What To Do With Extra Bedroom Space

What To Do With Extra Bedroom Space – Front and back home additions are a smart way to expand your living space, but there are other creative ways to add more square footage without drastically changing your home’s footprint. Look up, down, and everywhere, you may find you have more room than you think – in the subway, in the basement, in the garage, or even outside.

Combine your basement with bonus rooms, with a shed and garage, three-season storage, and more, to help you find the power of the hidden space in your home.

What To Do With Extra Bedroom Space

What To Do With Extra Bedroom Space

Sometimes when you look elsewhere you have nowhere to look but up. When Alan Koch bought this 1933 cottage in Portland, Oregon, he knew he had to finish the 600-square-foot house quickly. And because he worked from home, Alan wanted a light and airy office where he could spread out. By moving upstairs, he thought he could create more space, with a nice balcony, for guests to sleep and watch TV.

Clever Ways To Transform Your Unused Bonus Room

After expanding the yard by 100 square meters with a gable bed, Alan’s space is now complete, and he makes the most of the square inch with the perfect space-saving details – like the pocket door that makes the passageway free and clear.

Sometimes, the extra room you’ve been looking for is right under your feet. Elizabeth Willett, looking to add more to her Tudor family home in 1927, saw untapped potential in the basement. “It already had a stove and a small bathroom, but it wasn’t fully equipped,” he said. Although the ceiling was small, it was not too small, and moisture – an obstacle to renovating the floor – was not a problem.

Before long, Elizabeth and her husband, Chris, were painting 830 square feet, including a new driveway, and fully furnished. They have built a family living and entertaining area down stairs. Guests can hang out on the left side to look out over the wine cellar or down on the sofa facing the stone fireplace and TV. Davis even has a full bathroom, laundry facilities, pantry, and home office. The rustic-looking family room is now a gathering place for their daughter and friends.

A great place to look out over the courtyard, the veranda offers a great place to relax in both cold and hot weather. To reinforce this idea in his New York home, interior designer Tom Fallon turned his living room into a living room. He combined the materials – antique wicker and rattan and hunter-green cloth – with natural fabrics – and hung pictures and water from the shed.

Spare Room Ideas: Tips For Small And Large Rooms

White, white and lime linens add color, while 1875 Carpenter Gothic shutters and custom-built windows draw in the celery paint. “It’s a classic look, even a little muted, that goes against the grain of the house,” Fallon says.

Four children – and their bags – are in a mess in the kitchen after school. So the homeowners created a separate room for homework. The upper cabinet holds school supplies and crafts, while hiding water underneath.

Ask the kids and they will tell you the best place to sleep is in a log cabin or on a boat, like the Max Inn.

What To Do With Extra Bedroom Space

. Architect Darren Helgeson brought that spirit into this bedroom in East Hampton, New York, where he used warm woods and smart accessories to transform a dark and gloomy bedroom. Homeowners Bill and Corey Lavrock renovated the entire home.

Home Office Ideas: Turn A Spare Room Into Your Dream Workspace

“It was always their favorite place,” Cory said, recalling how the couple’s four children would hide upstairs with friends whenever they got the chance. “And this is the last place to sleep.” The custom built space with under-bed storage, skylights, pine floors, and lots of light wood flooring is open and functional.

The Boutons of Brooklyn, Mississippi, find themselves feeling sad, lonely when they move out of their home. But when they were planning the side garden, they realized that this small 12 by 12 meter building had potential as a focal point. They added a covered back porch, then put in casement windows and pushed them over the split cedar roof. Now, everyone wants to sleep in their little yard!

When Cathy and Bob Cerrone decided to expand their 1912 Wilmette, Illinois home and welcome visits from their four grown children, their design team realized the potential of a wet room. By building and finishing it, they can have a media and game room big enough to accommodate the family.

The builders excavated the foundation and soil for the addition, then lowered a portion of the wall between the old and new spaces below grade. The basement added 915 square feet of living space and solved the moisture problem with plumbing and plumbing. The space has a big screen TV and a pool table under 9 feet. “That Chicago Flag—the white cow—the whole family is here,” Kathy said.

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Renovating a small house can be as simple as a jigsaw puzzle. That’s what Matthew and Darcy Haney found when they renovated the top three bedrooms in their Carlton, Oregon, home. They installed a new Windows that met fire code. Built-in appliances, cabinets, and open wardrobes – and a new bathroom – take advantage of the available space.

It’s a well-known fact: the renovation program you start is not the one you finish. For one Southern California family, a garage renovation went from a play area for their young children to a well-appointed media room designed for adults. “When we started, we wanted a place for the kids to play Wii Sports, which takes up a lot of space,” says the homeowner, and building an outbuilding next to the pool offers a less-than-usual solution.

The overhead doors are replaced with wagon-style panels and the wall is built in – both can be easily removed to accommodate two cars if the family wants to one day reclaim room in the garage. They installed the roof, finished the walls with electrical and plumbing, finished the basement, added built-in appliances, a beverage refrigerator and media equipment.

What To Do With Extra Bedroom Space

During the winter months, Carl Jung Bluth in Boone, Iowa, designed this 12 x 6-foot log cabin to use long logs to reduce waste. The front floor is a standard height for low maintenance. “Since we were planning to paint it green and beige, I used pressure-treated wood, along with metal and roofing,” says Carl.

Ways To Turn Unused Space Into The Rooms You Need

“We love where our house is, but it was tight,” said Geoff Allen of Cape Cod in 1925 in Barrington, Rhode Island. Although the 1,600-square-foot, two-bedroom home, the site of TOH TV’s latest project, was built as a temporary residence, the family plans to live there year-round. High on the couple’s wish list was a bedroom and bath upstairs. Due to a small home and zoning regulations, Brewster painted the addition in the only place he could: on top of an attached, unheated garage.

The small farm in the 1950s was fine with its new owners, except for one thing. They wanted a nice house. But how would you feel when the first floor is filled with a kitchen, dining and living room, the only bathroom in the house, and two bedrooms, one of which will soon be a nursery? Addition was not an option. Claudia and Philip Minento of Piscataway, New Jersey, look on.

Part walls now cover the stairs to open up the space and allow sunlight from the new area to fill the room. Maintain a clean and well-built environment. Skylights give the illusion of height when raising the ceiling was not an option.

The reproductive scientists Vivek Oni and Tamil Wiseman Anni, 1870 with homes in Cambridge, Massachusetts, started with a new baby and a simple goal. “We needed a bathroom on the first floor and a changing table,” says Tamil. But they also had a dark gray front door next to the front room that served as a makeshift room, and a small “gentle” staircase.

Brilliant Ways To Use Wasted Space In The Bedroom

So they asked the general contractor to rethink the whole area. Then, the table space uses the corner and the natural light, which is improved by the installation of the cut ceiling. Back-to-back windows, polished floors, and straight lines make a light-filled room feel larger than it is.

Garden walls really help make a patio or deck feel like a room, whether they’re made of grass, stone or something unexpected, like old church windows. The corner columns hang from the rails, combined with the 16 by 16 meter floor, giving you the atmosphere of a glass-enclosed conservatory. Homeowner Suzanne Hudson, a gardener, found five 11-foot-tall trees at a flea market a few years ago for $90 each and recently used them to decorate her Douglasville home.

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