What To Do If Your Washing Machine Smells

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What To Do If Your Washing Machine Smells

What To Do If Your Washing Machine Smells

Smell your front washer? Keep your front-load washer clean, fresh and smelling good with these simple tips from the experts at Heritage Park Laundry Essentials.

How To Fix Your Smelly Washer

Front loading washers are very popular because they use less water and are gentler on your laundry. About half of all washing machines sold in the United States are front-load washing machines. They wash your laundry with less water; It is attached to a horizontal drum that moves your load through the wash and spin cycle. There was no trouble on board. Less likely to cause damage such as crashes and tears. They do a good job of draining water from wet clothes and laundry, reducing drying time. Front loaders save energy, are good for the environment and are gentle on even the most delicate items. victory

Other than the smell, I like most front loaders. Ask the owner. Even a dedicated front fan will tell you that sooner or later it will smell bad. That musty smell behind every washing machine door is the dirty secret. If you’re holding your nose, you’re not alone with the washing machine in front of you. There’s a fix for your smelly washing machine. These simple tips from Heritage Park Laundry Essentials will help you get rid of washing machine odors and get your machine smelling fast.

As weird as it is about the front loader, the smell seems to be part of the package. What makes these machines so efficient and environmentally friendly – ​​the horizontal drill drum – is responsible. Over time, water, soap scum and other laundry products accumulate inside the drum and parts of the washing machine. It’s a perfect place for mold and mildew to grow: it’s dark, damp and dirty. Finally, this odor can also migrate into the laundry room and cause unpleasant odors when washing hands.

Note: The smell you are noticing in your car is not mosquitoes or ants, but sewage, it could be another problem in your home from dry drain traps or blocked sewer lines (usually your roof can be covered) leaves, bird nests. , etc.) Follow the tips below. If there is a smell, sewer gas can be flammable and dangerous, so check the drains and vents and call a professional plumber to fix it.

Amazing Hacks To Keep Your Washing Machine Smell Fresh

Here at Heritage Park we love our front loaders. We are early adopters and some of our machines are in their second decade. These machines come at a price. Dirty clothes, delicate and linen to heavy cotton towels, baby and children’s clothes. Many items that contain spit and dust are good for everyday use. All these washing machines left our machines completely moldy and smelly. These tips for controlling mold and deep cleaning your front loader washer come directly from our personal experience. We recommend trying them out to see what works best for your device and work schedule.

1. Clean the rubber gasket. Do not skip this step. Every front washing machine has a rubber gasket or door seal inside the door. This gasket is the front line in the war against mold. Wipe it thoroughly with a sterile towel or microfiber cloth and an all-purpose cleaner.

2. Wipe the inside of the washing machine door (window) with the washing machine drum. You can use an ammonia-free multi-purpose glass cleaner on the front and back of the window.

What To Do If Your Washing Machine Smells

3. Remove and/or wipe down soap dispensers and other dispensers. They can be washed with a normal liquid dish soap to remove soap scum and soap scum. Don’t forget where the drawers go. An old toothbrush is a great tool for getting into the nostrils and sinuses. Please do not share this brush with your partner after using it. It is now a washing machine toothbrush. Be sure to replace the soap dispenser before washing.

Why Your Washing Machine Smells And How To Fix It, According To An Expert

4. Run an empty wash cycle with baking soda. Well, good old sodium bicarbonate is probably in your pantry right now. Baking soda is a safe and effective natural cleaner that is slightly alkaline and dissolves dirt and grease well. Just put half a cup in the drum (not in the soap dispenser as it absorbs the detergent) and run an empty wash cycle with warm water. A washing machine with baking soda works like magic to get rid of bad odors.

5. Make a neutral detergent solution with distilled white vinegar. White vinegar (which you probably already have in your pantry) is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent. Pour two cups of detergent into your washing machine’s detergent dispenser and run an empty cycle in hot water.

6. Run an empty wash cycle with chlorine bleach. Chlorine bleach is a powerful disinfectant that kills all bacteria and germs. Pour two cups into your machine’s detergent dispenser and run the empty cycle at the hottest temperature possible. If your device has a “pinch” setting, use it. Otherwise, pause the cycle for an hour to allow the bleach to penetrate all parts of the machine.

Note: Household bleach is a harsh chemical that can burn skin and discolor clothing, so use with caution. Also, an important note from school chemistry: Do not mix bleach with other chemicals, especially ammonia or ammonia-based chemicals. It produces toxic chlorine gas which can be fatal.

How To Deal With Mold, Mildew Smells In Your Washing Machine

7. Clean with commercially available detergents. There are many options for specially formulated washing machine cleaners, including Afresh or OxiClean washing machine cleaning powders, washing machine cleaning tablets, and follow the product instructions. These one-step products are convenient and easy to use, but more expensive than the budget-friendly DIY options mentioned above.

8. Open your drain filter periodically to remove moisture and debris that has accumulated inside. This is a great final step for deep cleaning. You can also find and remove small objects stuck in the filter that prevent your washing machine from washing thoroughly. Always unplug your appliance before opening the drain pump door.

Open the drain filter cover – this may require a flat screwdriver to gently open the door.

What To Do If Your Washing Machine Smells

Be sure to place a shallow bowl or pan under the drain to catch excess water.

How To Clean Your Washing Machine

Use a damp cloth or paper towel to remove dirt, residue on the towel, or wipe the inside of the filter tube to remove accumulated soap scum. Another good tool to carry is a bottle brush or sponge to gently clean the inside of the filter tube.

Important Note: Accessing this filter may vary from one brand and style to another, so always follow your device manufacturer’s instructions This process requires a small container or towel to drain off excess moisture while you turn on the drain pump and do some prep (remember: your front-load washer is horizontal, and drain water collects at the bottom. .) As a friendly reminder – this filter The water may smell bad. .

If your washing machine does not drain, you should use a vacuum cleaner to drain the water as you slowly empty the filter. This video provides helpful instructions.

8. Always finish using the daily maintenance tips below to dry and flush your car. Reduce odors by cleaning and maintaining your washing machine regularly.

Front Load Washer Smells Bad? How To Fix It

Once you’ve dealt with the musty smell and your washing machine is clean, your next task is to run it regularly to prevent mold and mildew. This means drying your washing machine as much as possible after each use. Don’t drive yourself crazy (remember, fighting mold isn’t a marathon), but thoroughly drying your machine as a regular part of my laundry day will definitely keep the odors at bay.

Choosing the right products and using the right amount of them is important to keep your washing machine smelling clean and fresh Finally, the accumulation of soap scum and film on clothes makes it very easy for mold and bacteria to grow. Stocking your laundry room with the right products is an investment that will definitely pay off.

Avoid detergents made specifically for HE machines, such as Heritage Park Luxury All-Purpose Detergent. These liquid detergents are designed to keep your laundry clean with minimal soap residue.

What To Do If Your Washing Machine Smells

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