What To Do When You Feel Empty

What To Do When You Feel Empty – What does the Bible say about feeling empty inside? Here are 4 reasons why God allows you to feel empty inside.

1. If you do not return to Him to eat more of His goodness, God will make you feel empty.

What To Do When You Feel Empty

What To Do When You Feel Empty

Eating and drinking are often used as spiritual metaphors in the Bible. Sometimes we are told that after we drink the living water of Christ we will never thirst again (John 4:14). However, this refers to the constant fellowship we need with the Messiah on a daily basis.

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All this being said, it is easy for Christians to feel the fullness of the Savior within us, but then forget to drink in the Messiah every day. Once you are saved, you must continue to nurture your relationship with Jesus. As Hosea 13:5-6 says: “I knew you in the desert, in the land of drought. But when they were wicked, you listened to them and forgave, and their hearts were healed. Therefore they forgot me.”

Not for us. When you accept the Messiah, He will fill you and save you forever. But he should not be forgotten. If you do, you will feel empty because we need to reconnect with the Messiah every day. Like any relationship, our relationship with Jesus takes time, care, and attention.

There are many ways for us to enjoy God’s goodness. However, these days we have so many options that we can easily be deceived, so we have to be careful. Like going to the grocery store today. We have a lot to choose from. But if we fill our shopping carts with junk food and empty calories, our bodies are weak and empty when we smoke.

Also, the world is full of spiritual filth. You can fill yourself with songs that sound Christian but don’t have biblical lyrics. You can listen to preachers who give you good life advice without mentioning the gospel. You can watch my YouTube channel, but don’t go to church and associate with other Christians in the flesh. Perhaps most damaging is the ability to feed ourselves without trying to feed others. See how Jesus filled himself with giving spiritual food to others. John 4:31-34 says:

Forrest Carter Quote: “i Felt Total Bad About It, And Empty. Granpa Said He Knew How I Felt, For He Was Feeling The Same Way. But Granpa Said E…”

Meanwhile, the disciples asked him for breakfast, saying, ‘Rabbi, eat,’ but he said to them, ‘I must eat something that you do not know.’ Then the disciples asked, ‘Has anyone brought him something to eat?’ Jesus said to them, ‘My food is to do the will of him who sent me and to do his work.’

The way to feed your heart is to feed others. If we hope to be satisfied in our hearts, like Jesus, we must eat the food of service. Yes, we should receive from God and fill our hearts with His truths, but if we serve God with love without giving to others, we will feel empty. As stated in Jeremiah 2:20-21:

Long ago I broke your yoke and broke your bonds. But ‘you did not die’ yes, on every high hill, under every green tree you prostrated yourself like a harlot. But I have planted for you a true vine, a pure seed. So how did you break down and become a weed?

What To Do When You Feel Empty

We will never say “no visa”. We are full of service. As Jesus said, as quoted in Acts 20:35, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

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3. If you have an unconfessed sin that is consuming you, God will let you feel empty inside.

Sometimes we feel empty inside, not because we are not eating the right food, but because something is eating us inside. You cannot eat with a conscience. No matter how much you fill, if sin is hidden in your heart you will always be empty. Sin eats away at your peace. As David said in Psalm 32:1-5, it says:

Blessed is he whose sin is forgiven. Blessed is the man whose soul is not led astray by Jehovah. For when I was silent, my bones melted with my groaning all day long. For day and night your hand is heavy on me. Like the heat of summer, my strength is gone. I have acknowledged my sin before you, and I have not covered my iniquities. I said, ‘I will confess my transgressions to the Lord and forgive my sins.’

When he had an unconfessed sin, that sin destroyed him, “my bones became dry.” However, when he confessed to God, he was immediately forgiven and his curse was replaced by grace. Through the Messiah, the same can happen to you if guilt is consuming you.

What You Should Do About Feeling Empty Inside

1 John 1:9 promises, “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

Emptiness and meaninglessness are related. Have you ever been to the zoo and seen a majestic animal like a lion or a bear, happy, energetic and fulfilling their purpose? of course not! why? Because when an alpha animal is confined, he cannot live out his purpose. But when you see a lion or a bear in its natural habitat, it looks very safe, primitive and alive.

Similarly, if you are domesticated and imprisoned as a Christian, you will feel empty inside because you are not fulfilling your purpose. Designed for greater security. Made for more than a Sunday morning joke from a wise priest. You were created for a purpose, and when you forget your purpose, you feel empty.

What To Do When You Feel Empty

What is your goal? Your purpose is to glorify God in the way He has called you to glorify Him. We are all called to glorify God, but each of our unique roles is different. Although we are all called to love God and love people, the way God calls each of us to do these things is slightly different. So start with what you know, with what the Bible says: We know that we are meant to glorify God (Isaiah 43:7), love God and love people (Matthew 22:37-40).

So Empty, So Sad

Love the people in your life and serve God in any way you can. As your life progresses, God will reveal subtle details over time. But worship God now through all discovery and refinement. Don’t wait until you feel like you know your exact unique future. Bloom where you plant. Love only God and people in your life now. I don’t know about you, but I got empty during quarantine and had a hard time refilling. My feelings reminded me of a sign I saw on a telephone pole: a dog with three legs, blind in the left eye, missing the right ear, a severed tail, and recently disappeared. Lucky’s name answers!

Maybe you feel lucky. Swinging is visually impaired. Empty lost direction. There was a woman in the Bible who felt this way, but then God showed her how to be filled so that she could pour out again. Her story is found in 1 Kings 17 and it begins with a man named Elijah.

Elijah was a good prophet who gave bad news to the king in the name of Ahab: “As the Lord God of Israel lives, whom I worship, there will be no dew or rain in the coming years except at my words” (1 Kings 17:1). After reciting the prophecy, Elijah fled to the Kiriath River, east of the Jordan, where he drank from the book and ate the bread and meat provided by God.

Finally the stream dried up. So, God sent Elijah to France to feed him to a Gentile widow. When he arrived there, he did not find a woman of plenty, but a woman in need.

Do You Feel Like You’re Running On Empty?

He continued as he turned to get a cup to quench the traveler’s thirst. “Oh, can you buy me a piece of bread?”

“I have no bread—a handful of flour in a bowl and a little oil in a pitcher,” he said. “I will gather some sticks and bring them home and prepare food for me and my children, that we may eat and die” (1 Kings 17:12).

“Don’t be afraid,” Elijah said. “Go home and do what you say. But first prepare me some bread

What To Do When You Feel Empty

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