What Can You Do With A Kindle

What Can You Do With A Kindle – Some aspects of the new Kindle Paperwhite feel dated, but overall it’s a great e-reader that’s fun to use.

Not that I don’t like books or have trouble understanding anything. Instead, my ADHD symptoms make it hard to find the motivation to start and focus when I do, and I don’t like holding a book in my hand. Depending on their size, both hardcovers and paperbacks can be difficult to handle, especially if you like to read with one hand like I do.

What Can You Do With A Kindle

What Can You Do With A Kindle

Perfect for people who want to read more if not for the annoying little things about reading. Both the $140 ad-supported model (which I used for this review) and the $190 ad-free Signature version have a larger 6.8-inch screen that looks great in any light, weeks of battery life, and a flawless design suitable for lazy mobile readers like myself.

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With the Paperwhite’s first update of 2018, Amazon hasn’t strayed too far from its previous efforts. Both the cheaper Paperwhite and the Signature edition have the same specs:

Amazon has managed to increase the screen size by nearly an inch without sacrificing weight. At 205g (208g in the Signature Edition), it’s slightly heavier than the 182g model from three years ago, possibly due to the very thin bezel around the screen.

Like I said before, part of the reason I don’t read as much as I should is because I’m lazy and prefer to sit with one hand. Some real books just don’t fit this lifestyle because of their size and weight distribution. This Kindle Paperwhite is

Heavy enough not to feel light and flimsy enough not to be a hindrance to our readers with one hand.

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It’s a full touch Kindle with no buttons to turn pages. A simple or random click can do the trick. Tapping the top of the screen while reading brings up a quick widget with options to return to the home screen, change font size and style, and enable simple page-turning animations. Swiping down from the top brings up other menus to turn on Bluetooth to listen to audiobooks, adjust screen brightness and temperature, and turn dark mode on or off.

You can adjust the screen temperature to make viewing more comfortable in different conditions. Credit: Molly Flores/

Highlight sections, definition search, and reference pages are also here. All of these great features are secondary to reading a book, however, and the Paperwhite’s excellent display makes it a pleasure.

What Can You Do With A Kindle

Text is clear even when you hold the device face-down. The glare-free display is easy to read and pleasing to the eye in all types of lighting. I read Frank Herbert’s Twisted Dunes (what can I say, I have sand fever) on my new Paperwhite outdoors in the blazing sun and indoors at night with the lights out. Either way, it was as relaxing as reading a real page with the light shining on it. Even at high brightness, the screen didn’t hurt my eyes either. You can actually take your new Paperwhite with you

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I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the small but important addition of a USB-C port. As we move more and more into the world of USB-C, this is a godsend and may be too late given the absence of the 2018 model. It’s located on the bottom of the device next to the power button, and it’s the only button you’ll see here.

Now I have to say I love everything about the new Kindle Paperwhite’s physical design. It’s the perfect e-reader for me when you already have a book ready to tap to the screen. Unfortunately, getting there can be confusing.

Amazon isn’t aiming to make a powerful iPad with its Kindle Paperwhite line. You use these devices to read or listen to books and that’s it. Amazon promised better overall performance and responsiveness with its latest version of the Paperwhite, and while my experience with it was good, there were some technical issues.

Sometimes navigating the Kindle’s simple menus is more difficult than it should be because this screen is designed to display only static text. Scrolling up and down a list of books or windows is annoying and slow, and not as smooth as you’d expect from almost any touchscreen device in 2021. It’s responsive enough to do whatever you want, whether it’s looking for a new book or changing screen brightness, without too much hassle. But you won’t have much fun doing this.

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To read books at the expense of other things. Great design and high performance outweigh these small hurdles for me, again, I’m not expecting an iPad or Fire HD Tablet here. Even with those low expectations in mind, time still feels a little rushed.

It doesn’t help that the Paperwhite froze once and became completely unresponsive while reading

. I waited a few minutes to disconnect and it didn’t work. Holding the power button for about 40 seconds reset the device and I was able to go back to reading after that but I still think it’s worth noting.

What Can You Do With A Kindle

Without this infrequent upgrade, the Kindle Paperwhite’s screen has been consistent at least at this relatively sluggish level during my time with it. I respect the difference because at least I know what to expect.

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The last performance aspect to note is battery life. Amazon is even rating the new Kindle Paperwhite

Battery when full. I’ve only had the device for less than a week, so it wasn’t possible to fully test it. However, the battery depleted 10 percent during that time. You may not get 10 weeks if you read for hours a day, but it will last a long time no matter what.

I can learn to live with the Kindle Paperwhite’s even oddly cold performance at times. Everything else about the actual use of the device was excellent and actually made me, someone with severe concentration problems, willingly sit down to read science fiction on religion and feudalism. The only thing that really keeps me from recommending it to people is the price.

At $140, I think the standard 2021 Kindle Paperwhite may be overpriced, but avid readers will find it worth the money. It’s the Signature Edition that adds the extra $50 benefit of not seeing ads, having extra storage, and the ability to have the Kindle automatically adjust brightness based on the level of light in the room, which bugs me. Linking savings and profits to higher costs is a common draw in technology, but with advertising this cost is minuscule. Does Amazon not make more money?

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The good news is that these aren’t your only Kindle options. The basic Kindle costs $99.99, and it might do the trick if all you want is a good e-reader. However, if you can pay the extra for the Paperwhite, you won’t regret it. This little tablet’s huge battery, gorgeous, versatile display, and superior in-hand comfort have made me enjoy reading more in the few days I have with it than I did a few years ago.

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What Can You Do With A Kindle

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Amazon’s Kindle makes it easy to read books, magazines, and other documents on the go, and manage your literature library.

However, sometimes it is not without technical problems. Your Kindle may freeze or become slow to respond, requiring a restart

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