What Does It Mean If Your Vag Smells

What Does It Mean If Your Vag Smells – Lochia is vaginal discharge after childbirth. It consists of blood, mucus, uterine tissue, and other uterine materials. Luchy bleeding has three phases. Bleeding is heavy for the first few days, but subsides in a few weeks.

Lochia is vaginal discharge that you experience after giving birth. It contains a mixture of blood, mucus and uterine tissue. It smells fresh and musty, like menstrual discharge, and can last for several weeks. The luchia is heavy at first, but gradually diminishes until it disappears. This can take several weeks. Luchia is a normal part of the postpartum recovery process and usually does not cause complications.

What Does It Mean If Your Vag Smells

What Does It Mean If Your Vag Smells

Each person is different, but in general, the hatch has a similar development in terms of color and volume. Before the mucus clears, it starts out as blood.

Why Does My Vagina Smell Like Garlic? We Ask An Expert

Luchia is dark or bright red for at least three to four days. The flow is strong and you can pass even small clots. You should expect to soak a thick maxi cup every two to three hours.

After about a week, the luchia becomes more watery and turns a pinkish-brown color. The flow is lighter and may not fill as quickly as the pads.

Finally, after about 10 to 14 days, the luchia will turn creamy white and yellowish. At this point, some people can wear thin underpants under their underwear.

Luchia is bleeding and oozing after delivery. Your uterus is essentially “rebooting” and shedding blood, tissue, and other materials from the months of pregnancy. Lochia consists of:

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Lucia will smell menstrual blood. Some describe it as musty, metallic, sour or cool. However, it does not smell fishy or musty. This means that bacteria has entered your vagina and caused an infection.

Luchia contains all the contents of the uterus of nine months of pregnancy. It will smell like blood and discharge like a normal period. The best thing you can do is practice hygiene. Call your healthcare provider if your discharge is very dirty or fishy, ​​as it may indicate an infection.

It can vary from person to person, but luchia usually lasts about six weeks. However, some people experience Lucia symptoms for up to eight weeks.

What Does It Mean If Your Vag Smells

There are similarities between menstrual blood and lochia. Both have a distinct odor and start as a heavy, dark red discharge. Spotting and menstrual bleeding are similar in that the bleeding slows before it stops.

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The biggest difference between the two types of discharge is that the lochia is much longer. A typical course lasts about a week. Luchia lasts about six weeks for most people.

Lochia is different for everyone. The color, consistency and length vary, but some factors influence the number of lochia. You can see more Loki:

Recovery after childbirth takes several weeks. Take it easy and rest as much as possible during this time. Here are some tips for treating postpartum bleeding:

Give your body time to heal. While it may seem exciting to return to your normal activities, it can hinder your recovery. It can also cause the bleeding to start again or get worse.

Lochia (postpartum Bleeding): How Long, Stages, Smell & Color

To prevent infection, change the maxi-bump every few hours and do not enter anything for at least six weeks.

The biggest sign of infection is foul-smelling or green discharge. Contact your healthcare provider to check for infection.

Luchia usually does not cause complications. The amount of blood should decrease on its own until it disappears completely. However, there are signs of abnormal bleeding or discharge that you should watch out for.

What Does It Mean If Your Vag Smells

It is best to avoid sex for at least six weeks after birth. Your health care provider will allow you to have sex after a postpartum exam. Bacteria and objects entering the vagina before it heals can cause an infection. When relationships are good again, use birth control because you can still get pregnant even if your period doesn’t return.

Vaginal Odor During Pregnancy (causes & Remedies)

If you had a cesarean section (C-section), you will still bleed for several weeks, but it may be less than with a natural birth. You still have to wait for the dark red blood, which gradually changes from brown to yellow to white over a few weeks.

Luchia is a natural part of the postpartum recovery process. For most people, it gradually decreases over a few weeks without causing any problems. Get sanitary napkins and don’t use tampons during this time. Call your doctor if you notice signs of infection, such as foul-smelling discharge or worsening vaginal bleeding. Make sure you get enough rest. Your body is recovering from a very important event. Giving yourself the rest you need is the best way to ensure a successful recovery.

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Why Does My Vagina Smell? 7 Common Vaginal Odors Decoded

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What Does It Mean If Your Vag Smells

Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted disease that can cause a fishy odor, urinary incontinence, and lower abdominal discomfort. Katrina Kahn/Scientific Photo Library/Getty Images

Causes Of Vaginal Odor & When To See A Doctor

But if you notice that your vagina has an unpleasant fishy smell, it’s a sign that something’s up, especially if you’re experiencing other symptoms, such as unusual discharge along with the smell.

A fishy smelling vagina can be caused by bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection or trichomoniasis. But there are other conditions that cause odors that range from pungent to pungent.

Bacterial vaginosis is the main culprit behind a fishy-smelling vagina, says Dr. Marilyn Jerome, an obstetrician-gynecologist at Foxhall OB-GYN Associates.

It is a condition where there is an overabundance of “bad” bacteria that disrupts the normal healthy vaginal flora or bacteria.

Why Your Vagina Smells Like Bleach Or Ammonia & What To Do About It

How to treat: Treatment involves reducing the number of bad bacteria in the vagina with antibiotics. Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics like clindamycin or oral antibiotics like metronidazole to go into the vagina, says Jerome.

“Sometimes sweat mixing with vaginal flora can cause a fishy odor,” says Dr. Phyllis Gersh, OB/GYN and founder/CEO of Irvine Integrative Medicine Group.

Therefore, if you sweat too much, especially if you stay in sweaty underwear and clothes for a long time, it can cause a fishy smell.

What Does It Mean If Your Vag Smells

Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted infection caused by a parasite that can cause a frothy, fishy-smelling discharge, says Gersh.

Vaginal Smells & What They Mean About Your Health

While other STDs like chlamydia or gonorrhea can cause vaginal odor, Jerome says it’s not common because these STDs are more asymptomatic than trichomoniasis.

How to treat: It is treated with antibiotics. Your doctor will give you a large dose of antibiotics or several smaller doses to make sure the infection clears up.

Also, to prevent re-infection in the future, Gersh recommends using condoms to reduce the risk of trichomoniasis and other STDs.

If your vagina smells unpleasant, but not necessarily fishy, ​​it could be a sign of other disorders. Here are some things that can cause vaginal odor.

Vaginal Smells And What They Mean

If you’re having vaginal-free sex and someone ejaculates inside your vagina, the semen can create an environment where bacteria in your vagina produce a chlorine-like odor, says Gersh.

This is related to a chemical reaction between the vaginal microbes and the change in vaginal pH due to the pH of the semen. The average pH of semen is between 7.2 and 7.8, while the average pH of the vagina is more acidic, between 3.8 and 5.0.

How to treat: The smell should disappear on its own. How quickly it passes depends on the individual. If the smell persists for more than a day, the semen may aggravate an underlying condition, such as bacterial vaginosis, and you will need antibiotics to treat it.

What Does It Mean If Your Vag Smells

Regardless, if you’re having unprotected sex with an unknown partner, you may want to see your gynecologist for an STI test.

Vaginal Odors And What They Mean

If you accidentally left something inside your vagina for a long time

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