What To Do With An Empty Box

What To Do With An Empty Box – Today’s junk treasure is Tic Tac boxes. I’ve been saving a few of these lately because I just know I can come up with something fun to do with them. Here are 15 fun ways to recycle your empty Tic Tac boxes.

Turn a Tic Tac Box into a Bobby Pin by Pretty Bright & Turn a Tic Tac Box into Ribbon Storage by Makezine.com

What To Do With An Empty Box

What To Do With An Empty Box

I love finding things I can reuse. It’s a lot of fun to bring new life to something you would normally consider trash! And it’s good for the environment. Not to mention, it can be a wasteful way to use what you already have instead of buying something new.

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We’ve compiled 17 fun ways to recycle and get more out of old Tic Tac boxes. You won’t believe all the cool things you can do with them! Such fun!

You can make a bobby pin with a clean (and empty) Tic Tac container. If you’re always looking for loose pins in your bathroom sink, this is a great way to keep them organized. You can also make another one to keep in your purse if you want to keep bobby pins on hand for hair emergencies.

If you use a lot of ribbon for your craft project, you may have trouble keeping your ribbon nice and organized. Tic Tac Boxes come to your rescue.

Storing your ribbons in a Tic Tack box keeps the ribbon clean, makes it swimmable and makes it easy to see at a glance how many you have left and all the different colors available. It’s also very easy to release your tape when you’re ready to use it.

Do These Photos Show A Home Filled With 70,000 Beer Cans And Boxes?

And for extra fun, decorate the container with shower tape in a coordinating color or pattern! Get the creative juices flowing!

Well, this has got to be the most creative way to recycle one of these old boxes. I never in a million years would have imagined that on my own!

You can make a working lantern out of a Tic Tac box! This would be a fun project for an older child who likes to experiment with electronics.

What To Do With An Empty Box

If you are tired of all your lost, tangled and messy charging cables, you can organize them with a wire organizer. Just punch some holes in the top of the big Tic Tac box, wrap your wires tightly and push them in, and pull the ends of the wires out of each hole. So smart!

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Use a Tic Tac box for a handy waterproof container that will be perfect for a camping trip.

Just glue a piece of sand to the back and fill the box with matches. Easy as can be!

If your family loves ice cream like mine, you’ll love this Tic Tac Box hack!

Use an old Tic Tac container for ice cream toppings. Fill the empty Tic Tac boxes with your toppings to layer them nicely on top of your favorite ice cream.

Use That Pile Of Empty Amazon Boxes To Do Something Wonderful

This cute idea would also be great for hosting an ice cream social, play date, or other similar activity! It’s a hassle-free way to transport toppings to your favorite joint.

Lost Tooth – Are you worried that your child might lose a tooth while they are at school? Send them to school with this special box! If their tooth falls out while they are there, they can drop the tooth in to keep it safe from the tooth fairy until they get home. So smart!

I love this idea so much! It is a good way to store perfumes and store them in cabinets so that they take up some space in your perfume cabinet.

What To Do With An Empty Box

All you have to do is pour your spices into clean Tic Tac containers and you have new spice containers!

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And not just for home. If you want, you can put small Tic Tac boxes in a recipe box! This works great for travel, small storage areas, picnics, Airbnb stays, vacations, pretty much anytime you want to travel and take your spices with you.

Use this printable and tape the outside of your Tic Tac box and when you get bored, you and a friend can play Tic Tac Toe using the Tic Tacs inside for your game pieces! How creative is that idea!

You can also use this to entertain your kids when you are out running errands. Restaurants, a doctor’s office, but maybe not a dentist’s office!

This Tic Tac Toe game is a clever way to keep your kids occupied for short periods of time. But be aware of potential vibration hazards with small children.

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Halloween is a big deal around our house and we love finding new ways to add some fun to the holiday. This is one I’m definitely adding to the list!

If you are using Tic Tacs to give as Halloween candy, add a special tag to them. Orange Tic Tacs become “jack-o-lantern seeds”, red for “vampire vitamins” and white for “ghosts”. So funny!

You can also use them in the same way if you have table decorations that you put out, or you can make for baking. You can decorate your cakes with “pumpkin seeds”. How creative!

What To Do With An Empty Box

Add extra fun to your stocking stuffers when you cover your Tic Tac boxes with festive paper in the shape of a Christmas tree or cut out a snowman. It’s an easy way to make a gift extra special and have fun with your creativity!

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Get your kids involved too by entertaining them and letting them use their creative gifts too! It can become a family tradition that you practice for many years. And all from a little Tic Tac box!

If white Tic Tacs pretending to be “fairy poo” aren’t your thing, how about kissing a snowman? White Tic Tacs are perfect snowman kisses!

This would be another fun holiday project to do with your kids and make a very nice holiday gift for teachers or childcare providers.

Give Grinch pills to someone who doesn’t feel like relaxing. Only one “drug” can give them Christmas cheer. Print the label, cut to size and place on a box of green Tic Tacs. So cute!

Today I Got Empty Box

Here’s a fun treat for your New Year’s party! Give your guests lots of Tic Tac boxes. The print around the box says “tik toks for minty kisses.” That sounds great!

Simply press the label onto the sticker. Cut it with scissors. Place the sticker paper across the top of the Tic Tac box. And you have a festive gift to share with your guests. New spirit to everyone out there!

For Valentine’s Day why not give a sweet gift to someone special using one of these free printables that say “my heart for you” or “mint 2b together?” It’s a fun and clever way to express yourself this Valentine’s Day. So lovely!

What To Do With An Empty Box

You can also use them to tend your gardens while you travel. But put only one necklace in each box so the chains don’t get confused.

Par Te’ Events

Another great way to reuse old Tic Tac boxes when you travel is to store things like Q-tips or eyeliners. This little storage box keeps them clean and dry and also lets you see what’s inside.

Can you believe all the fun ways we found to recycle Tic Tac boxes? Who would have thought there would be so many creative ways to recreate them?

Do you like these recycling tips and tricks? Here are more clever hacks from A Crazy House How many boxes of tissue do you go through each school year? I love finding ways to use them in little preparations in my classroom! Keep reading for some low-key prep tips for using an empty tissue box.

I had fun decorating the fabric box with duct tape. Who doesn’t love a good reason to use fun and decorative duct tape?! I then press the library pockets on each side of the tissue box. This enables multiple functions and it’s ready to go (although I won’t be using the libraries!). Finally, I use Fun Tack to attach images that can be easily removed and replaced.

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I use my FREE adjectives selectively with my tissue box. I cut the ribbons and attached them to my school bags. I put the scratch cards in the tissue box. Students have fun pulling a card out of the box and putting it in the correct pocket. This is interactive and you only need 1 copy of the service!

Students are able to reach into the box and use clues to try to guess what is inside.

My students struggled to come up with their own clues. They need special models of how to answer these types of questions. Any point of view is helpful because I don’t have to ask them verbally all the time. They can learn to be right

What To Do With An Empty Box

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