What Does Bubbles In The Urine Mean

What Does Bubbles In The Urine Mean – Ideally your urine should be light yellow and flat. Many people may be concerned if their urine is foamy and beer-like. This condition is closely related to proteinuria. This is a sign of kidney problems such as nephrotic syndrome and renal dysfunction. Don’t ignore this sign. because it can make health problems worse Let’s look at the common symptoms of kidney disease in this Smart Health article. Contact your doctor for a complete diagnosis and prompt treatment. If in doubt!

Normally, your urine does not contain any protein. If you have proteinuria It is the first sign of kidney failure. Common causes include nephritis and other chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Damage to the renal blood vessels and impairment of their function.

What Does Bubbles In The Urine Mean

What Does Bubbles In The Urine Mean

The kidneys have more than half a million glomeruli. This network of small blood vessels filters waste and removes excess fluid from your blood before urine is formed. during inflammation, the blood vessels unknowingly filter important proteins in the body. and urinary excretion of protein in the urine Glomerulonephritis It is a common kidney disease caused by problems with the immune system that anyone can have.

Urine Analysis: Part 2

There are also other factors that can lead to proteinuria in the short term, including dehydration, not drinking enough water, fever, vigorous exercise. taking painkillers, etc. urinary system diseases such as urethritis and cystitis It can also cause proteinuria.

How can you tell if you have proteinuria? Dr. Tam Chun-hee, a kidney specialist, said: Foamy urine can be seen when the bladder is full and the urine flows so fast that it can stir the water. similar to beer Sometimes foam remains after washing. If the symptoms persist You should pay special attention to the health of your kidneys.

Today, you can buy urine test strips or dip sticks to see if you have protein in your urine by testing the amount of protein in your urine. The worse your kidneys will work. If you suspect this disease You should see your doctor as soon as possible for a complete diagnosis and prompt treatment.

In the treatment of proteinuria You need to understand the cause and the level of proper treatment, for example, diabetic patients with kidney disease should control blood sugar by taking diabetes medication. meanwhile Keeping blood pressure within normal limits and reducing salt intake can also prevent kidney function from deteriorating. Some special medicines are needed. If the condition is caused by high blood pressure or nephritis, for example, immunosuppressants, chemotherapy and anti-rejection drugs are needed to improve renal function and stabilize the condition caused by primary nephritis.

What Is Proteinuria And What Does It Mean?

Protein in the urine can mean serious illness. So don’t ignore it and see your doctor if necessary. When kidney function deteriorates and you develop renal failure You may need dialysis or a kidney transplant to survive.

Foamy urine can be a sign of kidney failure. In severe cases, it can turn into end-stage kidney failure. There are more than a thousand new cases of renal failure a year in Hong Kong. You should pay special attention to the health of your kidneys.

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What Does Bubbles In The Urine Mean

*From 1 July 2022, the business of Personal Accident, Complementary Life and Life insurance in Hong Kong will be part of Chubb. There is no effect on the health products and the consumers who buy them. Please see our announcement for details. When it comes to bathroom routines, you may or may not pay attention when things are tight. You probably already know that some changes are NBD, for example if your pee is dark yellow. You may be dehydrated or have a putrid odor associated with eating certain foods (looking at you, asparagus), but foamy urine may be an unknown site for yours.

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First of all, don’t you pee bubbles all the time? “After you urinate, a single layer of large bubbles that disappear after a few minutes is normal. But cloudy urine is mostly composed of small to medium-sized bubbles. in the toilet bowl that don’t disappear after a few minutes,” explains Ana Claudia Onuchic-Whitford, MD, a nephrologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. But the foam will be whiter than milk.

And abnormal urine is usually a sign of protein in the urine. According to Northwestern Medicine, it can indicate that your kidneys are not working properly because they are responsible for filtering and storing protein in the body. you. Health conditions that affect the kidneys or other body systems, such as diabetes, can present as dribbling urine.

Meet the experts: Ana Claudia Onuchic-Whitford is a nephrologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Vikas Desai is a urologist at Delner Hospital.

That said, there are some common reasons behind foamy urine. “It could be the result of something as simple as using different types of toilet cleaner, or it could just be urine hitting the surface,” says Vikas Desai, MD, a urologist at Delnor Hospital. they have a toilet.” a long day of cleaning. There would be nothing to worry about.

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However, if your pee looks foamy for several days in a row. and you have other symptoms, such as swelling in your legs or near your eyes, you should see a doctor. Here are 8 reasons why this could happen. and what you can do

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But in fact, says Yaakov Liss, MD, a nephrologist at CareMount Medical, “Most urinary conditions are normal. And this can be affected by the speed of the urine flow and the distance that the urine has to travel. before you get to the bathroom.” New York.

What Does Bubbles In The Urine Mean

FYI: Normal urine flows at about 15 ml per second. This does not necessarily contain useful information. In fact, if your pee looks more foamy than usual, it may come out earlier, Dr. Liss.

Foamy Urine: Is It A Symptom Of A Kidney Disease?

Water is one of the things found in broth. So if you don’t drink enough It can cause dribbling.

“The more dehydrated people are, the more concentrated the urine is. [the body tries to] retain water,” explains Dr. Liss, resulting in bloating when more substances are separated from less water. If you notice watery urine a good first step is to hydrate to see if it helps.

Try drinking electrolyte drinks (think: Gatorade) to hydrate and boost your salt levels. This usually subsides when you’re dehydrated, Dr. Desai says. If you have any of these symptoms, go to the hospital immediately. he added

“Under normal circumstances Dr. “The glomerular filter does not allow protein molecules from the blood to pass through and end up in the urine,” says Dr. Liss. Liss.

Foamy Urine: Causes And Treatments

Watery urine is often the only symptom of kidney damage. If you experience any of these symptoms it’s time to see a doctor.

Your primary care provider can do a simple urine test to determine how much protein is in your body. It depends on your results and medical history. They may refer you to a nephrologist. They can order blood tests to determine the exact cause and find the right treatment.

Here again proteinuria plays a role. Both of these conditions—diabetes, which affect the amount of insulin in the body. and high blood pressure (a.k.a. high blood pressure) — can affect blood flow to the kidneys. cause kidney function to decrease

What Does Bubbles In The Urine Mean

“This increased pressure [causes] more pressure. This causes damage and protein in the urine,” says Dr. Liss, which causes a person to come out of the vagina.

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Also, diabetes and high blood pressure have other symptoms as well. High blood pressure can manifest as chest pain or shortness of breath. So if you have any of these symptoms along with foamy urine. You should inform your doctor.

Diabetes and high blood pressure are usually controlled with oral medications. Healthy lifestyle habits, such as exercise Eating a healthy diet low in sugar Limiting calorie and salt intake And limiting alcohol intake are an important part of treating both diseases, added Dr. Onuchic-Whitford.

Chronic diseases such as liver disease or HIV Dr. Liss says there can be too much protein in the urine.

If you are struggling with a chronic illness and your urine looks like soap.

Urine Color Chart: What’s Normal And When To See A Doctor

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