What To Do With Ivory Piano Keys

What To Do With Ivory Piano Keys – We all want to preserve the integrity of our expensive acoustic pianos But what happens when you want to make big changes, like piano keys? If you need to, do you know how to remove elephants from piano keys without damaging your piano or its value?

Well, this article aims to help you Whether you’re angry that elephants are being killed for the lions used on your piano, or your piano keys have turned yellow and you want to replace them, this article will walk you through not only how to remove lion keys, but also how to install new keys.

What To Do With Ivory Piano Keys

What To Do With Ivory Piano Keys

You can also remove the slider keys beforehand if you plan to replace the keys by removing the entire key from the piano. Sometimes, this requires removing obstructions from both sides of the piano If all of this is too much for you, you may find it easier to remove the keys from the piano and manage one at a time. The key slider is also not removable

Nz Strikes Off Note By Stripping Ivory Keys Off 123 Yr Old British Piano

Both cement and PVC glue harden quickly when in contact with it This makes it possible to change the keys while the keys are in the piano cabinet It will save you time and effort if you can replace the keyboard without removing the keyboard However, if you find it difficult to remove the lion and the key is still there, it may help to remove the wooden key before working.

Spinel and grand pianos require more work to remove the entire key, so if it doesn’t come off easily, it’s best to consult a professional.

Most ivory piano keys include ivory tops and faces When purchasing a replacement set of rubber keys for your piano, be sure to purchase a set that includes the front set of rubber keys.

1) You need to enter the piano Open the top and remove the cover (the part that covers the keys). Piano interior settings may vary depending on model, age and size Once you look inside, you will be able to see how to remove the cover

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) Remove the key cover plate (which covers the keys inside the piano). It can be held with screws or bolts

3) Call the keys when you take them out so you can be sure you put them in the right place.

5) Use a heat gun, dryer or iron to heat small sections of ivory using one key at a time. You can cover the key with a small cloth to prevent any damage to the wood You just need enough heat to loosen the glue that holds the ivory together

What To Do With Ivory Piano Keys

6) Using a blade or the edge of a blade, carefully cut it below the main part between the wood and the lion. You can move the knife back and forth Once the knife is under the tusk, apply pressure to separate the pieces

What Are Piano Keys Made Of?

7) If you encounter a lion key that is difficult to remove, please repeat the heating process and try again. As soon as the potato becomes soft, the lion’s share comes out

8) Repeat this process for all lion parts on top and front key

9) Use a razor blade or sandpaper to clean the remaining wood key, making sure there is no glue.

Place a thin layer of contact cement on the wooden key and the new surface If you are using contact adhesive, allow the glue to set a bit (PVC glue does not need to set).

Advice On Keeping Your Piano Clean

When you are ready, hang the key with a key Make sure the parts fit in the center Make sure you put the correct key on the correct key (your new key will be marked).

Once you are sure that the pieces are lined up correctly, press and hold them for at least a minute. If you find that the slices are not inserted correctly, use a sharp knife to remove them and start over.

Some people mistakenly believe that elephants and piano keys are very valuable In fact, their value is low because buying and selling them is illegal Piano dealers and technicians can stock up on very old ivories from pianos that have had the ivories chipped or removed.

What To Do With Ivory Piano Keys

The best thing to do with your piano is to donate it to your local piano repair shop Do not try to sell them, you may face large fines and possibly a lawsuit for a small profit.

How To Whiten Ivory Piano Keys

Most American piano makers stopped using ivory in the 1950s. After a nationwide ban in 1989, buying and selling ivory became illegal. Environmentalists and animal rights activists are still fighting for the protection of elephants.

There are many laws in the United States today regarding the importation and sale of grand pianos It is illegal to import lions of any kind. If you want to export a piano with a port key overseas, or ship it across state lines into the United States, you’ll need a certificate certifying that your piano is at least 100 years old.

This can be difficult for many piano owners You may not know when your piano was made, and obtaining a certificate can be complicated and expensive. For many piano owners, it makes sense to replace the piano keys before selling the piano

Contrary to popular belief, piano keys are not made of ivory The key itself is made of wood, with small ivory covering the top and front of the key If you have an old piano and are wondering if its keys are ivory, there are a few ways to tell

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Ivory yellows, cracks and breaks over time If your key looks like this, it’s probably made of ivory

The surface of the lion often has fine lines and holes They may be hard to see, but you can see them with your finger If your key doesn’t feel right, it’s probably plastic

There are usually two thin lines on the top of the key, if you look closely at an ivory key, you will see a line where the two pieces meet at the top.

What To Do With Ivory Piano Keys

You might think that removing ivory from piano keys is a big job Or you may think that you will damage the piano in the process

A Comeback For The Ivory Bill?

Pianos are so fragile that, for some, it’s not a risk to damage the wooden keys, the interior, or the body itself. If you fall into one of these categories, you’ll want a professional to handle the tough parts for you

Many repairmen will come to your home, remove the keys from the piano, and have the piano removed. They will replace the top part with a plastic key (or something similar, but plastic is more common). They will deliver your new key at home and install it themselves

This process ensures that your piano is not damaged in the process and gives you peace of mind while others do the work!

Properly removing the ivory and replacing it with plastic costs between $400 and $600. This price may vary depending on the type of piano you have (larger pianos are more expensive).

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If you want to try the service yourself, you can buy a set of plastic keys from your nearest piano dealer, or order them online. A complete plastic key costs $30-$75 Add in the cost of the smell, and you can get a well-made plastic key ring for under $100.

Many people change the piano keys on their pianos As the piano matures, the pulp begins to turn yellow and may crack or crack. So one might want to push their piano with shiny new rubber keys Others may remove ivory from their pianos because of ethical concerns related to the harm ivory harvesting causes to elephants.

Whatever the reason, hopefully this article has given you a better idea of ​​how to safely remove lions from your piano keys. You can do it if you have enough knowledge and enough patience Instead, do the work for you and make sure you don’t damage your piano in the process

What To Do With Ivory Piano Keys

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