What To Do With An Old Inground Swimming Pool

What To Do With An Old Inground Swimming Pool – Sounds like a big challenge, you say? It’s not bad if you do an easy job If you don’t want to do the work yourself, you can always hire a contractor to do the heavy lifting

If your pool is in disrepair or in need of expensive repairs, this is the perfect renovation project for you And the results provide you with a beautiful garden that you can enjoy for many, many summers

What To Do With An Old Inground Swimming Pool

What To Do With An Old Inground Swimming Pool

Here’s what you need to know about turning your old in-ground pool into a veritable garden Shangri-La.

Pool Renovations: What To Do With An Old Pool In Your New Backyard

Like any big project, building a pool and garden depends on proper planning and a solid strategy. Even if your yard has special or unique needs, if you’re planning to do the job yourself you’ll need the list of materials and tools below.

You need a lot of land, gardens and pastures, a spear, a wheelbarrow and a man with a strong back.

Or you can do what many homeowners do and hire a contractor If you need advice and help with design and layout ideas, talk to a landscape designer or architect.

In many cases, homeowners simply drain the pool, dig a drainage hole in the ground, and fill it. Alternatively, you can have your contractor demolish the pool walls and use the demolished material to begin the filling process.

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The correct course of action depends largely on the agriculture of the area, local building codes and budget Now suppose you upload it yourself

This type of dirt contains debris (cobbles, large rocks, etc.) in the construction and helps prevent the hole from sinking as it settles. It also helps in improving drainage

Fill your pool about a quarter of the way if the pool is deep enough for swimming

What To Do With An Old Inground Swimming Pool

If you are planning to plant trees, use a little hard fill, as their deep roots require a large layer of good quality soil. Flowers and grass are good with a few meters of good soil

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Add a layer of gravel over the gray soil This will help improve drainage and eliminate any irregularities

Then use a mechanical tamper to mix the dirt and gravel until it is firm and compact. It should feel stable and not shift or push down when you walk on it

Now apply two to three feet of good quality soil and then use a nice layer of topcoat to finish it off. Now you are ready to install!

Check with your local building department to see if you need a building or demolition permit before starting the project Local zoning and planning regulations may dictate pool filling

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It’s also a good idea to hire an inspector or engineer to check the pool for structural problems They can also provide you with a list of recommendations to properly fill your pool And of course, always take extreme care when working with large amounts of dirt and heavy machinery

Located in Salt Lake City, Millcreek Gardens has all the plants, garden supplies and advice you need for your landscape and garden. From annuals to large shade trees, visit us today to get started on your backyard garden project Pool season is almost here If you’re ready to spruce up your pool this year, we’ve got some great ideas Let’s take a look at the most important developments in in-ground pools:

Pool resurfacing is a safe way to refresh your concrete in-ground pool. If your in-ground pool is 10 years or older, it’s likely that the surface of the pool is showing some unsightly wear and tear, and possibly cracks. A new plaster or gravel pool cover can make your concrete pool look new again A good pool contractor can refinish most pools in about ten days

What To Do With An Old Inground Swimming Pool

As with resurfacing concrete pools, replacing pool liners is a great upgrade for fiberglass pools. If your vinyl liner is cracked or torn, or faded and discolored, replacing the vinyl liner can really give your pool a facelift. And the selection today is amazing!

Draining And Refilling An Inground Swimming Pool.

Tiles and in-ground pools can chip or discolor over the years Replacing a pool tile can change the look and feel of your pool If you are renovating your pool, you can replace the tiles at the same time Resize pool tiles, create a unique design – the possibilities are endless!

Adding or upgrading your in-ground pool lighting is another important upgrade. You can brighten up your pool by replacing existing light bulbs with LED bulbs or using pool lighting with changing colors and a light show.

Pool automation for in-ground pools is a great upgrade for any pool owner. It won’t change the pool, but it will make your job easier A variety of pool automation systems allow you to schedule pool filtration, chemical treatment, pool temperature, pool lighting, automatic pool cleaning, and more.

A pool deck is like a picture frame when it comes to in-ground pools If you have a plain concrete pool deck, you may want to upgrade to something more attractive by adding stamped concrete, pavers, travertine, stone, brick or a combination of materials.

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If you’re interested in upgrading your in-ground pool, contact your local pool contractor to get started. Early spring is the perfect time to renovate your pool before the pool season is over If you’re wondering what to do with an old swimming pool and are interested in gardening, we have some interesting ideas.

Whether your old swimming pool is a kiddie pool, above ground style or an in-ground concrete pool, they can be turned into raised garden beds.

Old swimming pools can make great indoor gardens or raised beds! Don’t have an old swimming pool to recycle?

What To Do With An Old Inground Swimming Pool

If you don’t have an old swimming pool to turn into a garden, if you’re a gardener, you’ll probably enjoy the videos below.

Convert Your Old Pool Into Something Beautiful

The second video is about turning an old swimming pool into a garden fountain

We don’t have an old pool and don’t plan on doing backyard aquaponics anytime soon, but we’re excited about the idea. So if you’re a gardener, aspiring or not, you’ll enjoy this schematic and video tour of a sustainable pool garden by getting creative.

You can use it well in gardens with medium raised beds For proper drainage, you need to make a hole in the ground and then add a deep layer of soil to aid drainage and allow the holes to be flushed over time to prevent soiling and soil loss.

The lovely Jess of Root and Refuge Farm does a great job of providing some ideas for using a kiddie pool for a garden bed. Jess also shows many other ideas that include cheap or free containers for plants and raised beds, but in the video below we showed you where to start with kiddie pool garden bed ideas.

What Is Pool Coping? Everything You Need To Know

Instead of taking these to the landfill when they’re not being used for family fun, it can be a raised bed garden! You have to climb stairs and drop lines to go and collect, but you can do this with boards or mulch on the walkways.

This would require a truckload of good soil, which would be dumped directly into the pool, saving a ton of time and energy. Starting with good soil means contributing to a successful garden So if you risk planting your garden, you should plant it in good soil, preferably organic compost.

The cost of filling or removing a swimming pool is high But if you have an old pool that is no longer being used, it is a good size for your garden How about using that pool to provide fresh food 365 days a year?

What To Do With An Old Inground Swimming Pool

An Arizona family did just that They turned their dilapidated underground swimming pool into a backyard aquaponic garden, a closed food production system. It worked so well that the original project is now a non-profit that brings this system to life! πŸŒŸπŸ‘πŸΌπŸŒΏ

Steel Wall Inground Pool Repair

“A garden pool creates an entire ecosystem. It can take a good nine months to create an entire ecosystem. We build it in a day, but Mother Nature takes time.

The Gardenpool concept was invented by Denise McClung in October 2009 as a small self-catering restaurant. McClung and his organization, GardenPool.com, now travel the world to teach others how to create these pools in the garden.

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