What To Do With An Empty Glass Bottle

What To Do With An Empty Glass Bottle – Instead of throwing away that empty wine bottle, recycle it! We’ve compiled a list of 9 fun DIY wine bottle design ideas for crafty wine lovers.

January is a pretty slow month in terms of activity as we all get into the holiday rush. So this is the perfect month to get crafty and tackle some of those Pinterest pins you’ve saved over the past 12 months. And while you may have decided to cut back on rich foods and alcohol this year (or at least this month), that probably doesn’t mean you have zero empty bottles of wine (let’s be honest now). Blanks can actually be turned into some pretty cool DIYs! With just a little patience, practice, and in some cases where you’ll need a bottle cutter, a few extra bottles in case of cracks, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a wine bottler.

What To Do With An Empty Glass Bottle

What To Do With An Empty Glass Bottle

Enjoy this collection of DIY wine bottle design ideas and let us know how they turned out in the comments.

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This project takes a little more time to gather the necessary materials than to assemble the torches themselves. However, it brings with it mandatory accents outside to make visitors want to go and create a good atmosphere. Keep the bottle labels yourself!

The real effort in this project is cutting the log and sanding the cut after it’s done. Then all you need is a little chipped paint and a touch of creativity to determine your design.

This is another one of those easy crafts where the main task is to cut the bottle properly and sand it after making it. After that, all you need is water, floating candles and a board to place your new creation on.

After you have cut out the bottle, you can put a flashlight or use a string light to fill in the empty space and create a nice glow.

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Once you get the hang of this DIY, you’ll truly feel like a wine bottle renovation master. Although cutting a bottle is very easy with the right tools, here you will find a new challenge in drilling a hole in the glass. It requires specific practice, a lot of patience and a lot of spare bottles, but once you get the hang of it, knocking them down will be easy.

Candles can be quite expensive, so the solution to making your own supply is one we’re talking about. For this DIY wine bottle, there are a few materials to collect, but once you have them, you’ll be making your own candles in no time.

Who doesn’t love a pretty succulent? And your favorite bottle of wine is a great container to hold! It is a good idea to put pebbles in the substrate for drainage and self-watering because these beautiful cacti do not require too much H2O.

What To Do With An Empty Glass Bottle

While the example uses beer bottles, wine bottles easily fit into a much larger planter. Here you use the base of a cut bottle as your irrigation system. Just know that it takes a few days for the self-watering process to begin, so keep the soil moist in the meantime.

Empty Glass Bottle Vector Art, Icons, And Graphics For Free Download

Grab your painter’s tape and your favorite metallic spray paint (or matte creation!) and use this simple DIY to turn empty wine bottles into stunning vases. Great news for those of you who like to settle down with a nightly glass of the good stuff – a bottle of wine does a lot more than just hold your favorite juice. Instead of throwing away your next empty bottle, put it to good use. You can make one of these 14 cute and easy wine crafts that will cost you next to nothing.

I feel very lucky because right now I have, oh, a dozen empty wine bottles in the recycling bin. Instead of the neighbors watching every time I take my recycling to the curb, I can lighten the load and use those old wine bottles. I can also add another solid justification to my nightly wine list: recycling wine bottles.

I scoured social media to find the best and most economical use for an old wine bottle. Pour the last glass of your favorite bottle, pull up a chair at your creative table and follow me –

1. Bird Feeder Bird Feeder Recycled Green Wine Bottle 1 Liter by RayMels http://t.co/dHlMrETyiF via @Etsy #birdfeeder #winebottle #recycled — Melissa Bazeley (@melseyeview) January 29, 2015

Ways To Repurpose Beer Bottles

So this list starts off with a bang. You can turn an average wine bottle into a super creative bird feeder using string, a bag, a cork disc, a drill and a hot glue gun.

Recycled Wine Bottle #crafty #winebottle #recycle <3 A post shared by Angela Santoro (@arsantoro) on May 6, 2013 at 11:24am PDT.

We all know you can buy wine bottle candlesticks on Etsy, but why spend $30 on something you can make yourself? Before you venture into wine bottle cutting territory, set up this simple guide to cutting glass bottles and place it on your fridge. You’ll need it.

What To Do With An Empty Glass Bottle

This wine bottle drawing tutorial is so easy, even I can do it. Bonus: You can use the guide to upgrade both wine bottles and jars to match any color scheme in your home.

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4. Custom center painting Another move @ painting #latesaturdaynight #crafty #painting #winebottle #recycle #reuse #trees #flowers pic.twitter.com/GbrojvkUga — Cassie (@Cas__sie) January 12, 2014

Use this guide to carefully remove all labels and adhesives from your favorite wine bottles, then unleash your inner artist.

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How To Recycle Glass Correctly

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What To Do With An Empty Glass Bottle

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Glass bottle recycling projects not only help save the environment, but provide endless fun! Read on for the best DIY projects you can do with glass bottles!

We don’t notice it, but we buy so many bottles of beer, milk, wine – you name it – we have more glass bottles than we need.

I was throwing them all away, but I realized that throwing those bottles away doesn’t help anyone! So when I finally got into DIY projects, I started recycling them and came up with glass bottle craft ideas.

The glass bottle recycling project is the kind of project that would make mother nature really proud and I wish I had gotten into it sooner! Here are the best ideas for recycling and decorating glass bottles!

Close Up View Of Empty Glass Bottles And Shadows On White Tabletop

If you want to try something new or just want to save space, maybe you should try making this hanging bottle vase! Hanging your plants can even give them more air and sunlight!

That’s what we have glass bottle terrariums for! Clear glass bottles are perfect for giving your terrariums an elegant and classic look!

Glass bottle recycling projects can also give you beautiful chandeliers! We all need to change our lighting fixtures a bit from time to time.

What To Do With An Empty Glass Bottle

Since we’re eco-friendly, why not make a bird feeder in a glass bottle. These glass bottle recycling projects are an amazing and easy way to turn unused glass bottles into something really useful!

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There’s nothing like seeing your DIY projects put to use in small everyday things. It reminds you how much effort and creativity pay off.

Like I said, glass bottle recycling projects can give you almost anything. No need to buy a new expensive lamp for your bedside table.

Make this glass bottle lamp yourself. Its light effect will make you sleep like a baby every night!

Remember: your creations will inspire others to create. Always make time for DIY projects! ???? | Would you like to appear on our profile? Just use the hashtag #! | ????: @haydesign A post shared by DIY Projects (@dotcom) on Feb 10, 2017 at 7:37pm PST

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While glass bottles are popular for their clear and elegant look, painting them can be fun and cute. These faux stained glass bottles create magical garden designs!

This DIY tutorial shows you how to cut your glass bottle in half to make great cup holders. Glass bottles are the perfect material to hold light sources without destroying them!

You don’t always have to use wine

What To Do With An Empty Glass Bottle

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