What Does It Mean When U Sleep Alot

What Does It Mean When U Sleep Alot – Although sleep often brings many health benefits, excessive sleep is associated with health risks and may indicate underlying conditions.

If you get more than 9 hours of sleep each night (and still feel tired), you may have another health problem. Sally Anscombe/Stocksy

What Does It Mean When U Sleep Alot

What Does It Mean When U Sleep Alot

There is no argument that we need sleep. According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, it is important for mental and physical health, quality of life and overall safety. Adequate sleep not only helps you feel refreshed and ready for the day, it improves your ability to learn, helps your heart and blood vessels repair themselves, a healthy balance of hunger hormones. Maintains balance, and supports your immune system.

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Seven to nine hours of sleep each night is good enough for most people, but that goal can change both ways depending on your age, activity level and health, according to the Sleep Foundation.

Many things can cause anxiety. The Sleep Foundation defines oversleeping as more than 9 hours of sleep in 24 hours.

You’ve probably done it before a stressful work week, a busy weekend trip, or when your body is fighting a cold. D., sleep disorders specialist and assistant professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine and Neurology at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. Safia Khan says that it is normal to sleep more in such circumstances.

“When you wake up late to sleep, it’s called recurrent sleep,” Khan said. “But if it becomes a habit and you sleep more than 8-9 hours every day, you sleep more.”

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Excessive sleeping usually indicates that something else is going on, such as an underlying sleep disorder or other medical condition. “Too much sleep is more of a symptom than a diagnosis,” says Khan.

“The most common reason we see when someone says they sleep more than nine hours a night, whether it’s the effects of a drug or a medical, psychological or neurological disorder,” says Ulysses Maglang, director of sleep disorders. . program at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in Columbus. “If that’s not the cause, it could be a sleep disorder.”

According to the Sleep Foundation and Johns Hopkins Medicine, excessive sleep often results from health conditions such as:

What Does It Mean When U Sleep Alot

For example, in a study published in the European Heart Journal in December 2018, data from a survey of more than 116 people found that getting more than 6 to 8 hours of sleep a night (including sleepovers) was not associated with heart disease. . is associated with an increased risk of death. . 632 adults from 21 countries.

Am I Sleeping Too Much?

How common is excessive sleeping? According to a study published in the Annals of Neurology, 8.4% of nearly 20,000 participants reported excessive sleepiness (sleeping more than 9 hours a night). People with mood disorders were 3 to 12 times more likely to sleep less and 2 to 4 times more likely to have poor quality of life than people who slept less.

Khan says oversleeping can also be linked to hypersomnia (or excessive daytime sleepiness), delayed sleep phase syndrome, abnormal hormonal balance, Parkinson’s disease or dementia.

Getting more than nine hours of sleep a night on a regular basis is a red flag, but it’s not just noticeable. And getting more than nine hours of sleep a night isn’t always a cause for concern.

Some people naturally need more sleep than others. D., director of respiratory medicine and sleep medicine at Kaiser Permanente in Honolulu.

Causes And Effects Of Oversleeping

Oversleeping is normal for these people. “Forcing such people into a typical 7-9 hour sleep schedule can be harmful and effectively cause sleep deprivation,” McCaw says. If you regularly get nine hours or more of sleep each night, but wake up feeling refreshed and refreshed, you’re probably a long-time sleeper.

If you don’t feel refreshed when you wake up after logging for a long time, you may have a problem. Oversleeping often leads to symptoms of fatigue during the day, such as lethargy, headaches, low energy and mood swings, says Khan.

“Continuously sleeping less than the recommended amount has many negative health effects, and sleeping more than nine hours a day on a regular basis can be harmful,” says Mekau.

What Does It Mean When U Sleep Alot

If you’re still regularly oversleeping after making these changes, make an appointment with your doctor. Dr. Maglang says doctors often use the screening process to rule out conditions to identify an underlying problem.

Why Is Sleep Important?

Your doctor will begin with a physical exam, review medications that may affect your sleep, and discuss additional tests, including blood tests, says Mekou.

He will want to know details about your sleeping habits. Khan recommends keeping a sleep diary for at least two weeks before your appointment, recording how much sleep you get and the quality of that sleep.

Khan may then recommend a sleep clinic or recommend a sleep study, Khan says. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, sleep studies can help rule out sleep disorders.

Having sleep apnea can affect your sleep and increase your risk of anxiety and depression. Here’s how sleep apnea can be linked:

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Sleep apnea, heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, depression…

Is there a diet that promotes better sleep? Do certain foods help you close your eyes? There is some evidence to suggest a healthy diet.

How do sleep monitors actually work and what can the technology tell us about our health? A sleep tracker can tell you some interesting thingsā€¦

What Does It Mean When U Sleep Alot

Yes, here’s how long a nap should last, who does the most work, and other tips for taking the perfect nap.

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Chamomile tea? Hot milk? Magnesium-containing drinks marketed as sleep aids? Here are some research findings on whether these fundraisers can really help.

Many important processes occur during sleep that help you maintain your daily sharp thinking skills and preserve your memory during sleep.

What is jet lag, how long does it last and can you do anything about it? Experts say that G. Here are some jet lag basics that can save energy.

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Yes, studies have shown that practicing mindfulness on a regular basis can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep through the night. Meditation… Sleeping or sleeping more than 9 hours a night can be due to many reasons. You may recover from a lot of sleep or many nights of sleep while fighting an illness. However, persistent oversleeping may be a sign of a sleep disorder, mental health disorder, or other health problem. We’ll cover what oversleeping is, the different problems that cause it, and what you can do if you oversleep.

Excessive sleep or extended sleep is defined as more than 9 hours of sleep. Trusted National Library of Medicine, Biotechnology Information The National Center for Biotechnology Information advances science and health by providing access to biomedical and genomic information. View resources within 24 hours. Hypersomnia Trusted Source Medline Plus MedlinePlus is an online health information resource for patients, family and friends. View Source identifies situations where you oversleep and experience excessive daytime sleepiness. Narcolepsy and other sleep disorders often cause hypersomnia. Doctors may also call excessive sleepiness (EQS) as persistent oversleeping that disturbs you in your daily life. See the source. If no cause for the drowsiness is found, the disorder is called idiopathic hypersomnia.

On average, most adults need at least 7 hours of sleep National Library of Medicine, Biotechnology Information The National Center for Biotechnology Information provides access to biomedical and genomic information to advance science and health. I look at the source every night. A good night’s sleep promotes overall health and mental alertness. Your trusted resource Medline Plus MedlinePlus is an online health information resource for patients, family and friends. See the source. Not getting enough sleep can make you lethargic and unable to concentrate. On the other hand, too much sleep can also affect your health.

What Does It Mean When U Sleep Alot

The exact amount of sleep you need each night depends on your habits and activities during the day, your health, and your sleep patterns. Older adults need only 6 hours of sleep, while others, such as athletes, may need an additional hour of sleep. Sometimes you may need more sleep than usual, such as after strenuous activity or travel. If getting an extra hour of sleep helps you feel your best, then that amount of sleep is right for you. If you consistently sleep for long periods of time and still feel tired or awake

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