What To Do With An Empty Notebook

What To Do With An Empty Notebook – Looking for new ways to fill empty notebooks? Look no further. Here are 30 fun ways you can fill your journal today!

If you’re reading this, it means you’re a notebook addict like me. You won’t find a nice notebook in a store that you suddenly love, even if you have ten blank notebooks at home.

What To Do With An Empty Notebook

What To Do With An Empty Notebook

Today I’ve compiled a list of thirty fun and creative ideas to fill up that empty notebook you’ve had lying around in your drawer for a while.

Fun And Effective Ways To Use A Blank Notebook

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Yop & Tom

But it is true; Sometimes we have more magazines than we need. However, it’s sad to let your empty notebooks just collect dust on your bookshelf So let’s find a better way

Here are 31 creative, fun and useful blank notebook ideas that you can use to really start using your beautiful journal.

Do you have any blank notebooks lying around? Chances are you probably do if you’re reading this post

What To Do With An Empty Notebook

I bet you, and I share a love for all things stationery, and that means you probably can’t stop yourself from buying a cute but probably unnecessary notebook.

Ideas To Fill Your Empty Notebook

Or maybe someone gave it to you as a gift, and you want to show your love and appreciation, but you don’t really know what to do with it. Whatever your situation, I’m here to save us all! Captain Mosquito to the rescue!

Here are 31 fun and creative ideas on how you can use that brand new notebook and turn it into something that really matters.

As a bonus, at the end you can also watch a video by the amazing Jashi Currin with a list of 100 ideas for your blank journal as well as some free printables.

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Creative Ways To Fill Up A Notebook

This is a bonus entry because I obviously have to recommend it considering how much it has improved my life!

Chances are you might be writing a bullet journal in another notebook, so I can’t count that as a proper entry on the list.

If you want to know more about it, click “read more” and let’s enter the list now

What To Do With An Empty Notebook

A gratitude journal helps you to look at life differently, to notice the good things in you more and to become more appreciative and considerate. Starting a gratitude journal in your cute notebook can be the little happiness boost you need

Revision: Pocket Notebook Set Up

Journaling is a great exercise Putting your thoughts on paper helps you clarify, organize and visualize your life

There is no better time to journal than in the morning when your brain is in this perfect state of being alert and creative, but not yet overwhelmed by your daily responsibilities.

It’s also very simple – you just wake up, and the first thing you do is write a three-page article in your journal. Don’t study or ignore it; Let your thoughts flow on paper

Obviously, you can always adjust it to suit your needs. You can journal anyway, and any blank notebooks you have will come in handy later

My Selfmade Journal

Are you learning to doodle or something else that requires you to drill? Why not use your notebook as an exercise journal?

It is very useful to have a separate journal just for doodling. You can really see your progress!

It’s also generally better to use a good quality notebook, say, for writing letters than messing up your precious graves with printing paper (yeah, totally happened to me – my poor first black grave SO broke… lesson learned!).

What To Do With An Empty Notebook

We’ve already talked about making a dodling journal, but the same idea will work for a letter journal because mastering brush lettering is all about practicing those basic strokes.

Ways To Fill Blank Notebooks Or Journals

Whether you are a beginner and just learning, or a practice letter and want to master your skills, you can just have a separate notebook for your exercises.

I love self help and personal development books! There is so much to learn and so many great new techniques you can master from it. However, over time I realized that less than 10% of all the information available in the book stayed with me

Of course, you can read the book again, but this is not always possible. I mean, who has time to read the same book every month?

My Solution – Book Summary Notes, College Style! I like to make them simple and very visual

Ways To Fill Up Empty Notebooks

If you don’t care for self-help books, well, try taking the same kind of notes for any other book, be it fiction or non-fiction.

Visual Notes takes an elegant approach to downloading all the information in a condensed format, so you can always look back and relive your favorite passages or quotes in your memory. You will definitely need a separate notebook for this!

Plants are something I have never thought about myself; Most of them I have to die early heroes

What To Do With An Empty Notebook

So I can only imagine that if you’re a plant mom, you’ll want a few pages to help you keep track of your babies and keep them happy and well hydrated.

Notebook Ideas For 2023: Fill Your Empty Notebooks & Blank Journals

As with every page, I think you’ll use it more if it looks good. Of course I had to include this great page!

Brainstorming is a great way to solve problems and come up with new creative ideas. Just sit there with a pen and paper and start writing down anything that comes to mind about the topic you’re trying to brainstorm.

Some ideas will be utter rubbish; Others will require some work to function properly. But a few… a few will be real gems! It’s a great way to bring out those genius ideas hidden somewhere in the back of your brain!

Having a separate notebook for this would be helpful! When you lack inspiration or feel like you need some new ideas – you can read through your old brainstorming sessions to get that spark of creativity.

A Guide To Empty Notebooks — She The Spy

I know a lot of things are digital now, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a physical journal of your favorite recipes?

Maybe you can ask your family for some of their signature dishes and make them an heirloom

This is the only recipe page I’ve made, but if you click on “read more” you’ll find great recipe pages from other creators.

What To Do With An Empty Notebook

Protecting your memory is very important! I know I look like my grandma now She encouraged me to take more photos, fill my photo album and make good memories However, time has taught me that she was absolutely right

What To Do With Empty Notebooks — A Considered Life

We forget 90% of our favorite memories! (That picture may not be entirely accurate, but) The point is! Now that I’ve started doing the monthly reminder page, I can see it a lot

Putting your memories down on paper helps you appreciate your life more and truly preserves forever the small moments of happiness that would otherwise be lost over time.

You can do it as a journal, a scrapbook collage style, a set of doodles and text – whatever tells you.

That notebook will be your place of joy, and looking back will always make you happy and remind you of the good things in your life.

Ways To Use An Empty Notebook

Do you plan your meals? Are you on a special diet or have any dietary restrictions? Adding it to your weekly spread can take up more space

This can be a life saver – no more browsing the internet for ideas – just open your notebook, and you’ll have your very own diet advisor.


What To Do With An Empty Notebook

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