What To Do When Your Neighbor Is Harassing You

What To Do When Your Neighbor Is Harassing You – Have you had a problem with a borderline whose behavior goes beyond rudeness and borders on aggression? Here’s what you can do.

One of the consequences of living in a crowded city like New York is that even if you don’t know your neighbors, you can hear them—on the street or across the street—and even smell them. prepare dinner

What To Do When Your Neighbor Is Harassing You

What To Do When Your Neighbor Is Harassing You

Tensions are rising between neighbors, and many New Yorkers are working from home due to the outbreak. Michele Kirschbaum, director of programs at the New York Peace Center, said the change means more New Yorkers are seeking NYPI’s counseling services. “The neighbors are angry with some people – there are many people in the house, they hear this noise,” he said.

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Rules about everyday occurrences like strange noises and bad smells are usually explained in your list or rules and are usually easy to deal with (or eventually insist on, with complaints and complaints New Zealanders will make). All York). But what can you do when someone’s behavior goes beyond evil and borders on cruelty?

New York State law defines harassment as any conduct intended to offend, intimidate, frighten, or intimidate another person. If this is your situation, you should know that there are steps you can take to deal with the situation, including calling the police if you are in physical danger. Here’s what you can do.

[Author’s note: The first version of this post was published in September 2021. We will provide updated information for September 2022.]

Talking directly to your neighbor is the last thing you want to do, but it is an important step.

Can I Sue My Neighbor For Harassment?

Dean M. Roberts, a real estate attorney at Norris McLaughlin, points out that while safety should be your top priority, talking to your neighbor about the problem is the first step you should take. You should have direct communication before entering into a formal process, such as mediation.

Roberts recommends contacting your neighbor via email or a handwritten letter. You don’t want to create a situation where your potential customer can say, “If he said that, I would have stopped.” In addition to being the unfair party, you will lose the opportunity to resolve the dispute in the first place.

If you’ve made a sincere effort to think and haven’t come up with a solution, don’t push the issue; the situation is getting worse. Go to step two.

What To Do When Your Neighbor Is Harassing You

Land managers and association boards are responsible for providing housing, but what this actually means is not always clear.

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When there is cigarette smoke or children walking in the streets, the management company can help to solve it: first by filling the gaps in the walls between the rooms, or bringing sound devices that measure the level of decibels per second.

If people are causing pest problems, landowners have a greater responsibility to act. (And if they don’t, you can file a complaint with 311.)

Landlords are facing a surge in evictions of tenants who do not do anything illegal; This is especially true in apartments.

In addition, there is nothing that the owners of houses and workplaces have done about these exhibitions in their neighborhood. “There is little or no difference,” Roberts said. “It puts them in the difficult position of making a decision about a crime they don’t want to make with information they don’t have.” They must also deal with any or all landlords or tenants who are at war.

I Can’t Sell My House Because Of Bad Neighbors: What Do I Do?

Yes, you have the right to file a complaint; the key is consistency. Roberts recommends submitting your problem in a letter to the agency or landlord, and be sure to include the dates of the incident. “That’s a stronger argument than saying, ‘I called last year, but I don’t remember when,'” he said.

You should describe the problem and say something like, “Please tell me how you think it should be solved / how you can help me.”

If you don’t get a response, Roberts suggests sending a second letter telling them that “X” consequences will occur if you don’t respond by “Y” date. These are not threats, but reasonable actions, including not taking care of your neighbor and the council or your landlord and agent for violating your right to protection. (See Step 4 for more information on taking legal action.)

What To Do When Your Neighbor Is Harassing You

Robert J. Braverman, managing partner of Braverman Greenspun, a law firm that specializes in real estate and partnership law, has faced a major problem that has caused so much controversy that the council itself has sued. The suspect’s alleged unpleasant behavior includes taking pictures of other people who own the house while they are working.

I Sued My Neighbors, Now They Are Harassing Me—what Should I Do?

At first, the lawyers thought this could be resolved between the owners, but Braverman said they ran into trouble. “When it became an example and reached many workers and owners, at some point the committee said, enough is enough.”

In addition to creating a record of the lawsuit, you should write down all the events that happened in some cases, recording the dates and times, says attorney Sam Himmelstein of Himmelstein, McConnell, Gribben & Joseph (of Brick sponsors, contributions). FYI). Creating a paper trail will help you build your case when you first make a legal claim or breach your lease and sue your landlord.

If there are witnesses to what happened, try to get their statements in writing as well. It would be best if you or they take an event on video.

If the steps mentioned above do not reduce the problem – or they do the opposite and do not make it worse – you can seek mediation instead of filing a lawsuit.

Have Bad Neighbors? Here’s How To Deal With Them

In addition to being faster and cheaper (or not), “litigation is more complicated because the parties choose to participate,” says Lauren Axelrod, senior attorney at the New York Bar Association. . The parties can work through their own process, instead of leaving the decision to the judge, put together their own solutions, and (ideally) come up with something that everyone agrees on.

The process is confidential and confidential. Also, there is another important reason to follow for a joint solution: maybe you will be neighbors for a while, and you will see each other sometimes on the trip, or in the familiar places of the house.

The NYC Bar Association Referral Program offers professional advertising with low hourly fees. You should plan for at least two hours.

What To Do When Your Neighbor Is Harassing You

“The most difficult thing is getting both sides to intervene,” Kirschbaum said. The New York Peace Center offers video conferencing services for those who want it. “Most customers appreciate the convenience of this option and like the idea of ​​solving their problems without leaving their homes,” he said.

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Interviewing can be challenging, but it’s also rewarding. “It’s very emotional and deep, but being able to talk about things helps a lot. Even if we don’t reach a perfect agreement, the parties will be able to understand each other better,” Kirschbaum said.

Note that the settlement agreement is not legally binding. As an enforceable contract, however, you can sue the other party for breach of common law.

“I assure you that if you take the time to go in and get rid of it, there’s always an advantage and it eases the uncertainty,” Kirschbaum said.

Roberts said the police will advocate for you more clearly in future incidents and, if the victim cannot, a settlement agreement will help build your case into a claim. law.

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And if you can’t get in touch with the other person, the New York Peace Center offers one-on-one conflict classes where you can talk about the situation and the strategies you use or don’t use. A teacher can play the role of a good communicator.

If you want to take legal action, you have a few options here, including filing a complaint with the New York State Department of Human Rights or filing a complaint with the NYC Department of Housing, Planning and Development, which provides protections for the low-income and elderly. a tenant. From violating building codes, such as not providing heat or dealing with an infectious disease. “Many technical issues such as noise complaints, while the technical standards, are not clear,” said Roberts.

Regarding the level of trouble under the law, “You know it when you see it,” said Roberts, adding that there is no clear line, but it depends on the amount of time and events.

What To Do When Your Neighbor Is Harassing You

“It’s also scary with hope,” Roberts said. A professional pianist who plays classical music for 12 hours a day would not be considered a nuisance (true story), because a neighbor who plays opera would surely know that he is crazy.

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If the situation is completely out of control, it may involve the police.

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