What To Do With An Empty Tic Tac Box

What To Do With An Empty Tic Tac Box – The trash is now the treasure that is Tic Tac tableware. I’ve been hoarding a few lately because I just know I can find something fun to do with them. Here are 15 fun ways to reuse empty Tic Tac containers.

Convert Tic Tac Toes into Hairpin Holders from Bright Bold Beautiful and Tic Tac Toes into Storage Tape from Makezine.com

What To Do With An Empty Tic Tac Box

What To Do With An Empty Tic Tac Box

I love finding things to replace. Giving new life to what you would normally consider trash is fun! And it’s good for the environment. Not to mention, it can be a cost-effective way to use what you already have instead of buying something new.

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We’ve put together 17 fun ways to repurpose and use up old Tic Tac dishes. You won’t believe all the amazing things you can do with them! Very funny!

You can make a hairpin holder out of a clean (and empty) Tic Tac container. If you’re always looking for loose pins in your bathroom drawer, this is a great way to organize them. If you want to have extra bobby pins on hand for hair emergencies, you can make another one to keep in your purse.

If you use a lot of ribbon for a craft project, you may find it difficult to organize the ribbon. Tic Tac Plates are here to help you.

Place the ribbon in the tic-tac holder to keep the ribbon clean, keep it rolling, and it’s easy to see what you’ve left and all the available colors. It is easy to lay out the tape when you are ready to use it.

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And even more fun, you can decorate the container with washi tape in matching colors or patterns! Get your creative juices flowing!

Well, this has got to be the most creative way to reuse one of those old containers. I would never have imagined this myself in a million years!

You can make a flashlight out of a Tic Tac container! This is a fun project for older kids who want to experiment with electronics.

What To Do With An Empty Tic Tac Box

If you’re tired of losing, tangling and damaging all your charging cables, you can organize them with a cable organizer. Simply drill a few holes in the top of a large tic-tac-toe box, carefully roll the string and place it inside, then pull the end of the string out of each hole. Genius!

Empty Large Red Tic Tac Containers

Use the Tic Tac holder for waterproof match boxes, perfect for camping.

Just stick sandpaper on the back and fill the matchbox. As simple as possible!

If your family loves ice cream like mine, you’ll love this Tic Tac Toe Hack!

Use old Tic Tac containers for ice cream toppings. Fill empty Tic Tac boxes with toppings for the perfect sprinkle on your favorite ice cream.

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This cute idea is also great for hosting ice cream socials, games, or similar! It’s a simple way to transport toppings to your favorite gathering.

Missing teeth – Are you worried about your child losing teeth at school? Send it to school with this special box! If a tooth falls out while they are there, they can put it down to keep it safe for the Fairy until they get home. Genius!

I really like this idea! This is a great way to store spices and keep them in flat containers so they don’t take up space in your spice cabinet.

What To Do With An Empty Tic Tac Box

All you have to do is pour the spices into a clean Tic Tac container and you have a new spice jar!

A Giant Tic Tac Box Filled With Tiny Tic Tac Boxes

And not just for the house. If you want, you can put these little tic-tac-toe containers in the recipe box! It works great for travel, small storage, picnics, Airbnb stays, vacations, basically any time you want to travel and bring spices.

Use this printable and stick it on the outside of the tic tac toe box and when you get bored you and your friends can play tic toc using the tic toc inside to the music! How creative this idea is!

You can also use it to entertain the kids while you’re out and about running errands. A restaurant, a medical office, but probably not a dentist’s office!

This tic-tac-toe game is a clever way to keep kids busy for a while. But be aware that there is a choking hazard for small children.

Repurposing Empty Tictac Containers

Halloween is a big deal in our house and we love to find new ways to add some holiday cheer. This is one I’m adding to my list!

If you’re using TikTok to distribute Halloween candy, add custom stickers. Orange ticks for “jack and lantern seeds”, red for “vampire vitamins” and white for “ghost droppings”. Convenient!

Also, if you have decorations on the table or for cooking, you can use them in the same way. You can decorate cupcakes with “pumpkin seeds”. What creativity!

What To Do With An Empty Tic Tac Box

Add extra fun to your stocking stuffers when you cover the Tic Tac Toe box with a festive Christmas tree or cut out a paper snowman. It’s an easy way to make small gifts more special and enjoy your creativity!

Tic Tac Shot

Get the kids involved in the fun too and let them use their creative gifts! It can be a beloved family tradition that has been carried on for years. And all in a tic-tac-toe box!

If white fleas that look like “ghost poop” aren’t your thing, how about snow kisses? White fleas make perfect snow kisses!

These are fun holiday crafts for kids and make super sweet holiday gifts for teachers or childcare providers.

Give Grinch pills to people who aren’t feeling the holiday spirit. Only one “pill” can bring them holiday joy. Print the tag, cut it to size and attach it to the green tic-tac-toe box. So cute!

Tic Tac 4 Full Mini Boxes 3.8g Each + Empty Large Container (india)

Here’s to a fun party for your New Year’s party! Treat your guests to lots of Tic Tac dishes. The printable that is placed around the box says: “Moving Tock for Mint Kisses”. How cute!

You just need to print the label on the label paper. Cut with scissors. Wrap the label paper over the top of the Tic Tac container. And you have a fun party to share with your guests. Fresh breath for everyone!

For Valentine’s Day, why not give that special someone a cute gift using one of these fun free printables that say “My heart beats for you” or “Mint 2b together”? This is a fun and smart way to express yourself this Valentine’s Day. so sweet!

What To Do With An Empty Tic Tac Box

You can also use it to store your necklace while traveling. But put only one necklace in each container so that the chain does not get tangled.

Reusing Tic Tac Boxes

Another great way to reuse your old Tic Tac container while traveling is to grab things like Q-tips or eyeshadow applicators. This small storage container keeps things clean and dry while also allowing you to see what’s inside.

Can you believe all the fun ways to reuse Tic Tac containers? Who would have thought there are so many creative ways to reuse?

Did you like these tips and tricks for changing? Here are some other great hacks from One Crazy House, we’ll see random little things in the kitchen or on the store shelves and think “I can make something really cool”. Ladies and gentlemen, this is how we are dying to do cool things with the tic-tac-toe box! They’re definitely not the most conventional craft supplies, but if you’re willing to (sorry) think outside the box, you’ll be surprised how creative you can get with a small box. In fact, they make such versatile crafts that there are even some creative things you can do with your own tic-tac-toe.

If you’re obsessed with ideas for making a tic-tac-toe box, here are the 15 best DIY ideas we’ve found in our research so far!

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They wanted to help us, so we made lots of things for the kids out of tic tac toe boxes! This adorable little Barbie cereal box is always one of the biggest hits in our house. is the process

It’s simple, but just in case you need a little help anyway, here’s a nice tutorial from Karima’s Crafts.

Going on a long road trip and packing a bag full of toys, games and treats to keep?

What To Do With An Empty Tic Tac Box

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