What Does It Mean If Your Vag Smells Like Fish

What Does It Mean If Your Vag Smells Like Fish – Medically reviewed by Stasi A. Henigsman, DO – Sarah Aswell and Adrienne Santos-Longhurst – Updated June 21, 2023

Vaginal discharge is usually white or clear, but can vary throughout the month. Color changes are nothing to worry about unless there are other unusual symptoms.

What Does It Mean If Your Vag Smells Like Fish

What Does It Mean If Your Vag Smells Like Fish

Let’s be real: Most of us have pulled out our hair in the bathroom, noticed an unusual color, and wondered, “Is this normal?”

Vaginal Discharge Color Guide: What Is Normal?

This is often called “Is it time of the month?” Followed by questions. “What did I eat this week?” even “How was sex last night?”

Most of these colors are normal and do not indicate disease. But even if you’re clear, what do these colors really mean?

Now I’m not surprised. We’ve created a guide that’s not only medically correct, but also pretty to look at.

Although it’s usually nothing to worry about, there’s also information about consulting a professional if you’re concerned.

Why Does My Vagina Smell? 8 Causes Of Vaginal Odour And Treatment

Vaginal discharge is the medical term for fluid coming from the vagina, and it’s weird.

This is when your body removes dead vaginal skin cells, bacteria, and secretions from the uterus and vagina to help protect the uterus and urinary tract from infection. It also keeps your skin tissues lubricated and clean.

Your hormones affect the amount and consistency of your vaginal discharge, so you may have a certain amount at certain times, such as during pregnancy or on hormonal birth control.

What Does It Mean If Your Vag Smells Like Fish

Red or brown bleeding is common during menstruation. Colors can change from cherry red to reddish brown at the onset of menstruation.

Is Vaginal Smell Normal, And What Does It Mean?

Some people have irregular periods and menses. Others are caused by birth control methods or hormonal changes.

If you see redness during the month, it could indicate an underlying health condition, such as an infection.

The consistency can vary from egg white to cream. Don’t worry too much if your opening isn’t related to a particular texture or smell.

White discharge can occur for many reasons, including open discharge. Simply put, natural lubrication keeps your vaginal tissues healthy and reduces friction during sexual activity.

What Exactly Is That Fishy Smell? — My Vagina

A very pale yellow is more common than you might think. Sometimes the color is yellowish. Other times it’s more of a green line.

This color is usually a sign of infection, but if you know you may be exposed (like this is a one-off), what you eat can affect the color.

A very bright red to pink discharge at sunset is often a sign of menstruation.

What Does It Mean If Your Vag Smells Like Fish

Some people may occasionally experience light bleeding after touching their fingers, sex toys, or genitals, which can cause pink discharge.

Fishy Vaginal Smell? What This Symptom Might Mean

Clear discharge, which may be white, is usually good. It can have a consistency similar to egg white. Because the vagina is a self-cleansing organ, a healthy body works to restore balance.

During ovulation, the blood vessels of these membranes constrict and fluid rushes through them, causing an increase in the clear, watery flow.

If there is reason to suspect pregnancy, this can cause hormone changes and increased flow.

Contact your doctor or other healthcare professional when the white color is gray like storm clouds or smoke. This can be a sign of bacterial vaginosis (BV), a common bacterial overgrowth.

Vaginal Discharge Definition: A Guide

Yes, healthy vaginal discharge has a smell. Odor comes from the combination of cells and organisms within it. Also remove sweat from the adjacent inguinal glands.

Just as the amount of vaginal secretions produced depends on hormones, so does the smell. So you can see that it smells different within a month. Sometimes you may not smell at all.

If it bothers you, washing the area with warm water and changing your underwear daily can help keep the odor to a minimum.

What Does It Mean If Your Vag Smells Like Fish

If you’re concerned about the color, size, or other symptoms of your discharge, your body knows very well.

Types Of Feminine Odor Smelly Vaginal Discharge Meaning

To tell you that you need to get tested, it will send you telltale signs like itching, pain, and burning when you urinate.

If you are concerned about a sexually transmitted infection or have any of the following signs or symptoms, contact your health care professional:

While the chart below is a starting point, it’s always a good idea to consult a health professional if you’re unsure of the cause or if you’re unsure of your medical condition.

Healthy secretions help keep the vagina clean, prevent infections, and lubricate. It varies according to your body’s needs.

Get The Facts On Vaginal Discharge

We must also remember that different shades and amounts of vaginal discharge are considered normal and vary from person to person.

But your vaginal discharge is also a reflection of your overall health. If the discharge occurs unexpectedly or changes significantly in color, consistency, amount, or odor, contact a healthcare professional.

Also, if the discharge is accompanied by cramping or pelvic pain, it’s time to see a doctor.

What Does It Mean If Your Vag Smells Like Fish

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Our experts regularly monitor the health and wellness space and update our articles as new information becomes available. Bad odor from a woman’s genitals can be a sign of something wrong with the body. Yes, you read that right. Bad hygiene habits, poor diet and lack of personal care can all contribute to vaginal odor. According to experts, this could be due to a vaginal infection or medical condition. This organ should not smell bad, but there are cases where it does. Let’s look at some of the reasons:

Dr. Dipti Jain. Belle Vue.

According to experts, natural secretions from a woman’s genitals can cause odor. This is normal for everyone. But if you start to smell stronger than usual, you should take it seriously. Possible causes of a strong or unusual vaginal odor include:

Clear Mucus Discharge

Are you tired of the unpleasant smell coming from your penis? Before you see your doctor, try these simple yet effective home remedies to keep your vagina fresh and smelling good.

Keeping your body parts clean is not only important to prevent bad odors, but practicing regular hygiene practices can prevent the development of bad odors.

It’s important to keep your genitals clean, but washing your vaginal canal is not a good idea. Cleaning the vaginal area internally, especially with scented soaps, can be dangerous, experts say. Why? This can adversely affect the natural bacterial composition and pH of the female genitalia.

What Does It Mean If Your Vag Smells Like Fish

Keeping your body regular from the inside is very important when trying to prevent shortness of breath. Drinking plenty of water promotes healthy sweating and fluid retention.

Lochia (postpartum Bleeding): How Long, Stages, Smell & Color

What you put into your body is what your body reflects. According to experts, a balanced diet full of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins will make you smell better than fatty, fast food.

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Foods That Affect The Smell Of Your Vjayjay

Vaginal is a natural odor. If you notice an unusual odor, you can get rid of it by changing your hygiene habits, personal care products, or diet.

Vaginal odor is any odor that comes from the vagina. It can be an odor from healthy vaginal secretions or an unpleasant, unusual odor caused by an infection.

The vagina should not smell of anything! Other parts of the body, including the scalp, belly button, and armpits, smell like a vagina.

What Does It Mean If Your Vag Smells Like Fish

“Vaginas don’t have to smell like roses, despite what our culture wants to tell us,” says sex educator Syra Deisach, owner of the pleasure company Early to Bed.

Vaginal Discharge: What’s Normal? Brown Discharge, Yellow Discharge, White Discharge & More

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