative settings through your web browser and setting it to repeater mode. Once this is done, the old router will receive the signal from your main router and rebroadcast it, doubling your Wi-Fi range.

Linksys Wifi 5 Router Dual Band Ac1200 (e5400)

If you’re an internet user of a certain age, you can remember sitting in your friends’ dusty basement playing StarCraft on a local area network (LAN) until the sun came up. In the early days of the Internet, this was a great way to play. Cell phones weren’t common yet, and unless you had a second phone, calling was your only means of communication. If you want to play and talk at the same time, LAN parties can’t be beat.

Today, it’s easier than ever to play games online with your friends, but even if you have a headset and play live online, it can’t bring back the unique experience of coming together in the dark to fight the death of Serg. . You can create your own LAN parties or try using a router to connect your computers for the first time. However, due to the increasingly wireless world, many modern routers do not have enough Ethernet ports. This makes older routers a better solution.

Connect each computer to your old router with an Ethernet cable and turn it off to the races. Of course, if you still don’t have enough Ethernet ports, you can choose a switch to give you more (via wikihow). Enjoy the game!

Speaking of Ethernet ports, even if you don’t host gaming parties often, you may need more than a new router offers. While Wi-Fi is convenient, sometimes you need the stability of a phone connection, especially since many of us work from home.

How Long Do Routers Last? 6 Signs It’s Time To Upgrade

As mentioned above, a network device can give you more Ethernet ports, but if you have an old router, you don’t need to spend your hard-earned money on another gadget. It can connect to your new router and serve the same purpose as a network device.

There are a few steps you need to take to fix your old router, but it’s quick and easy. As explained by SmallNetBuilder, you first need to log into the router and disable the DHCP server and then switch it from enabled to disabled. Now you need to change IP to unused IP. You can access the Internet by logging into your new router, and you’ll want to choose one that’s out of range. After that, disable the functionality of the old router if necessary. Finally, connect the two together with an Ethernet cable. They also recommend putting a ribbon cable in the WAN (Internet) port, but this is not required. You are done and now all other ports are yours.

When guests arrive, especially if they’re staying for more than an hour or two, they’ll ask for your Wi-Fi password. If you’re a good host, you’ll have to, but people don’t necessarily have access to your entire network that holds all your precious resources and dark secrets.

What To Do With Old Wireless Router

Using an old router means you can isolate your Wi-Fi connection from the digital refugees currently living in your home. Spice things up by using your old router to set up a guest Wi-Fi connection.

Modem Vs. Router: What’s The Difference And Which Do I Need?

As HelloTech explained, the exact steps for setting up guest Wi-Fi may vary slightly from router to router, but the general process is pretty much the same. First, you need to enter the router’s IP address in your browser, then install the router as an administrator. Then go to Guest Network Settings and click Enable. You can set a network name different from your normal Wi-Fi name and set a password. You can unlock it without a password, but your rich neighbors will camp out in your driveway. Set a password.

That’s right, you now have a completely different Wi-Fi hotspot than the one you use for friends and guests.

If you have multiple appliances in your home – let’s be honest, who doesn’t? – Now you can move files from one computer to another using hard drives or flash drives. When the process works as intended, move a file from your computer to the drive, move the drive, drive around the house, load the drive back up, and then drag the files to another drive. This process has at least three steps. I wish there was a way to have a network drive accessible to all your devices. Maybe with an old router!

Connect a flash drive or external hard drive to your router using the USB port, then share this drive over the network in the router’s settings (via Digital Citizen). Depending on your router and drive, configuring and formatting the drive may involve additional steps.

How To Set Up And Optimize Your Wi Fi Router For The Best Performance

Once connected, you can choose to share it with anyone online or set a password. You can access it from any device on your network by navigating to the shared drive

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