What Do You Do With Old Computers

What Do You Do With Old Computers – So get an old computer or laptop. Depending on how old it is, you can send it to a recycler, especially if it’s too old, or try to recycle it for another purpose. When I buy a new PC, I usually remove them. However, these old computers and laptops may still work, or they may not. And that’s what I did.

When we moved offices, we saved a lot of old PCs. At the same time, my family gave me some old machines. These old computers and laptops are around 12-15 years old. They are late and any task will test their patience. Needless to say, some of these PCs overheat and shut down abruptly.

What Do You Do With Old Computers

What Do You Do With Old Computers

Don’t throw it away just yet. It may help. However, before using it, you need to clean the components and reinstall the OS. Linux works best on older machines with lower resource requirements for older machines.

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Great for taking apart and reassembling old computers. Here you can replace hard drives, DVD drives and RAM memory. You can still find service manual PDFs online for older motherboards, PCs or laptops. While sorting, you can thoroughly clean the accumulated dust and dirt. If you have similar PCs and laptops, you can specify which PC you want to upgrade to better features by swapping parts.

You have probably heard about Microsoft Windows alternatives. I’d like to try this, but I don’t want to dual boot my current flagship computer. A good way to try out what Linux is like is to use an old computer. Stop! Don’t stop there! Besides Linux, you can also try other OS. Examples include Solaris, Haiku, and Kolibri. Additionally, you can learn how to build a multi-boot computer.

Older computers are a great way to try and customize different Linux distributions without worrying about corrupting the OS. It doesn’t matter if you fail when you’re thinking. Restart and do a clean install. A good way to learn how to install Linux and how it works.

One thing about these smaller media boxes and Android media boxes is that they tend to be outdated and difficult to update. And for those who are still using old non-smart TVs, hooking up an old computer to a dumb TV is fine. A homebrew smart TV running a lightweight Linux distro on an old computer. You can watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and YouTube using browsers like Firefox and Chrome. Use VLC to watch movies in MP4, MKV format.

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For music entertainment, there is Spotify app made for Linux. You can also run Spotify in your browser if you don’t have the software installed.

You can install LibreElec Kodi and turn it into a pure media playing machine. It is much lighter than installing a full Linux OS distribution. For me, LibreElec prefers to run a full Linux distribution rather than Kodi if I want more features.

Feeling a little nostalgic for the old gaming days? Old PCs are good for installing old PC games. I still enjoy old games like Starcraft, Diablo II and MechWarrior. For this I installed an older Windows version like Windows XP or Windows 7.

What Do You Do With Old Computers

Then there’s STEAM, where you can get tons of games for cheap. However, you may need an older, more capable machine for the best experience.

What To Do With Old Computers

If you’re not ready to buy a dedicated NAS server like the popular Synology, you can use your old PC to build a simple NAS server. Sure, it might not be as energy efficient and elegant in terms of size and footprint, but it’s an odd way to start. File-sharing servers don’t have high spec requirements, so these older PCs will do just fine.

For added security, you can use SAMBA to run on Linux and share files and folders within your home network environment. You can restore an older Windows OS like XP or 7. However, Microsoft no longer supports them for security update patches.

Sure, you can’t run the latest on old computers and laptops, but you can still breathe new life into them. All you need is some imagination and imagination about what you can do with your old hardware. What I didn’t tell you though is what happened to his old computer. I received them. I will explain what I have done and what my plans are for these old computers.

This probably seems perfectly intuitive since by definition I no longer need my old computer, but my first step is to create a backup image of my hard drive if possible.

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In my experience, people often don’t realize what they have until it’s gone. Only later did they realize that they had important documents and other information about it.

Yes, in a perfect world the previous owner of the computer would have done this step and I still do it now.

For my wife’s old MacBook Air, I always let Time Machine finish before storing the external hard drive in my desk drawer. After enough time has passed, use the drive again.

What Do You Do With Old Computers

On a friend’s old Dell laptop, I booted a Macrium Reflect recovery USB stick (created on the main computer) and used it to create a backup image on an external hard disk. I then copied that image file to my old machine image files collection for storage.

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Most importantly, these steps will erase the contents of your hard disk. This isn’t a so-called “forensic” erase, which you’d resort to something like dban if you needed to, but a simple erase where most of the contents of your hard disk are unrecoverable by all but the most diligent investigators. .

Another reason is that running a freshly installed operating system can give your old computer a new lease of life.

For my wife’s Mac, I reinstalled the operating system from scratch using the built-in restore feature to the latest supported macOS version, Catalina. Due to its small size and weight, it can be used as a travel laptop from time to time.

I decided to send an old Dell 15″ Inspiron 3531 as a testbed in 2014. I installed CloudReady, a version of Chrome OS that is free for personal use and can be installed on your PC. Time will tell if this is a viable setup for this machine or not up to the task. Anemic. or engine malfunction

What To Do With Old Computers

If your old computer isn’t suitable for running your current operating system (because it’s weak by today’s standards, or because it simply doesn’t work and isn’t worth fixing), it’s time to clean it up and recycle it.

My first step was to remove the hard drive for security reasons and possible reuse. If you cannot access the hard disk while installing the operating system, or if you cannot erase the hard disk, connect it to another computer if possible.

If it works, format the drive using Windows. Because you don’t select “Quick Format”, the formatting process will overwrite the entire drive. If you have enough space, use it on an external USB enclosure or keep it on your working drive storage for similar future use if needed. If no criteria are met, please recycle.

What Do You Do With Old Computers

If the drive doesn’t work and you can’t overwrite the data on it, add it to a collection of broken drives that you plan to physically destroy.

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This is unusual for laptops, but before I send my old computer off for recycling, I inspect it for parts worth cleaning. On desktop PCs, this may include memory sticks, expansion cards, and power supplies. For laptops, the options are even more limited. Power supplies and power cords are usually items worth saving. But still worth considering.

The final step is to take the scrap to a properly qualified electronics recycler. Machines are also checked for recycling, but in most cases electronics are disposed of responsibly3.

The bottom line? If you have an old or used machine, you should have a backup, wipe the hard drive and start with a clean install.

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