What To Do With Old Broken Phones

What To Do With Old Broken Phones – If you don’t know what to do with old broken cell phones, there is a great list of ideas for you to consider. You can help reduce e-waste in our landfills and make our environment cleaner.

When you throw away an old cell phone, it can pollute our world. The devices contain harmful materials such as arsenic, mercury and lead. One source noted that Americans throw away 151 million phones a year.

What To Do With Old Broken Phones

What To Do With Old Broken Phones

When exposed to heat, toxic chemicals can be released into the air. E-waste can also pollute our soil. There is also a loss of about $55 billion a year in resources that can be recovered through recycling.

Where Can I Sell My Old Or Broken Cell Phone?

In recent years, more states have banned wearing electronics. More states are encouraging citizens to recycle their devices.

Before you get rid of your broken cell phone, if you have the time and funds, check if you can fix it first. Best Buy offers cell phone repair, and there may be other companies near you that provide these services. If remodeling isn’t the best option for you, here are some other ideas you can consider.

Check to see if your cell phone carrier has a commercial program. They may offer to pay or let you buy a new phone instead. Some phone carriers that offer a trade-in program are:

EcoATM allows you to recycle your phone or tablet for cash regardless of its condition. You can check the app to find out the value of your phone on the EcoATM website or app, prepare it for sale and take it to the kiosk.

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It’s easy to find a kiosk near your location on their website. They have over 5,000 kiosks in the United States. The company is proud to say that they have kept more than 30 million phones out of landfills.

Staples offers in-store recycling of cell phones and tablets. They will also take a variety of items including laptops, keyboards and flash drives.

LG offers recycling for all brand products. You can take it to one of their drop off sites or send it to them.

What To Do With Old Broken Phones

If you don’t have an EcoATM near you, there may be other recycling locations near you. Earth911 has a search option that allows you to find locations in your zip code where you can recycle your cell phone. The products and services listed below have been selected independently of sales and promotions. However, don’t waste your money, a merchant may receive a small commission from the purchase of certain products or services through an affiliate link on their website.

Why Buy A New Iphone When You Could Repair Your Old One?

Getting the latest iPhone is sweet enough, but your fancy new device usually comes with a hefty price tag.

There’s a simple way to ease the pain in your wallet. Instead of throwing your old phone or tablet in the trash, get cash for it.

And you don’t have to sell it yourself on Craigslist or eBay. According to the Wall Street Journal, there are several shopping sites that make it easy to pay for your old devices.

This is how it works. You go to the website of the company where you select the type of device you want to sell. The company drops the cash offer and provides instructions to send them a phone, tablet or computer.

What To Do With Old Broken Cell Phones

You will usually be offered another form of payment, such as a check, PayPal deposit, or gift card. Depending on its size, condition and other factors, such as whether it’s unlocked or tied to a specific service provider, your device can cost anywhere from $150 to $400.

Operated by a service called CExchange, Wal-Mart’s Gadget to Gift Cards program lets you trade in your phone, portable video game system or e-reader for a store gift card. Go to the program’s website, where you can enter information about your device and get a quote for the trade-in value. Then ship the device to Wal-Mart (they’ll send you a printable, prepaid shipping label). The team will evaluate your phone and then send you an electronic gift card within two to four weeks.

Gazelle accepts phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and other products. The company has paid out more than $200 million and sold millions of devices, according to its website. Simply select your device, service provider, device storage capacity and its status (broken, good or flawless). Gazelle will make an offer and send you a free box and shipping label.

What To Do With Old Broken Phones

MaxBack is another online business service that accepts a variety of devices. In addition to buying phones and tablets, MaxBack will also buy smartwatches, fitness trackers, headphones, speakers and virtual reality headsets. The company promises fast payment, sending you money in less than a week if you choose the PayPal option. MaxBack will even send you $10 for your broken phone – hey, at least that’s something.

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You’ll get an Amazon gift card when you trade in your phone, tablet, laptop, video console, video games, or books through the online retailer. Amazon accepts cameras, music, movies, TV shows, mobile devices and other electronics. They will send you a prepaid postage label and gift card balance within two weeks. If they don’t accept your items, they will ship them back for free.

With Stopoint, you can pay within 24 hours after the company receives your used device. Stopoint will send you a prepaid shipping label – just pack your device and drop it off at a FedEx store. They will pay you via PayPal or send you a check.

You may have seen an EcoATM kiosk at a mall or grocery store near you. The kiosk deploys a camera to assess the condition of your phone, MP3 player or tablet, then pays you cash on the spot. For tips on getting your device ready to sell, visit the EcoATM website first.

Getting cash for your old phones, tablets and computers has never been easier. So now you have no excuse not to clean out that trash can!

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Sarah Kuta is a writer and editor based in Colorado. He writes regularly about how to find deals, save money, and find side gigs. Contact her at sarah@ Details. UPDATE 9/1: Offer is currently unavailable. If T-Mobile decides to bring back the offer, we’ll be sure to let you know.

UPDATE 8/31: Broken trade offer ends today, 8/31/22. If you want to take advantage of this offer, including the “Pro” model offer mentioned in the comments, today is the last day to order. There is currently no indication that the offer will continue with another phone.

T-Mobile is no stranger to great phone deals. In April 2021, T-Mobile began offering free 5G phones with the purchase of one, starting with the Galaxy A32 5G. This meant anything from an old smartphone to an ancient cell phone that doesn’t even connect to modern networks.

What To Do With Old Broken Phones

Now T-Mobile has made the deal even better. Starting August 23rd, T-Mobile won’t just give you a free 5G phone when you trade in any old phone, they’ll give you one.

Very Old And Broken Mobile Phone, Isolated On White Stock Photo

The news comes from two sources. The first is an active listing on T-Mobile’s website for the Revvl 6, the current phone included in the offer. The pop-up agreement included below details how any trade-in, including “broken devices,” is eligible. The following information says that a newline is required, but we have confirmed that this is an error.

Cracked screen on old Samsung 6 years ago? Got a broken phone that never turns on? Unpleasant. Transfer it to T-Mobile and they’ll give you a free 5G phone in return (with 24 months of bill credit).

Revvl 6 is the first device to be compatible with damage replacement. It has a 6.5-inch HD+ display with a 4500 mAh battery and a MediaTek Dimensity 700 processor. It’s not great, but it’s not bad for free either.

Customers interested in the offer can order online or in the T-Mobile app. Select the line for “Update” and when prompted to change your device, click “Would you like to change another device?” below

Broken Mobile Phones Stock Image. Image Of Devices, Dated

Next, enter your business phone information. If you can’t find your trading device listed, you can select “2022 Revvl Trade P2 Only” for all three boxes as shown below.

From there, complete the order and just pre-pay the taxes and you’re good to go. If you prefer, you can visit any T-Mobile store to complete the purchase, although there will be a $35 fee.

It’s unknown how long this offer will last, so visit a store or visit the T-Mobile website to start shopping today. Like most electronic devices, cell phones will wear out or become obsolete as phone manufacturers create devices with new capabilities. When switching to a new mobile phone, the question remains: what should I do with my old phone? So that a

What To Do With Old Broken Phones

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