What To Do With A Big Empty Space In Living Room

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Zurich / Photos: Andre Hengst

What To Do With A Big Empty Space In Living Room

What To Do With A Big Empty Space In Living Room

Zürich, April 12, 2022 – Japanese architect Yoichi Kodai has fully embraced the importance of ’empty’ space, known as the Ma (間) concept. It’s all about distance, place, time – and even the way we use language. You tell a story, pause for a moment, and then continue. That space is still full of something, like the space between moments, things or people. According to Kodai, you can also use ma in buildings: it creates distance, depth and atmosphere.

A Big Empty Space

, a new series of events from Switzerland’s Asia Society celebrates art in all its forms and shapes. The first edition focuses on museum design in Japan, where the placement of art is often as important as the function of the gallery.

. It has more than a hundred museums, focusing on their collections as well as the buildings they are housed in. Many of them have a fascinating aspect: the idea of ​​motherhood is everywhere through the extensive use of space.

The cover of Sophie Richard’s book is a photograph of Kohti at the Shinshoji Zen Garden and Museum in Fukuyama City. The building is owned by Art Studio SANDWICH Inc. It was designed by architect Yoichi Kodai with contemporary artist Kohei Nawa as architectural director.

The ship-shaped building seems to hover over the forest and is covered with traditional Japanese kokera-buki planks. Conceived as a Zen meditation garden, the building consists only of the roof and the space.The viewer experiences the installation consisting of light and waves for 25 minutes.

Big Empty Space Of Factory Storage

KOHTEI was commissioned by Shinshoji Temple and wanted to create a new building with a garden that reflects our times and works with existing Japanese gardens.

For a few seconds filmed inside KOHTEI, Kodai showed the public in Zurich that there is no video of it on the Internet, so visitors can fully experience it when entering the building for the first time.

The new wing of Moriyama’s Sagawa Art Museum, featuring two tea rooms, was designed by potter Raku Kichijimon-kan. Raku went from designing teapots to museum section overnight

What To Do With A Big Empty Space In Living Room

The exhibition rooms are dark in color and allow plenty of space between artworks. There are no signs or information signs According to Richard, the museum offers an experience of art rather than trying to learn through a lot of written information.

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The Tokyo National Museum’s Horyuji Treasury environment benefits from additional lighting among bronze Buddha statues on display from the seventh and eighth centuries, when Buddhism arrived in Japan and became the state religion.

The sculptures are used equally throughout the exhibition, each in its own glass enclosure, staring down at visitors. Informational labels are pasted on the side to prevent distraction from the direct view of this sacred statue.

Contemporary paintings hang in full natural daylight at the Hiroshi Senju Museum in rural Karuizawa. The building has no walls, just glass separating the art from the four gardens surrounding the space.

For Yuichi Kodai, this museum is one of his masterpieces because there are almost no boundaries between inside and outside. It proves that you don’t need spotlights and high walls to build a museum

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Sophie Richard worked in the New York art world before moving to London, where she currently lives. He has traveled in Japan for 16 years. His first book on Japanese museums was published in 2014 and translated into Japanese in 2016. His articles have appeared in journals in the US, UK and Japan. He has been a regular contributor to Japanese television programs on the country’s museums, and in 2018 and 2019 his work was the basis for two television series on the subject. Sophie continues her research on Japanese art museums and in 2019 will publish her second book, ‘An Art Lover’s Guide to Japanese Museums’. In parallel, he creates and leads art tours to Japan. He also offered advice on promoting Japanese art and culture to Western audiences. In December 2015, his work was honored by the Japan Cultural Affairs Agency and awarded the Commissioner’s Award.

Yuchi Kodai Architect, Kodai Principal & Partner GmbH’s practice focuses on creating architectural spaces with a Japanese mindset that work with Asian and Western cultures. He graduated from the Architectural Association in London and worked for the Swiss architecture firm Herzog & de Meeren, working on high-profile international projects, notably the Perez Art Museum in Miami and TATE Modern. He then joined a sandwich company in Kyoto. Yuchi Art Studio’s Department of Architecture completed the award-winning KOHTEI Building in Hiroshima, Fukuyama City in 2017. He also worked at the HILDEBRAND studio, where he embraced Swiss building culture and drafting, and served as an assistant professor at the Singapore University of Technology (UTSD and University of Technology).

Aurelia Rasch moderated the conversation.After training in museum education at Kunsthalle Bielefeld and Kunstmuseum Pablo Picasso Münster, Artem completed her master’s degree in art history at the University of Münster in 2010. s. Most recently, he served as creative director at Sperone Westwater, working with artists such as Bruce Naman, Susan Rothenberg, Richard Long, Tom Sachs and Ali Banisadar. Since 2018, Aurelia has worked as Head of Communications and Senior Consultant at Burgos Art Consult. Burgos is a partner of the Asia Society in Switzerland

What To Do With A Big Empty Space In Living Room

Whether food, film, museums or literature: a series of quarterly public events where we celebrate art in all its forms and shapes. We invite artists, curators and experts to discuss their practices and how they can help shed light on the world we live in. These talks are designed to promote dialogue and exchange across disciplines and regions, as well as move beyond events. Now, it’s a huge (but brand new) 4,500 square foot empty space with no walls, no floor, no ceiling. In 5-6 weeks, the space has walls, floors and ceilings and is filled with an explosion of colors and fibers. Check out the new Colorado Loop Away!

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What a long process this has been. We got the place in August, so you can imagine the back and forth during this time as we signed the final papers last week. We toured several options and this was our first choice. It’s in a great area (Harmony Road Front Range Village for those in the know) and has a Dazbug cafe across the street. 🙂

The place is U shaped and the pictures are a bit deceiving, we took these pictures and the next week, I looked at the pictures again and again and convinced myself that it was too small. We went back and were reminded how big it is in person and the pictures don’t do it justice, there is plenty of space! (I was standing in the WH to give him a little perspective.) Now we’re watching the builders build and we’re going to see our space as we envision it. I hope to share the final space with you after Thanksgiving

Another note – I didn’t have to wait long for the snow to reappear (according to the forecast, it was in the low 50s last week and the first snow had melted.) They predicted 4-8″ yesterday and changed it to 10pm last night. I’m used to weather that says “snow until 8 o’clock” and when you wake up in the morning there’s an inch on the ground. What a catch. It’s beautiful outside this morning – all fresh and white – and it’s slowly dropping back into the 50s so we’ll lose it again this weekend. I have to say, I love warm snow over the weekend.

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