What To Do With Empty Pill Bottles

What To Do With Empty Pill Bottles – CREATE 10 USES FOR EMPTY BOTTLESHere are 10 ways to use empty bottles for survival, everyday emergencies, and home life.

Part of living a stable and independent life is knowing that you can do the best you can with what you have. Everything from toilet paper rolls to empty bottles serves its original purpose.

What To Do With Empty Pill Bottles

What To Do With Empty Pill Bottles

Have you ever wondered why most prescription drugs come in orange plastic containers? There are many reasons for this.

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Firstly, because these containers are made of No. 5 plastic or polypropylene, which is durable and heat-resistant.

Rx Saver explains: “Pill bottles are colored clear orange to mimic the amber bottles used years ago. The orange color helps UV light break down the medication stored in the bottle. Medications can be photosensitive, meaning that UV light can cause a photochemical reaction that can damage the medication.

Although you can technically recycle #5 plastic (polypropylene), many city recycling centers do not accept it. Furthermore, it takes up to 30 years to decompose.

These are all reasons why you should keep your empty bottles and find other ways to use them.

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We’ve put together a list of 10 very useful ways to use empty medicine bottles for survival, everyday emergencies, and home life.

Before filling empty pill bottles with the items below, you must prepare the bottles.

To prevent anyone from accessing your personal information, start by removing the tag. Unfortunately, removing tags is a bit tricky.

What To Do With Empty Pill Bottles

After you’ve removed as much of the label as possible from your nails, soak the bottles in warm, soapy water.

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This makes it easy to remove residual labels and clean the inside of the container.

They are small enough to be stored in a variety of places including car consoles, pockets, purses and more.

Fill your bottle with first aid supplies such as bandages, Q-tips, alcohol swabs, antibiotic ointment packs, and more.

It’s also a good idea to keep some medications in an empty bottle, such as pain relievers and water softener pills.

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Although we are moving closer to a cashless society, it is always important to have cash on hand.

In the event of a power failure, bank, ATM and credit card machines will not function. Goods must be paid for in cash.

They’re also good for keeping space so they don’t get lost in car seats or at the bottom of bags.

What To Do With Empty Pill Bottles

Some call it the MacGyver of all survival gear. The problem is, most people don’t want to carry a giant roll of paper everywhere they go.

The Beauty Blog: 5 Things To Do With A Empty Pill Bottle

Just take a broken pencil (its height should be smaller than an unopened pill bottle) and start wrapping tape around it. Stop mixing before it becomes too thick.

This makes a very small piece of tape that you can fit inside an empty pill bottle, allowing you to keep the tape on.

You can also use an empty pill bottle like a broken pencil to make a little ribbon. This option also gives you an item storage center.

Breeding farms always need more seeds! If you’re hoping to save some seed from this year’s crop, get out the empty pill bottles.

Ways To Reuse Empty Pill Bottles For Crafts And More

Clean, empty pill bottles are great for storing seeds because they protect them from moisture. Plus, it’s easy to label and organize.

You never know when you need to sew a button, mend a seam, or make a repair.

Luckily, getting the job done doesn’t require a lot of sewing. Everything you need fits into one empty pill bottle.

What To Do With Empty Pill Bottles

Place a piece of string inside an empty medicine bottle and poke a small hole in the cap. Now you have a simple tool for your threads.

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These miniature sewing kits are far more durable than grocery store-bought kits.

Take a few minutes today to gather the supplies you need to build a survival kit out of empty plastic bottles and store them strategically.

An empty pill bottle is a waterproof sealed container that keeps the fire well dry until needed.

In addition to a fire starter that works, you can also make your own fire starter from an empty pill bottle.

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An empty pill bottle is the perfect place to store things you don’t want others to see. For example, most people don’t think that the key is hidden inside a pill bottle.

Although you can store keys in empty bottles, you can turn it into a secret key that you can bury.

We have all seen fake stone tools. Although they are better than zero, thieves know they exist.

What To Do With Empty Pill Bottles

Instead of buying new materials, make your own secret key using an empty medicine bottle, natural stone, and glue.

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Just stick the medicine bottle cap on the bottom of the rock. Then dig a small pit and put the stone of the closed medicine bottle in the ground.

Empty medicine bottles make great travel containers for cosmetics – even liquids! Fill the clean empty bottles with shampoo, conditioner and cream.

The instructions suggested “Fill a prescription bottle with some hooks, one or two weights, a length of fishing line, and a button. If you want to use bait, screw the button onto the fishing line, press the button into the prescription bottle and place a lid with the button and fishing line threaded inside the bottle and under the lid. You can use the bottle as a float to figure out which old medicine to keep.” ?There are many things you can use instead of sending them to landfill. David Smart/Shutterstock

More than 64 percent of Americans use one or more prescription drugs. From antibiotics to antidepressants, 4.7 billion prescriptions to be issued in 2022. That’s a lot of heavy plastic to deal with!

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Medicine containers are usually made of a fifth plastic (polypropylene or PP), which is safe for yogurt packaging and many reusable food containers. You can tell if you’re dealing with recycled No. 5 plastic by looking at the bottom of the container and locating the ball with the No. 5 in the middle. These common plastics are great because they are lightweight, strong, withstand a wide range of temperatures, and keep everything inside dry.

These plastics take years to decompose in the environment, and as they age, they release toxic chemicals and the dangerous greenhouse gas methane into the environment.

So if you’re one of the millions of people who have empty pill bottles at home, you may be wondering what to do with them. Sure, in some cases you can recycle them — some cities have curbside recycling programs that accept up to five plastic bags. But you can also reuse these sturdy and airtight containers in your everyday life.

What To Do With Empty Pill Bottles

One great thing about pill bottles is that they are specifically designed to hold little ones. That means you can fill them with things you want kids to have difficulty getting to — razor blades, gloves, nutritional supplements, or even a secret stash of M&M gloves.

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Another great aspect of pill bottles is that they are designed to keep prescription drugs dry. If you’re a gardener, these containers are great moisture storage containers for dry seeds over the winter, where they’re less likely to rot. Consider medicine containers for all those little things you want to keep dry.

Pins, bobby pins, and hair ties are common items scattered around your house, car, and purse. All of these little hairsprays are the perfect size for a pill bottle, meaning you no longer have to live with a pile of tossed tongs and hair ties.

The pill bottles are smart and colorful and can be placed in any small hole. US House is the perfect diameter for a standard prescription bottle, so you can always save for parking, vending, or laundry. If you want to fill the pill bottle with cash, that’s fine too.

The key to your front door is in a prescription bottle hidden in the corners of your house. If you really want to get fancy, you can attach a small rock to the cap of the bottle and bury it in an undisclosed location in your landscape. Who says you have to buy a hidden keystone?

Smart Ways To Reuse Empty Pill Bottles

If you need to carry a liquid, paste, or gel on the plane, current TSA regulations require it to be in a container that holds 3.4 ounces (100.6 milliliters) or less. A standard prescription bottle usually contains shampoo, peanut butter, or moisturizer to help you pass through TSA and stay on your vacation.

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