What To Do With An Empty Fireplace

What To Do With An Empty Fireplace – Just because the stove doesn’t work doesn’t mean it’s useless You may not be able to start a roaring fire, but you

Take the opportunity to get creative with an empty fireplace – you just need to know how to style it Whether you want something decorative or something more functional, we highlight 16 of the best ideas on how to use a passive fireplace. Trust us, you’ll never leave firewood again (at least not when you have these plans).

What To Do With An Empty Fireplace

What To Do With An Empty Fireplace

Old meets new in this living room by Kingston Lafferty Design A classic Victorian fireplace contrasts with a framed fireplace featuring a geometric cabinet. The cactus in the fire keeps him alive

My Diy Electric Fireplace And Built Ins

Brick does not always vibrate with light monochrome decoration, natural stone materials and modern technology. Nicole Hollis Studio’s solution is to paint them dark or black Creates depth and emphasizes the ancient character of the brick If you want your bare fireplace to look elegant but understated

Leanne Ford painted this entire fireplace white – even the decorative woodwork Then she warmed the living room with pampas and cream

If you want your fireplace to look like it’s working even though it’s not, just cover the face with chalkboard. Adds a lot of character to this dedicated residence

Or, cover it with a decorative panel like this mockup Hides the bare fireplace but also dominates the surrounding space

How To Hang Pictures Above A Fireplace Mantel

In this elegant, architecturally rich setting, interior designer Leanne Ford transformed an empty fireplace into a small gallery for displaying pottery and paintings.

When in doubt, flowers are usually the answer Enhance your space with a beautiful floral arrangement like this Nantucket home by Jim Howard

Jersey Ice Cream Co. Fill that empty fireplace with a book and a cookbook, matching the rustic, vintage look of the fireplace.

What To Do With An Empty Fireplace

Just because you don’t have a fireplace or working fireplace doesn’t mean you can’t embrace cozy lighting. Although this living room is decorated for Christmas, the twinkling lights can work all year round.

Faux Fireplace Ideas That Will Shine In Any Room

Go the traditional route and stack logs in the fireplace to give it a cozy and homey feel, even if you can’t actually light it. If you have reclaimed wood chairs, cover the fireplace with them like Katie Hodges did here—they’ll reveal the wood.

Journal collectors rejoice Finally, there’s a place to store your new study Take notes by Emily Henderson and keep them on your empty mantelpiece

Your desire may be to avert your eyes from an empty or inactive fireplace, but this living room by Leanne Ford may convince you otherwise. “The clients wanted to enhance their space, and I knew a full-length fireplace was an opportunity to do just that! I decided to do something meaningful with it and cover it in my favorite Skimcoat,” says Ford.

If beachy style is your thing, try adding a large flow to your fireplace. You’ll feel like you’re on the beach, no matter where you sit

Fireplace Hearth Ideas: 10 Practical And Stylish Tips

A smart and easy way to decorate an empty fireplace is to match it with a single color White should make the space light and airy

Just because the fireplace isn’t working doesn’t mean it has to be dark Placing a candle in a space will give it an inviting glow

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What To Do With An Empty Fireplace

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No Fire? No Problem!

5 Features That Sell a Home on Acing 23 Backyard Ideas That Made This Woman the Best Designer of the ’70s A New York City Rental Becomes an Entertainer’s Paradise Sarah Gibson and Jacqueline Brown, founders of Tuesday’s Design & Style Blog, made this fireplace cozy. Decorating trick: Choose different shapes, sizes and backgrounds, says Gibson Add luxury items to warm up the space The candlesticks are from IKEA and the rugs are from Kings Lane

In her home near Melbourne, Australia, Sweet William designer Paula Mills reflects her love of vintage clothing. On the way back from a family trip to Victoria, Australia, Mills bought old Tasmanian oak furniture from a thrift store and filled it with photos and books. From South Africa to England, where he has lived all these years, and Beat has imbued the place with a worldly charm.

In this Pennsylvania farmhouse, designer Lorraine Lees paired an 1800s dresser with mirrors to reflect the room’s decor. The walls are covered in a Ralph Lauren pattern and the backs of the chairs are covered in a linen-cotton fabric (for softness, no structure).

In her Southern home, Lauren Shaver, the blogger behind Bliss House, filled her faux fireplace from top to bottom with light-colored logs. The secret: “logs” are actually just narrow pieces of wood that are carefully shaped and glued to a chalkboard to facilitate the design process.

Faux Fireplace Ideas For An Extra Cozy Home

Filling an empty fireplace with logs gives it a nice look, but blogger Karen Bertelsen of Art of Doing Stuff took the idea a step further by replacing the ends of each beam with old folk paint. She pointed to the palette she used to mix colors on the dress

For a simple touch in front of a passive fireplace, blogger Jaime Scott of Grace’s Catch placed three wooden planks on top of a rustic wicker basket—a slight contrast to the black fireplace.

In true Northern California spirit, photographer and stylist Victoria Smith, editor of SF Girl By By, arranged bottles of vino above a faux fireplace. Additional design features: Easy access to wine racks

What To Do With An Empty Fireplace

Designer Jessica Geller and Virginia Toledo of the id 810 design team wanted to emulate the freshness of the outdoors on the row in Hoboken, New Jersey in the 1990s. To accommodate the defunct fireplace, they added a Buddha statue that came from a Tibetan monkey garden they found while fixing up an antique.

Opening Up A Fireplace: Costs, Regs And How To

Geller and Toledo also filled an empty fireplace on Park Avenue with a quartz sculpture covered in votive candles, which breathes a soft glow when lit, to simulate the atmosphere of a working fireplace. They recommend incorporating a variety of candles and crystal elements when decorating a non-functional fireplace to create the illusion of an expansive fireplace (while providing a nice room accent).

Vintage books give this dormant fireplace a chic feel Blogger Krista Janos of Blue Eyed Yonder collected 87 books in the space to create this look.

Don’t want to drag real wood indoors? Make Your Own Fake Cardboard Box Blogger Brenna Berger of Paper & Ink used rolled up cardboard covered in plaster of paris to create this cute pear shape. The cut end mimics the large recorder ring See how to make your own here

For real bonfire lighting, blogger Jennifer Fancher of Notting Grace filled a WWII soldier’s wall with Christmas lights found at a berry tree sale. She layered cardboard with old dictionary pages, newspapers, story pages and sheet music to create wallpaper.

How To Decorate A Corner Fireplace Mantel For The Holidays

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What To Do With An Empty Fireplace

Rebecca Henderson is a freelance writer and designer with over three years of experience covering design, architecture and everything in between.

Filling Space Next To The Fireplace

Fireplaces: We love to stay warm on warm nights, but they can get hotter than that Not only do they require regular maintenance, they also collect dust and dirt — and their dirt often carries over into the rest of your home. Therefore, it is not surprising that many fireplaces do not work or are not used

However, just because a fireplace is used doesn’t mean it takes up less space or costs less The question is what to do with the unused fireplace – cover it up? Include it? Hide it? Let’s help Follow for

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