What To Do When Your Partner Is Depressed

What To Do When Your Partner Is Depressed – Depression is more common than you think! According to the World Health Organization, more than 264 million people worldwide suffer from depression. There are many types of depression and symptoms can vary between people. But the big question is, how do you know if someone is depressed or just having a hard time? And once you know what to do?

Today I’m answering all your questions and, as always, I’m giving you my top 5 tips and an amazing tool you can use right away to start making some changes. So let’s dive in!

What To Do When Your Partner Is Depressed

What To Do When Your Partner Is Depressed

If you think someone is having suicidal thoughts, talk to them right away. You can help them find support and do your best to protect them. Contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline or call 911 in the United States.

Best Things To Say To Someone Who’s Depressed

When dealing with your depressed partner (or anyone for that matter), the first thing you need to think about is whether they are depressed or sad. I’m not saying you should become a psychologist (and I don’t recommend over-diagnosing), but I want you to be prepared to deal with both situations. As you can imagine, what I suggest you do if someone you love is sad is what I suggest you do if that person is clinically depressed.

Sadness is a healthy, normal emotion. We are usually sad when something is challenging or harmful. It could be the death of a loved one, moving from a city you enjoy living in, losing your job, or fighting with your spouse.

The deal with grief is that you feel it because of what happened. An event or situation beyond oneself. When we decide what has happened or how time is passing, our grief diminishes.

Depression, on the other hand, is not a healthy, normal emotion. Although we throw around the word depression very easily these days, we usually talk about sadness, not depression. Depression is a mental illness that affects how you think and experience the events and people in your life. We are sad about something. We become depressed and then sad about everything.

The Connection Between Depression And Anger

Depression does not need anything external to cause it. In fact, often people’s lives are objectively great; You have nothing to be sad about: a good job, a loving spouse, a new baby, a healthy body. You can have everything, but still feel like a pope and can’t even “see” what you have.

When someone is sad, we can give them time and encourage them and that will heal their sadness. When a person is depressed, doing the same things doesn’t work and can make the situation worse.

I had a client last year who was grieving the death of her mother. They were very close and she depended on him a lot in her life for emotional support. Her grief was protracted and I feared she might spiral into depression as she found it difficult to return to work or take care of her own children two months after her mother’s death.

What To Do When Your Partner Is Depressed

I did the very “non-psychological” thing and told her to stop it. I gave her company to talk about the need to continue and take care of herself and her children. I told her that she could and would continue to grieve, but that was no excuse to walk out of her life and abandon her own children and partner.

Ways To Improve Emotional Support In Your Relationship

I know it sounds harsh. But it worked. As if she needed that proverbial slap, so she “got up”.

It would have been disastrous if she had been depressed. These things of mine would make her even more depressed.

Most people can choose to be happy and what to focus on. A clinically depressed and untreated person does not have the same opportunities because his brain works differently.

Just like you can’t tell someone with juvenile diabetes to “snap out of it” and “just get the pancreas working again,” we can’t do the same with depression. Unfortunately, we don’t treat mental health issues with the same compassion we treat physical issues.

Key Signs Of High Functioning Depression & How To Cope With Symptoms

I have seen this over the years in my work with people struggling with alcohol and drug abuse. It’s the idea that I can “just stop” or “You can’t love me if you don’t stop.” This is completely spoiled by the fact that substance abuse disorder is a brain disease. The brain has literally been hijacked and requires treatment or intervention if it is to recover.

It’s hard with the brain because you can’t see it. We think people act like victims or attention seekers. We say, “Well, I just quit drinking, so you can.” or “It’s all in your head; you need to stop thinking like that.”

Unfortunately, you may feel unfit for a day or two, but you can still enjoy simple things like watching your favorite TV show, eating out, or hanging out with friends. This is not the case when a person is dealing with depression. Even the activities they once enjoyed are no longer interesting or enjoyable.

What To Do When Your Partner Is Depressed

What’s more, when you feel pain caused by something, you can still sleep as usual, stay motivated to get things done, and stop the urge to eat. On the other hand, depression is associated with severe disruption of normal eating and sleeping patterns, as well as reluctance to get out of bed during the day.

Sadness Is Not Depression. — Xx Naomi

In grief, you may feel guilty or guilty about what you said or did, but depression will never make you feel worthless or guilty. One of the diagnostic features of depression is this kind of self-deprecating, negative thinking pattern.

Finally, self-injury and suicidal tendencies do not arise from non-depressive suffering. People struggling with severe depression may have thoughts of self-harm, death or suicide, or plan to commit suicide.

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Clinical depression is actually a very serious and common mood disorder. The biggest thing is that depressed people have a constant feeling of sadness and hopelessness and lose interest in things they used to enjoy.

Things To Say To Someone With Depression

We use a book called the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM, now in its fifth revision) to diagnose all mental disorders, from autism to depression.

To be diagnosed with depression, you must have at least five of the eight symptoms (depressed mood or loss of interest in activities) and they must last for at least two weeks. The symptoms must cause significant impairment to the person in important areas of functioning (such as school, work, and relationships).

I mean, it can’t be from substance abuse or even some other medical condition, so it’s always good to be physical first.

What To Do When Your Partner Is Depressed

I want to highlight one of the common symptoms of depression that is often missed: temper tantrums. We think of depression when someone is sad, depressed or withdrawn. But there can also be agitation, anger and extreme anxiety. Tantrums or flashes of anger are common for many depressed people.

Best Depression Quotes For Daily Life With Images

A visit to the doctor is first and foremost. It would be best to make an appointment with a qualified mental health professional. However, if your partner ignores it, start with the physical to rule out any other problems (such as drug abuse or other medical conditions).

Accompany your partner to appointments or help manage medication if necessary. All of this therapy is emotionally draining for a depressed person as they try to manage even simple appointments and medication.

I know all of this can be difficult if you are worried about being codependent. If someone is really depressed, you have to be there to get the ball rolling and keep them going for a while. If you’re concerned, talk to your doctor yourself to make sure your boundaries are healthy. Just remember that you cannot cure your partner’s depression. But you can be supportive, patient and encouraging. If your partner is depressed, you may have to hope until he does.

Remember that your partner’s brain has been hijacked and it is difficult for him to think clearly. Help them think critically. This means arguing against negative thoughts. I have a great tool for changing emotions and challenging negative thoughts that you can download for free!

Depression Quotes To Not Feel Alone

When your partner judges himself harshly (which he may do), help him correct his thinking. When they talk about feeling lost, offer as much encouragement as you can and point out all the improvements they’ve made.

If you have a partner

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