What To Do With Extra Space In Living Room

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The living room is the heart of your home. This is where you spend most of your time sitting, relaxing and watching TV with your family. Since this is the first place your guests will visit, it should be nice and welcoming. Whether you have an open plan or dedicated space, your living room should be warm and harmonious.

What To Do With Extra Space In Living Room

What To Do With Extra Space In Living Room

In general, the living room has enough room to work. So here’s a guide to 20 ideas to help you fill in the blanks and get creative. These simple tips and tricks will turn your home into a much happier place. Let’s take a look!

Multi Use Rooms

It’s time to give the empty corner a vertical look. In general, some living rooms have bad space and empty corners – so you can place a large indoor plant to make it look better and fresh.

Make sure the indoor plant is 6 to 7 feet tall. Some popular examples of indoor plants include spider plants, fig trees and ZZ plants.

Floating shelves offer the best of both worlds – aesthetics and functionality. So if you have an empty corner of the living room to work with – you can make it just with these floating shelves. It’s time to celebrate your favorite books, indoor plants and accessories.

This is one of the most creative ideas for filling spaces for the living room. Because you are free to be as creative and imaginative as you want!

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Since the deadly pandemic hit the world, many homeowners have adapted to the idea of ​​working from home. And if you don’t have a dedicated room, you can have a home office corner in your living room.

All you need is a comfortable desk, an ergonomic chair, a laptop and some shelves for storage! In addition, placing the table next to the window is a plus!

Just a little decoration can turn your empty corner into a creative delight. In this case, the combination of abstract wallpaper, accent chairs and indoor plants will take your breath away. Wallpaper helps you create the illusion of a bigger or smaller space – so it’s a very clever trick to play with!

What To Do With Extra Space In Living Room

Otherwise, you can also choose a live wallpaper such as flowers or natural scenes to express your style and design preference.

How To Fill Empty Space In The Living Room

It’s time to shine and fill the void! Yes, with the help of a floor lamp – you can kill that dead space in your living room in a creative way. In general, it is best to choose a lamp that is 6 to 7 feet tall and has a view to add vertical dimension to the room.

And since this lamp gives a lot of light in the space, you can create a small reading corner on the sofa.

Sofas fill a good space in the living room. It is not only a stylish statement, but also very useful and practical. Of course, they add color and style to the room, but they also provide a small place to store duvets and pillows.

Don’t forget to decorate the sofa with a few pillows and a few books. And for eclectic and maximalist styles, the brighter the color, the better!

Extra Room Ideas To Make Your Home’s Space More Usable

The empty corners of your living room deserve to be productive and creative. So it’s time to combine the two lamps – the table lamp and the shelf – to create a unique product that performs both functions. Apart from brightening up the living room, this stand can also hold your tools, art supplies and planters.

This home decoration product is suitable for modern, Scandinavian and modern trends. Something to keep, right?

Sometimes artwork is just a wall hanging that speaks. So if you have that dead corner in style – just pick a great wall decor or hanging that can define the look and feel.

What To Do With Extra Space In Living Room

But you must be sure to choose a piece that is large enough to include the view and fill the vertical part of the wall.

What To Do With Empty Space In Your House

It’s time to make the empty corner feel welcoming and comfortable. So, if you don’t need storage space, you can turn the dead corner into living space. An area where you can lie down and read a book, play with the kids and do whatever you want.

This is a great choice for a boho backdrop as you add layers and promote a more relaxed atmosphere.

Large living rooms can be overwhelming and cluttered. So it’s time to know how to plan the space so that it becomes comfortable and harmonious. One of the options is to create a creative section with bookshelves or shelves.

That way, you can divide the room without it being too tall or too high! In addition, you will have the opportunity to make your own beautiful jewelry.

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Do you have a studio? Are you wondering how to plan different work areas and work around awkward corners? Well, here’s a creative solution! This storage bed is a great place for you to relax while you store your daily things.

This corner can be used without actually stealing. Also, don’t forget fashion and woven baskets here! (You might think of it as a day bed)

Homeowners often wonder what to do with the empty corners of their rooms. Some will turn the space into a cozy space and others for storage – but one way to really make a statement is through photography!

What To Do With Extra Space In Living Room

Speaking of uniqueness, you can place this decorative ladder in a corner for a rustic or farmhouse look. Maybe add some natural glass or hang a rug for some style!

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Area rugs can fill an empty space while providing a warm and welcoming experience. Therefore, you can place stylish rugs such as sheepskin rugs or rugs to add textural details and cover dead space in the living room.

However, laying carpet alone can be very confusing. That’s why you should pair it with a medium table, small chairs, and a piece of art!

When in doubt, just place a console table in an empty space in your living room. You can store your everyday items in hidden shelves and add some stylish decorations on top. So, use antiques and pottery that you want to display!

In addition, you can also draw some artwork on the nearby wall. Even photos perform flawlessly.

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Do you want to create a simple and creative corner without increasing your budget? Well, you have to let art play a big role. It’s time to hang two cabinets on the wall to create a gallery wall experience.

To create more visual appeal, mix and match frames to match your original design style. Yes, you can choose colors to create rhythm and harmony with the walls!

Use that corner to relax and sleep! With this comfortable and relaxing chair, you will feel more relaxed and comfortable. Due to its small shape and thick cushion, this item can be easily fixed in a corner.

What To Do With Extra Space In Living Room

Now you have that extra comfort – is it worth spending a lazy Sunday afternoon?

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The holidays are just around the corner! So why not leave the place without a beautiful part of the Christmas tree, really? You can decorate your living room by decorating this Christmas tree with gifts and baskets.

At other times of the year, you can replace the tree with indoor plants and planters!

Every living room should have three types of lighting – ambient, accent and task. Therefore, if there is no environment, you can add active lighting to the empty corners of your room with the help of table lamps or ceiling lamps.

These layers also help to introduce a positive aura in the living room. And you can complement this lamp with a rocking chair for reading and relaxing!

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A happy combination of carpet, mirror and accent table will do wonders. You can use the empty corner and place a large square or round mirror so that the area looks good and you can see yourself without getting in the way!

Does this panorama look really amazing? Well, who wouldn’t want a quiet corner like the one above, right? If the size of your corner space allows, you can install this soft and creamy dining table to make it more comfortable.

Because it is organic, light and airy, it speaks Japanese, Scandinavian, modern and elegant.

What To Do With Extra Space In Living Room

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