What Does It Mean When Your Vag Smells

What Does It Mean When Your Vag Smells – Reviewed by Stacy A. Henigsman, DO – By Sarah Aswell and Adrienne Santos-Longhurst – Updated June 21, 2023

Vaginal discharge is usually white or clear, but can change throughout the month. Color changes are usually not a cause for concern unless you have other unusual symptoms.

What Does It Mean When Your Vag Smells

What Does It Mean When Your Vag Smells

Let’s be honest: Most of us have experienced that moment when you leave your pants in the shower, notice a different color than before, and ask, “Is this normal?”

Vaginal Smells And What They Mean

They usually ask things like, “Is it the time of the month?” “What did I eat this week?” and even “How was the sex last night?”

Most of these colors are normal and do not indicate disease. But even though you know you are clear, what does this color mean?

Well, wonder no more. We have put together a color guide that is not only healthy, but also easy to maintain.

And while it’s usually nothing to worry about, there’s also information about consulting a professional if you’re concerned.

Vaginal Discharge: Yellow, Brown, Or White. Causes & What’s Normal

Vaginal discharge is the medical term for fluid that comes out of the vagina, and it’s amazing.

This is how your body removes dead vaginal skin cells, bacteria and fluid from your cervix and vagina to protect your vagina and urinary tract from infection. It also keeps your vaginal tissues lubricated and clean.

Your hormones affect the amount and consistency of vaginal discharge, so you may have different levels at certain times, such as before your period, during pregnancy or when you use hormonal birth control.

What Does It Mean When Your Vag Smells

Red or brown bleeding is normal during menstruation. The color can vary from cherry red to rich brown at the beginning of your period.

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Some people have irregular periods and spotting. Others get stretch marks from birth control methods or hormonal changes.

If you experience redness throughout the month, it could be a sign of an illness, such as an infection.

Various shades of white discharge, from egg white to cream, can be normal. Unless your discharge is accompanied by a certain texture and smell, don’t worry too much.

White discharge can occur for the same reasons as clear discharge. It is a natural lubricant that keeps your vaginal tissues healthy and reduces discomfort during sex.

How To Get Rid Of Vaginal Odor: Causes And Solutions — Love Wellness

A very pale yellow discharge is more common than you might think. Sometimes the color is daffodil yellow. Sometimes it’s greener work.

This color is usually a sign of infection, but if you know you’re likely to be exposed (like if it’s a one-time event), what you eat can affect the color.

Pink discharge, from bright blush to sunset pink, is usually just a sign of the start of your period.

What Does It Mean When Your Vag Smells

Some people may experience occasional light bleeding after inserting a finger, sex toy or penis, which can cause a pink discharge.

How To Use An At Home Vaginal Ph Test

Clear discharge, which may be white, is usually fine. It can have an egg white consistency. It is also a hormone that a healthy body produces to repair itself – because the vagina is a self-cleansing organ.

During irritation, blood vessels in the vagina expand and water flows through them, causing an increase in clear, watery discharge.

If you have reason to suspect pregnancy, this can also cause hormonal changes and increase your discharge.

When the white turns gray, like storm clouds or smoke, consult a doctor or health professional. It could be a sign of bacterial vaginosis (BV), which is a normal bacterial overgrowth.

Vaginal Odors, What They Mean, And How To Keep Your Bits Healthy

Yes, healthy vaginal discharge has a smell. The smell comes from the combination of cells and organisms in them. It also breaks the sweat of the nearby gray matter.

Just as the amount of vaginal discharge produced depends on hormones, so does smell. So you can see that the smell is different during the month. Sometimes you may not smell it at all.

If it bothers you, washing the area with warm water and changing your underwear daily can help reduce the smell.

What Does It Mean When Your Vag Smells

If you’re concerned about the color, amount, or other symptoms of your discharge, your body is very good at letting you know.

Sore Vagina: Causes And Treatment

He will send some specific symptoms, such as itching, pain and burning during urination, to tell you to do a follow-up examination.

Contact a doctor if you are concerned about an STD or if your discharge is accompanied by these signs or symptoms:

Although the chart below is a starting point, it’s always a good idea to consult a health professional if you can’t pinpoint the cause, or if you’re unsure about your health.

A healthy discharge helps keep the vagina clean, prevent infection, and provide lubrication. It varies according to the needs of your body.

Urine Smells Like Fish: Causes And Treatment

It is also important to remember that different colors and amounts of vaginal discharge are considered normal and vary from person to person.

But vaginal discharge is also a reflection of your overall health. If the discharge occurs suddenly or changes significantly in color, consistency, volume or smell, contact a doctor.

Also, if your discharge is accompanied by itching or pelvic pain, it’s time to consult a doctor.

What Does It Mean When Your Vag Smells

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There is a natural smell in the vagina. If you notice an unusual smell, you can get rid of it by changing your hygiene habits, personal care products or diet.

Vaginal odor is any odor that comes from your vagina. It can be an odor produced by healthy vaginal secretions or an unpleasant, unusual odor caused by an infection.

Foods That Affect The Smell Of Your Vjayjay

The vagina smells nothing! Like other parts of the body – including the scalp, belly, legs – the vagina has an odor.

Sex coach Searah Deysach, owner of Early to Bed, a comfort product company based in Chicago that ships worldwide, says, “Vaginas need to rest like flowers, no matter what our culture wants to tell us.”

Common vaginal odors include copper, musk, meat, or meat, says Felice Gersh, MD, author of “PCOS SOS: The Gynecologist’s Lifeline to Naturally Restore Your Rhythm, Hormones, and Happiness.” (Although sex can change the smell for several hours, especially if there is an exchange of bodily fluids.)

What Does It Mean When Your Vag Smells

Natural secretions from your vaginal tissues usually produce an odor. This is completely normal and expected. However, sometimes the smell seems to be stronger than usual.

What Does A Healthy Vagina Smell Like?

If you have a slight odor from your vagina, and the odor is not accompanied by other symptoms, you can get rid of those symptoms on your own.

“That area can collect sweat, dead skin, and dirt,” says Gersh. And just as those things can affect the smell of your vagina, they can also affect the smell of your vagina.

But if the smell is already in the shower and you don’t have time to shower, just take a hot bottle and wash your cheeks and outer lips.

Loofahs are not a good substitute for washing. A loofah can cause small tears in the delicate skin of the vagina and expose the area to potential infection.

Vaginal Odor During Pregnancy (causes & Remedies)

Be clear: While you can (and should!) wash the outside of your vagina (aka vulva), you shouldn’t wash your hole with water, soap, or detergent.

“It’s true that the vagina is a self-cleaning machine,” says Gersh. “The natural structure of the bacteria inside the vaginal canal is designed to keep the canal healthy and clean – and that bacteria does not need your help to function fully.”

Washing inside the vaginal canal is not only necessary, it is quite dangerous. Washing the inside of the vaginal canal – especially with perfumed soaps – can destroy the bacterial composition and natural pH of your vagina.

What Does It Mean When Your Vag Smells

And when the natural bacterial structure of your vagina is disrupted? You risk getting an infection like BV, which (negatively) affects the smell of your vagina.

Best Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Vaginal Odour

Have you changed your detergent recently? Should you start using a different body wash? Change the brand of toilet paper? All of these things can affect your vagina, according to Gersh.

“Take some time to think about what has changed in your routine,” he says. “What kind of soap you used, the type of clothing you wore, and how tight your clothes are can be to blame.”

Drinking plenty of water is good for your skin. It can also help the overall health of your vagina, says Deysach, by encouraging healthy sweating and fluid release.

As a general rule, a healthy diet full of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins will produce more odor than fatty and fast foods.

Why Does My Vagina Smell & How Do I Get Rid Of Vaginal Odor?

Just be careful:

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