What Happens When You Eat Too Much Sour Candy

What Happens When You Eat Too Much Sour Candy – Candies are one of the most irresistible guilty pleasures you can get your hands on. All kinds of taste sensations qualify as desserts – a little sweet, a little spicy, and the bitter experience you encounter when biting into a delicate citrus dessert. According to Delish, one of the sourest desserts ever is a dessert from Sweden called Super Surt. Candy seems innocent enough, with its colorful and vibrant exterior… until you bite into one. The intensity of the taste hits you hard.

Many people are fond of sour candies and can eat several portions at a time without batting an eye. Ah, but guess what? As you probably know deep down, too many sour sweets are definitely not good for your health. After all, “sweetness” is one of the operative words, but the impact of this specific thought is more complicated than you think. Read on for more details on why it’s a smart choice to enjoy sour desserts in moderation (the alternative can be tempting, too).

What Happens When You Eat Too Much Sour Candy

What Happens When You Eat Too Much Sour Candy

What’s the problem with eating unnecessary sweets? According to an article published on Food Network, if you don’t control your sour sweets, you end up with a tongue that starts to peel. (Yes.) Supermodel and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen recently brought this fact to light when she revealed that one of her pregnancy cravings was an unrelenting love of cakes, which in turn made his tongue it shrinks. She said she “ate so many tarts my tongue fell off”. Oh.

Can Eating Too Much Sour Candy Make Your Tongue Peel?

This is also not a random case. It can happen to any of us. Basically, sour sweets are very acidic and can lead to unwanted pain and sore tongue. Eventually, the top layer of skin can peel off. The good news? This is expected to be resolved soon. But you also want to go easy on that packet of yogurt for your tongue.

Here’s another practical tip: Drink plenty of water when you eat candy (especially when you eat candy on Halloween). The juice helps the sugar particles move on their way, helping to protect your teeth. If you eat something really sour, the sensation isn’t just limited to the tongue. A particularly sharp bite has a way of making your entire face look scrunched up in embarrassment. If you can’t resist licking a lemon or snacking on Sour Patch Kids, you can thank evolution.

That unmistakable sour taste that stings your taste buds is the product of hydrogen ions releasing acids when they combine with saliva. When your mouth detects this sign of acid, it lets you know in a dramatic way. According to Live Science, your taste receptors fire up and your face involuntarily contorts in what’s known as a disgust response.

Your tongue’s reactions to bitter or spicy foods are also rejection reactions. Many plants found in nature with these tastes are poisonous, and your body’s strong reaction is its way of protecting itself from harm. Acidity occurs naturally in fruits such as citrus, but in many cases it can be a warning sign of foodborne illness. Unhealthy fruits and dairy products contain acid, which also gives them a sour taste.

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It’s hard to ignore the bitter taste of what you’re eating when your whole expression is contorted. This reaction isn’t necessarily enough to help someone who has already bitten a bad apple, but it can protect people with it. When our early human ancestors were forced to eat, a sudden grimace may have communicated that what that person put in their mouth was not good to eat.

The crowding response to sour tastes helped early humans get sick, but it doesn’t stop us from eating sour foods today. The taste is so sought after that there is an entire confectionery market to maximize it in processed products. So why do we like to eat the very thing that warns our face and tongue that we are killing ourselves?

The answer is acquired taste. People initially dislike bitter, spicy, or sour foods, but foods with these characteristics are important components of a nutritious diet. Instead of loving these flavors from birth, we are conditioned to enjoy them through repeated exposure. By learning about taste through our peers and family members, people gradually learn which sour (and bitter and spicy) foods are healthy and which are potentially harmful.

What Happens When You Eat Too Much Sour Candy

Although we rely on our senses every day, taste doesn’t work exactly as you might think. Here are some fascinating facts about the sense of taste when chewing. As she revealed Thursday night in a video on her Instagram story, her late-night sweet tooth consumption — possibly pregnancy-induced — is starting to pay off. … in his language.

Surprising Effects Of Eating Sour Cream — Eat This Not That

As she notes in the video, she “ate so many sour cakes that my tongue fell off”.

“It literally destroyed me because I eat so much at night,” she continues. “I ate sour straws, juice on them. So after them the shot falls and only falls – my tongue.”

And then it shows the scraped muscle, which is pink and…disturbingly dark and runny in the center. He even has bits of tongue on his finger to show for it.

There’s a good chance Teigen’s sudden addiction stems from food cravings during pregnancy; she is expecting her third child with husband John Legend. They already have two children, Luna, 4, and Miles, 2.

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But why did this happen? Turns out it’s not an uncommon problem among candy fanatics. According to North Carolina-based Lane & Associates Family Dentistry, there are actual acids in candy that eat away at the skin on your tongue.

“The acids in tarts are what make them so good to eat, but these acids are also what eat away at the top layer of skin on the tongue,” the dentist wrote on his blog in a specific post about it matter.

In addition to reducing the intake of sour sweets, the post suggests that foodies should drink plenty of water and

What Happens When You Eat Too Much Sour Candy

Brush your teeth immediately after consuming sour sweets: it can remove some of your enamel if you don’t wait about an hour.

Sweet And Sour Sauce Nutrition Facts And Health Benefits

“When the top layer of skin peels off, you know your skin is healing and you can enjoy your favorite foods again!” says Lane & Associates. “Remember to stay away from acidic or spicy foods right away to give your mouth a chance to fully recover.”

Luckily, Teigen has a lot less abrasives in her repertoire, like her eggs fried in olive oil or her boraccia pasta (though she might have to give up the chili sauce for now).

Randee Dawn (she/her) is an entertainment reporter and author based in Brooklyn. In addition to writing for Variety and the Los Angeles Times, her debut novel,

, about a reality show about mythical creatures, published in 2022. He is also the co-author of

I Learned How To Speak Again After Half My Tongue Was Replaced With Muscle From My Leg In Battle Against Cancer

. When she’s not interviewing the stars or dabbling in speculative fiction, she’s daydreaming about the next place she’ll travel, or cuddling her Westie. More at RandeeDawn.com.When a woman posted a photo on Facebook of the “hole” in her son’s tongue, claiming it was the result of him eating Warhead Sour Lollies, the story gained international attention. People were horrified that a lollipop could have this effect.

Upon investigation, we discovered that this type of damage is not unheard of. A few years ago, the UK’s Food Standards Agency also issued a warning to parents about a potential risk to children from new particularly sour sweets after receiving reports that they cause blisters, burns and bleeding on the tongue and in the mouth.

Similarly, the new sour lollies are readily available in Australia through dedicated lolly shops, convenience stores and service stations. Many common candy favorites (for example, gummy bears and Haribo) also have a “sour” version, and even major supermarkets sell sour candies under their own brands.

What Happens When You Eat Too Much Sour Candy

We reached out to our Facebook community about sourdough and the response was amazing. In addition to nostalgia for the joy and pain associated with eating sour candy as a child, parents have shared reports and photos of their children’s symptoms after eating them.

Sulfer Burps: Causes And Treatment

“Within seconds, my daughter started saying her tongue smelled. When she went to touch it, the skin had come off and she was left with a red hole.” – Peggy

“Sure enough, right after my daughter ate some of the candy, she told me her tongue was funny. She showed me and to my horror there was a 1-2mm deep layer of the surface of his tongue. He was about a week old. .or more of a painful recovery,” says Kylie.

“[My son] went to a sleepover and after having these he ended up with massive mouth ulcers and went to the dentist!” says Bec.

We sent 20 different sourdough products to the lab to analyze their acidity. Each product contains

What’s Behind The Burn Of Warheads Extreme Sour Hard Candy

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