What To Do With Empty Whiskey Bottles

What To Do With Empty Whiskey Bottles – Have you ever polished off a great bottle of bourbon but thought it was too good to throw away? You’re not alone. When you drink as much bourbon as we do, you sit on empty seats. But if you don’t want to wait until you finish drinking the bottle, pour the bourbon into a carafe bottle so the bottle can be consumed right away! Here are nine ways to display empty bottles when the bourbon is gone (without using a glass cutter)!

Vases can be expensive, and if you need a lot of them for an event, they can add up. Bourbon bottles make great vases. Use short bottles for short flowers like peonies and tall bottles for tall roses! They can be related to the theme of the event. If you are having a barn wedding, then bourbon bottle vases will be perfect and convenient!

What To Do With Empty Whiskey Bottles

What To Do With Empty Whiskey Bottles

Tip: For a refined bourbon look, remove or wash off some of the labels or wax from the bottle. Some bottles, like Bulleit Bourbon, will still have the inscription and label on the glass, and many bourbon bottles have distinct and recognizable shapes!

Am I The Only One Who Doesn’t Just Throw Out The Empty Bottles?

Use bourbon bottles as water purifiers. They can be kept in the fridge and taken out at dinner time to have on the table the next time you have dinner. I love using Woodford Reserve bottles as the glass is nice and thick and the length is sensible enough to fit on the fridge shelves.

If you’re out of old bottles or don’t want your water to taste like bourbon, you can click here to see a pack of corks in different sizes.

If you’re traveling, you can use an old bourbon bottle to water your houseplants while you’re out of town! Just fill them with water and place them in the pot at an upside down angle. When you get home, take them out and store them until your next trip.

Let your freebies fix the bugs this summer! Use this tiki torch set to turn pretty bottles into something useful for your backyard. Everything you need is included (except the ignition fluid, which you can find here). They are also a great spot for outdoor dining and barbecues.

What Do You Do With Empty Bottles?

If you have kids or just can’t feel the warmth of a fire, use these functional LED cork lights, attach them to empty bourbon bottles and use them as lighting! They will look great as table centerpieces or as centerpieces for a wedding ceremony or party.

I like to use an old bourbon bottle as an olive oil extraction medium. I buy large essential oil bottles at Costco, but they can be difficult or difficult to handle, so I fill an old Elmer T. Lee bottle and tape the bottle on top! Add character to your kitchen if you don’t leave it on the counter. You can also use an empty bourbon bottle and add a small amount of olive oil and fresh herbs if you don’t want to add a whole batch.

Empty bourbon bottles make great soap dispensers! All that remains is to order a spare mouthpiece, fill it with soap and screw it on. It looks so much cooler in the bathroom than a regular plastic bottle, and it’s cheap and eco-friendly to buy replacement hand soap bottles and keep refilling them! To avoid confusion about where your bottle will go, you can order these portable soap dispensers with a cork stopper.

What To Do With Empty Whiskey Bottles

Use an old bottle to store homemade simple syrup. Place the bottle on top and that’s it. When there’s a crowd, put it on a bar cart so people can mix their own cocktails!

Recycling Whiskey Bottles Into Drinking Glasses

Use an empty bourbon bottle to set the mood as a candle! This decanter from Rock Hill Farms works great.

We hope you find these tips helpful and use them to craftily brag about the great bourbons you’ve been enjoying! Once you’ve emptied all the “good stuff” out of your glass alcohol bottles, don’t just throw them in the trash or trash. There are many ways to use an old liquor bottle and turn it into a creative DIY decoration.

You can use this art for Christmas gift ideas, birthdays, or a modern home decor accent. Best of all, all you need is an empty Jack Daniels or vodka bottle you already have. (Don’t be cheap with plastic bottles – glass jars or bottles will look better). They look like the round Boston bottles that people pay money for at craft stores.

Collect all your empty liquor bottles, or maybe borrow some from a friend, and check out these 15 ways to revive used glass bottles. You’ll look like you run your own Etsy shop in no time.

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You may have pulled out some good memories (okay, maybe not tequila bottles), but now you can repurpose an old liquor bottle to preserve those memories. When the bottle is empty, you can put your photos inside the bottle, along with beads, pearls, shells, sand, or any other trinkets you can put in. This bottle frame is also perfect for displaying wedding photos. Keep winning!

Even after you’ve finished your drink, your bottle can still be the life of the party when you put it back in the stylish top of your tiki tochka. Double these lights in your yard and impress your friends and family.

It turns out that alcohol bottles are not only good for pouring alcohol; they can also be added to soap. It’s an easy DIY decoration and all you need is an empty bottle and a dispenser top. Fill it with the liquid soap of your choice. Pro Tip: Any standard dispenser top will screw onto Jack’s 200ml glass bottle. Just put the old cap that you received.

What To Do With Empty Whiskey Bottles

Blackboard paint and wine bottle art are hot at art fairs right now. You can make a small wooden wine bottle with just a few simple tools. Take an empty bottle and paint it with colored acrylic paints. Next, draw a rectangle in the middle of the bottle with black chalkboard paint. Once the paint is dry, tie a string around the neck of the bottle to add to the mood. It might even be a fun experiment to see how well it works in small booze bottles.

Empty Bourbon Bottle

Who says wine bottle art has to be limited to the bottle? We’re all creative, so keep using bottle caps! This bottle cap table is resin sealed and perfect for the experienced artist. If you’re ready to build this DIY table (and get the bottles out of all those caps), you can find the full instructions for building this table here.

If you want to turn your old bottles into something beautiful, look no further than these flower vases. All you have to do is drink the alcohol from the bottle and then put the freshly picked flowers around your neck.

Combine a recycled liquor bottle with a lampshade for vintage-inspired lighting. Make a hole in the end of the empty bottle and tie the string up to the neck. For detailed instructions, go here.

These Patron mini bottles aren’t just samples of alcohol. You can also use them as salt and pepper shakers. Remember, no plastic alcohol bottles, because who needs them? We think they would be great in Crown Royal bottles too.

Whiskey Scams Abound As Empty Bottles Sell For Hundreds

With a glass cutter and some plants, you can turn an old bottle into a mini succulent garden. It’s a stylish and durable piece that will look great both indoors and outdoors.

You don’t need to be a craftsman to pull off this DIY Using stoneware spray paint, you can easily turn an empty wine bottle into a stylish centerpiece, vase or candle holder. You can find branded paint at most home improvement stores.

Once you tear off the top of the bottle and take it out, you’re almost ready for this DIY.

What To Do With Empty Whiskey Bottles

She’s calling out all glamor queens (we’re looking at you, Kacey Musgrave). If you like to show off your leftover bottles but don’t respect the plain and simple look of an empty bottle, you can decorate it with glitter and gems. Glitter is always a good choice.

Realistic Template Empty Beautiful Glass Whiskey Bottle With Screw Cap. Stock Vector By ©ideyweb 183009226

These bottle lights are the perfect party lights. All that remains is to dig a hole in the back for a few empty bottles and then run

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