What Does Bright Red Blood In Your Poop Mean

What Does Bright Red Blood In Your Poop Mean – Hematochezia is fresh blood flowing from the rectum. Usually in or with stool (as opposed to stool).

The word comes from the Greek αἷμα (“blood”) and χέζειν (“feces”). Hematochezia is commonly associated with lower gastrointestinal bleeding. But it can also occur with rapid upper gastrointestinal bleeding. The difference between hematochezia and rectal bleeding is that in the latter case, rectal bleeding is not associated with defecation. Instead, it involves the passage of bright red blood without stool.

What Does Bright Red Blood In Your Poop Mean

What Does Bright Red Blood In Your Poop Mean

In adults, the most common causes are hemorrhoids and diverticulum. Both of these causes are very serious, however, they can lead to colon and rectal cancer, which can be fatal. In newborns, ingestion of maternal blood at birth can cause hematochezia. But it can also be an early sign of necrotizing enterocolitis. It is a serious condition that affects premature babies. In infants, bleeding with abdominal pain is associated with ingestion. Inflammatory bowel disease especially ulcerative colitis is a serious cause of hemolysis in adolescents and young adults that should be considered and ignored.

Why You See Blood On The Toilet Paper

Hematochezia can be caused by bleeding from the upper gastrointestinal tract, however, the blood resulting from such bleeding is often chemically modified by the action of acids and zymes. Hence, it is often seen as black stool known as “Mela”. Hematochezia of the upper gastrointestinal tract is an ominous sign because it indicates excessive bleeding that can be fatal. Eating beets can cause harmless red feces (beet) due to inadequate metabolism in red pigs. And this is a different symptom that can be confused with hematochezia. Eating dragon fruit (pitaya) or blackberry can cause red or black stools. And sometimes blood in the urine is a different sign that is sometimes confused with hematochezia.

A complete blood count and hemoglobin should be done when the pet shows signs of hematochezia. A colonoscopy may be necessary if bleeding from the colon is suspected. Especially in the elderly to find the location of bleeding and many other causes such as cancer, colitis. Rectal aneurysm or other lesion, and in some cases, a recent, large upper endoscopy of upper gastrointestinal bleeding. There may not be enough time for the blood to change color. There are four main causes of blood in the stool. What types of bloody stools can indicate colorectal cancer? (shisu_ka/shutter)

Is blood in the stool always a red health sign? Seeing blood in the toilet bowl can be distressing. However, bloody stool does not indicate a serious problem, and only 2 conditions can indicate a serious illness (such as colon cancer) that requires treatment. Seek immediate medical attention.

Stool characteristics are often indicators of physical health, Dr. says Jong Yun-ni, a general surgeon in the colon department at Dianthus Clinic in Taipei, Taiwan. It shows that there are four main causes of bloody or black stools:

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Red blood stains on the edge of stool Tearing or painful sensations in the rectal area during bowel movements Bright red blood on toilet paper when wiping. Even blood dripping in the toilet bowl etc. All of these can be associated with anal fissures

Hard stools can cause anal fissures. Sometimes there is also a tear and pain in the anus. However, if the wound is rubbed during a bowel movement, bleeding may occur after a few days.

The most common cause of blood in the stool is anal fissure. Usually there is no cause for undue concern. Monitor the condition for a month. It usually resolves itself.

What Does Bright Red Blood In Your Poop Mean

Blood in the stool due to internal hemorrhoids is characterized by the absence of pain during bowel movements. (whether the stool is soft or hard) but there may also be swelling or a feeling of a foreign body in the anus. There may also be blood in the stool. If the amount of blood is high, the water in the toilet may turn red.

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Internal bleeding from hemorrhoids often occurs after strenuous exercise. Eating spicy food or drinking alcohol If this happens occasionally, you may see it for a few days. However, if this happens too often or the amount of bleeding at one time is enough to redden the Eau de Toilette. Severe weakness may occur and a doctor should be consulted.

Chong’s clinic has male patients who have ignored internal bleeding from hemorrhoids for months. And come to the doctor only when you feel weak. As a result, his hemoglobin level dropped from 13 gm/dL (normal range for adult men is 13.0 to 18.0 gm/dL) to 4 gm/dL due to severe anemia caused by hyperlipidemia. Hemorrhoids bleed for a long time.

Jong explains that when stool rubs against soft polyps in the colon or colon cancer polyps during bowel movements, it can irritate the bowel and cause diarrhea. The secretion of intestinal fluid, which lubricates the intestine and mixes with feces, is also increased by inflammation of tumors or polyps and is visible to the naked eye. “It’s like the mucus that builds up during a cold,” she explains.

Therefore, those who often have loose stools, hard stools or constipation. If frequent diarrhea and bloody stools are not painful or the sensation of a foreign body in the anus indicates a change in the behavior of excretion. This could be a sign of bowel cancer and you should see your doctor as soon as possible.

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Stale black stools may indicate a stomach or duodenal ulcer. Because of the irritating nature of blood, when it bleeds into the stomach or upper small intestine, it can cause organ discomfort as it passes through the intestines

If the stool is black and hard. It’s not too much to worry about. This can be caused by food coloring. For example, iron-rich foods such as tofu, pork, and sashimi can affect stool color due to the presence of iron.

If the bleeding is due to rectal deformity or internal hemorrhoids, the frequency of bloody stools should be monitored. If this happens too often, you should still see a doctor. Jongin recommends monitoring symptoms for up to 1 month. If it doesn’t improve, it’s not too late to see a doctor.

What Does Bright Red Blood In Your Poop Mean

She adds that if rectal bleeding is painless and frequent. You should see a doctor to find out the cause. “Those who are not in pain are worried. People who have pain have less pain and mostly recover on their own,” she said.

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Although anal fissures usually heal on their own, surgery may be necessary if the fissure is in the problem area.

For example, deep wounds take longer for the body to heal. The patient still had to defecate. This can hinder the healing process. Additionally, feces contain many bacteria. If the wound does not heal properly, it can develop into a chronic anal fissure that can last for more than two months.

Scars may form at the wound site. This makes it difficult to attach the skin on both sides. In this case, surgical removal of the scar tissue may be considered to heal the wound.

In addition, some people do not know that they have chronic hemorrhoids. As a result, swollen hemorrhoids can spread into the anal fissure and rub up against the throat. Treatment is difficult

What Can Blood In The Stool Tell Us?

Many patients with anal fissures come to Jong’s clinic seeking relief from fear or pain. In addition to pain relief with ointments. He also recommends sitting in the tub.

Fill a bowl with warm water and submerge the lower back. Do this once in the morning and once in the evening, ie once after a bowel movement and at least once after a shower.

When the rectum is damaged, the surrounding muscles are stretched. A warm bath can help relax your muscles and increase blood flow. It helps heal wounds “A warm bath is more important than medicine. Only pain relievers but warm water can help speed recovery,” she says. No one likes the thought of looking at their stool after using the bathroom. However, knowing what is normal and abnormal for you can be a warning that you need to worry. You should especially watch out for blood in your stool.

What Does Bright Red Blood In Your Poop Mean

In some people, blood may appear red in the stool or toilet. However, it can be internal blood that makes the stool look dark like pus. You may see bright red streaks on the tissue when cleaning it yourself.

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