What Do I Clean My Fridge With

What Do I Clean My Fridge With – Having a clean fridge is important for the health of everyone in the home. Here’s a quick, four-step guide to keeping your fridge safe, clean and healthy.

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What Do I Clean My Fridge With

What Do I Clean My Fridge With

The fridge is one of the most frequented places in the house, but also one of the most neglected! Sputum and leftover food can build up on shelves and inside drawers, and spoiled food can get pushed to the back, forgotten and really start to smell!

When A Fridge Smells Bad (even After Cleaning): 10 Easy Fixes

It is best to dry and clean expired items every 7-10 months. day, but deep cleaning should be done every 1-3 days. month.

Since there’s nothing worse than a fridge with the environment inside, here are 4 steps to keep your fridge looking as good as new (and smelling!)

1. READY. Remove everything so you have a blank sheet of paper. When you download something, throw away anything that has expired or that you don’t want to eat before the expiration date.

TIP: If you think this process will take a long time, move perishables from the freezer to the freezer with ice.

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2. clean. Wipe all internal surfaces with a damp cloth. You can also mix equal amounts of water and white vinegar if there is an odor that needs to be removed. For tough stains, use a baking soda paste.

Depending on how dirty the shelves and drawers are, you can run them in hot water with washing up liquid in the sink after you finish wiping the inside. (I only do this once a year.)

3. MASSAGE. While the food is still on the table, you can divide it into groups of similar items so they can be put back together in the fridge. I also like to dry off the spices and clean them at the end.

What Do I Clean My Fridge With

I like to wipe down the outside of the refrigerator door and door handle with some essential cleaner and a paper towel or microfiber cloth. to remove smudges and fingerprints. Make sure you have a stainless steel refrigerator by using a cleaner that won’t end up cloudy.

Signs You Need A New Fridge Freezer

…and that’s it! A clean fridge is wonderful! (Now it’s time to do the same for the fridge!)

Instead of using harsh chemical cleaners near your food, try one of these options:

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It’s true that we often don’t have time to clean the fridge, and we should! Before starting a big cleanse, it’s important to understand why it’s important.

Remembering the expiration date is important, but not enough. To store food properly and reduce bacterial growth, the refrigerator must be emptied and cleaned regularly.

Since the main purpose of your refrigerator is to protect food from spoilage, we recommend using 100% natural products to clean it. In this way, you will avoid contaminating the food with harmful products.

What Do I Clean My Fridge With

Still don’t have a natural product to clean your fridge? Comfort! Here is a simple recipe that can be made at home.

Brilliant Hacks To Remove Odour From Your Fridge

Mix well and it’s ready! This mixture allows you to clean and disinfect the refrigerator and its various compartments.

If the fridge is empty, turn it off and bring it back to room temperature, use household gloves, a cleaning spray and turn it off!

That’s it! Tips and tricks for cleaning the fridge are no secret to you! What do you think? Never fear – cleaning your fridge (and keeping it clean) isn’t a difficult task if you follow these tips:

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What Do I Clean My Fridge With

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