What To Do With Old Phone Books

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Since most people today are looking for a phone number, they go straight to the media of the 21st century.

What To Do With Old Phone Books

What To Do With Old Phone Books

On Google or any other search engine this century, the once important telephone directory threatens to become a fading memory. Verizon, citing a growing trend, has proposed ending regular delivery of white pages, while the company will continue to print yellow pages, the Star Democrats recently reported.

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We told Verizon that this useful information resource will soon become obsolete for modern use because we haven’t reviewed the directory in a while. But they used to be essential, duplicating the daily annual and easily stored in one place. The books have been published in the mid-Atlantic for over 100 years, Verizon’s Stephanie Hodge told me a few years ago. “Initially someone wanted to advertise it. The first was related to business, but covered what was happening in every community on the Delmarva Peninsula.

Although their everyday value has been lost in this wired world, they are an important source of historical and genealogical information. Simple everyday items such as telephone directories that have been published for over a century can be important tools for uncovering historical and genealogical information. Many research libraries in the area maintain collections of these titles to help researchers with research questions, and it’s something I often ask myself when trying to find something in the community. I once spoke to the “Phone Manager” at Verizon’s Richmond, VA headquarters when I was doing research, decades ago. The employee is outside the history of telephone organizations, managing reference libraries published by telephone giants and their predecessors, such as Chesapeake and Potomac. It’s hard to say what happened to this position and all the valuable sources of information, as the company reorganized and reorganized to create officials. But some of the scientific libraries in our area have collections of these titles. Some of the links in this post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. As an Amazon affiliate, I earn from certain purchases.

We all throw them out one (or more) times every year – those big, thick phone books. But what are we supposed to do with phone numbers now that we’ve Googled them or stored them on our phones?

Here are some creative uses for phone books our readers have come up with for phone books — the original paper phone book.

Lower Delaware De Phone Book Vintage Telephone Directory. C6

Shoot your house! Build 6-foot high bookcases on all of your home’s exterior walls and fill them with phone books. They make the best bullet stops out there and it makes you feel like an intellectual. When people are around. Another option is to create a “book” near the front and back doors. If you have unwanted company… with guns, it gives you something to stand behind.

Compost your trash for hauling, then throw it all away so you don’t have to worry about doing laundry or washing dishes.

Pages sitting in oil. Roll it up and dip it in the wax. Makes the emergency messenger waterproof.

What To Do With Old Phone Books

Save it and turn it into a paper snowflake. This is what I did with my non-refundable textbooks

Ready To Toss Those Old Phone Books? Think Again!

You can box them or stack them together to provide secure support for hard fire drills.

Cut and use to mulch weeds. It works better than black plastic and the best thing is they remove it completely.

Using a phonebook is better for your purposes than a smartphone. The phone book gives you more choices and you will always find it useful. Use PostIt notes to bookmark pages you use often, and keep a magnifying glass handy if your eyesight is poor!

Bethan is an eclectic writer who lives in the suburbs with her husband, son and cat. She has been writing for The Survival Mom since 2010. You can read about her books at BethanneKim.com, including the Survival Skills for All Ages series. Frontier Communications sought state permission to stop the mass distribution of phone books, ending a tradition that dates back more than 120 years.

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The phone book, a one-time necessity that many now consider an unnecessary distraction, will disappear from your life forever.

Frontier Communications, which provides landline service in Rochester and parts of New York, has asked state regulators for permission to stop mass mailing of phone books to its customers. The book contains business registers, government contact information, and customer information.

“Technological advances and new consumer preferences require a new approach to the need for printed references, especially as providers can provide reference information to their customers in a more desirable format,” Frontier said in its filing.

What To Do With Old Phone Books

Those who still want the phonebook can arrange for it to be shipped, Frontier said in its filing.

How To Declutter & Recycle Phone Books

It was unclear how long it would take regulators to make a decision on Frontier’s request. But last year, when telecommunications giant Verizon asked permission to stop distributing phone books, it took New York state officials just four months to approve it.

The printed telephone directory was born in 1878, when a telephone company in New Haven, Connecticut created a directory that listed the names of 50 of its customers.

In Rochester, Frontier and its corporate telecommunications pioneer have been delivering books to homes and apartments for at least 120 years. They were a miracle of their time – Very small but clearly legible type! – and ask them every day: What else is Aunt Jo’s number? Where is this birthday? Is there a taxi driver in town?

But not anymore. The phone book has become the sweet pea left at the end of your trip. Most people rarely see them or throw them in the recycling bin when they arrive. If they want to find a taxidermist, they look online.

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Frontier filed an application with the state’s PSC earlier this month to discontinue its bulk supply, admitting that it is spending large sums of money producing and distributing goods that most consumers don’t use or want. The Commission has always asked telephone companies to provide a directory to consumers free of charge.

To save money, the books were scaled down a few years ago, and Frontier was allowed to stop supplying bulk phone books from residential listings (we call them the White Pages) in 2012. But there’s still a need to distribute the Yellow Pages with business listings.

Last summer condemned wasteful phone book shipments. Lorschbaugh happily said Wednesday that he may have found his last junk phone book.

What To Do With Old Phone Books

“I did a little happy dance,” he said. “We don’t use a phonebook. We’re millennials. If we have a phone number, we look it up on our smartphones, dial the number and it rings. Phonebooks are old and a waste of resources.”

Google My Business

Frontier’s petition stated that eliminating the phone book would save 12 tons of paper. The filing also states that the company will provide customers with a list of residential properties online.

Frontier’s plan details were not available on Wednesday. Dozens of attempts to contact border officials were unsuccessful Wednesday morning.

Public comments on Frontier’s phone book requests will be accepted by the PSC until April 3. Comments can be made by clicking the “Submit Comment” button at the top right of the Border Commission web page.

In the past, other companies published and distributed their own Yellow Pages volumes. These companies are not regulated by the government and can continue to distribute their products if they wish. The products and services listed below have been selected separately from sales and advertisements. However, sellers may receive a small commission from purchasing products or services via links on their website.

Old Flip Phone Books

In the age of smartphones, Wi-Fi, and Alexa, perhaps nothing is more ancient than the phone book.

They are those big, heavy eyes that are shot onto your front porch every year. And — at least in my house — they’re gathering dust in the basement or garage, fearing I’ll one day need to look up someone’s number the old fashioned way.

Of course, if you want to get rid of your old phone book for good, you should recycle it instead of just throwing it in the trash. But if you’re smart, a bunch of old directories might just become a treasure trove of unknown resources.

What To Do With Old Phone Books

We’ll start with a beautiful piece of Muslin & Merlot artwork that can be used as a Christmas ornament or tucked into a bowl on the dinner table. This only requires a few other items, including a foam ball, glue, pencil, and rounded paper corners.

What To Do With Your Old Phone When You Upgrade To The Iphone 6

As an amateur drummer, I can tell you about practice pads

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