What To Do With Empty Tic Tac Containers

What To Do With Empty Tic Tac Containers – Today’s trash turned treasure is a Tic Tac bag. I’ve been saving a few of these lately because I know I can find something fun to do with them. Here are 15 fun ways to rebuild your empty Tic Tac bags.

Turn a Tic Tac bag into a needle holder by Bright Bold Cute and turn a Tic Tac bag into a tape storage box by Makezine.com

What To Do With Empty Tic Tac Containers

What To Do With Empty Tic Tac Containers

I love finding things I can reuse. Bringing new life to something you would normally consider useless is fun! It is also good for the environment. After all, it can be a wasteful way to use things you already have instead of buying new ones.

Waterproof Crushproof Tic Tac Matchbox

We’ve rounded up 17 fun ways to repurpose and use old Tic Tac bags. You won’t believe all the tricks you can do with them! Such fun!

You can use a clean (and empty) Tic Tac bag as a holder. If you’re always looking for loose pins in your bathroom drawer, this is a great way to organize them. You can make a second one to keep in your purse if you want to keep extra bobby on hand for hair emergencies.

If you use a lot of ribbon for your craft, you may have trouble keeping and organizing the ribbon wound. Tic Tac Containers come to your rescue.

Storing your tape in a Tic-Tac bag keeps the tape clean, undamaged, and makes it easy to see what you’ve left in different colors. It’s also easy to separate your tape when you’re ready to use it.

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And for extra fun, you can use washi tape to decorate the bag with a color or pattern! Get those creative juices flowing!

Well, this has to be the most creative way to rebuild one of these old boxes. Never in a million years would I have thought that!

You can make a working firecracker out of a Tic Tac bag! This will be fun for an older child who wants to experiment with electronics.

What To Do With Empty Tic Tac Containers

If you’re tired of all your charging cords getting lost, tangled, and messy, you can organize them with a wire bag. Just tap a hole in the top of the big Tic Tac box, wrap your ropes tightly and thread them, pulling the end of the rope through each hole. Be smart!

Tic Tac Fruit Adventure Mints, 1 Oz Flip Top Dispenser (12/pack)

Use Tic Tac bags for a waterproof game box that will be perfect for camping trips.

Just glue a piece of paper to the back and fill the box with games. Simple as can be!

If your family loves ice cream as much as mine, you will love the Tic Tac Toe Container Hack!

Fill the ice cream with an old Tic Tac bag. Fill an empty Tic Tac box with your toppings for the perfect sprinkle on top of your favorite ice cream.

Tic Tac Container

This cute idea would also be great for hosting social events, ice cream days or other similar events! It’s a noise-free way to transfer content to your favorite party.

Missing Teeth – Worried that a tooth might keep your child out of school? Send them to school with this special box! If their tooth is out of place, they can throw the tooth in to save it for the tooth fairy until they get home. Be smart!

I really like this idea! This is a great way to store spices and keep them in single containers so they take up less space in your spice cabinet.

What To Do With Empty Tic Tac Containers

All you have to do is put your ingredients in a clean Tic Tac bag and you have a new jar!

General Mills Pillsbury Crescent Roll Case

But it’s not just about the house. If you want, you can put a small bag of Tic Tac in the lunch box! It works great for travel, small storage spaces, picnics, Airbnb stays, vacations, really any time you want to travel and bring your groceries.

Use this printable and put it on the outside of your Tic Tac box and when you’re tired, you and a friend can play Tic Tac Toe, using the Tic Tacs inside for your game pieces! What a creative idea!

You can also use it to keep your kids happy while you are out and about. A hotel, a doctor’s office, but maybe not a dentist’s office!

This toe tic tac toe game is a clever way to keep your kids busy for a while. But be aware of the dangers that can exist in the water with small children.

Tutorial: Tic Tac Vases

Halloween is a big thing around our house and we love to find new ways to add some fun to the holiday. This is one I’m adding to the list!

If you’re using dried fruits to give gifts like Halloween candy, add a special label to them. Dried oranges become “jack-o-lantern fruit”, red for “vampire vitamins” and white for “ghost collards”. A lot of fun!

You can also use them in the same way if you have table decorations that you bring out or bread that you can make. You can decorate your cupcakes with “pumpkin seeds”. How creative!

What To Do With Empty Tic Tac Containers

Add an extra touch of fun to your stocking stuffers when you cover your tic tac toe box with holiday paper like a Christmas tree or cut out snowmen. This is an easy way to make a small special gift and have fun with your creation!

Reuse Empty Tic Tac

Get your kids involved, have fun and let them use their creative gifts! It can become a beloved family tradition that you do for years to come. And all from a little tic tac box!

If pretending to be a dry white tax “ghost” isn’t your thing, how about kissing a snowman? White Tic Tacs make good kisses!

This would be another fun holiday activity to do with your kids and a fun holiday gift for teachers or babysitters.

Give the Grinch medicine to someone who doesn’t feel the holiday spirit. Only one “medicine” can give them holiday happiness. Print the label, cut it to size and place it in a green Tic Tacs box. How beautiful it is!

Ribbon Storage With Empty Tic Tac Containers! · A Recycled Box · Creation By Asdfghjkl_amy

Here’s a delicious recipe for your New Year’s Eve party! Give your guests a bag of Tic Tacs. The print that you put on the side of the box says, “Minute-Night Kiss Tic-Tox.” How beautiful it is!

You just need to print the label on the sticker. Cut them with scissors. Wrap the sticky paper around the top of the Tic Tac bag. And you have a delicious feast to share with your guests. A breath of fresh air for everyone out there!

For Valentine’s Day, why not give someone a sweet and special gift with one of these free sweet treats that say, “I miss you” or “Part 2b together?” Here’s a fun and clever way to express yourself this Valentine’s Day. How delicious it is!

What To Do With Empty Tic Tac Containers

You can also use them to protect your neck while traveling. But put only one volume in each box so that the strings do not overlap.

Survival Kit In A Tic Tac Box

Another great way to recreate an old Tic Tac bag while traveling is to carry something like Q-tips or an eye mask. This pouch keeps them clean and dry while still allowing you to see what’s inside.

Can you believe all the fun ways we found to use another Tic Tac container? Who would have thought that there would be so many creative ways to use them again?

Did you like these tips and tricks for remodeling? Here is another awesome hack from Crazy HouseHello! This is my first tutorial, so please vote for me in the first-time author survival contest!

I don’t often go camping, but when I do, I like to be prepared for anything. It means having something on my body that will help me if I get lost in the field. Some like to carry a paracord bracelet, others a commercial survival kit, but when you want to have a cheap and useful solution ready, this Tic-Tac Survival Kit comes in handy.

Empty Tic Tac Box Altoids Tins Containers Crafts Camping Travel

You’ll need a few things to build your Tic-Tac Survival Kit. I have listed them here. You won’t have everything on the list, but anything will help you choose as quickly as possible.

This can be achieved by buying some Tic-Tacs and eating them. You can use different types of mint if you like, but depending on the shape of the bag it may be easier or harder to wrap it with paracord.

Paracord is useful for rescue, because it can hold up to 550 pounds, and you can save the wires inside to make a net if necessary, costing a few things of strength.

What To Do With Empty Tic Tac Containers

This is very important for the obvious (you can use it for anything really). The small roll I have shown in this picture is taken from the big roll

Tic Tac Toe Sight Words • Miss Mancy

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