What Can I Do With Kindle Fire Hd

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What Can I Do With Kindle Fire Hd

What Can I Do With Kindle Fire Hd

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Amazon Fire Hd 10 Review

The Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus tablet plays like an Echo Show smart display, offering great value for money.

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Amazon has been producing affordable tablets for several years now. While some compromises are inevitable to keep that price down, the Fire Range is slowly but steadily improving with each new iteration and continues to be excellent value for money, especially for Prime subscribers.

Amazon Fire Hd 10 Kids Pro Review

This year, Amazon introduced a new option in the form of the Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus. It’s a slightly improved version of the Fire HD 8, with slightly more storage space (RAM) and wireless charging support. The tablet also comes with an optional wireless charging dock that allows it to function as an Echo Show smart display.

I’ve been using the Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus for two weeks now and it’s one of the best tablets Amazon has ever produced. While it has some limitations, it’s a solid family device, and the wireless charging setup combined with display mode adds a lot of value.

The Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus won’t win any beauty contests. It’s a useful design, and the only difference from the regular Amazon Fire HD 8 is the color. The Fire HD 8 comes in a choice of four colors, while the HD 8 Plus has a gray matte finish.

What Can I Do With Kindle Fire Hd

The body is made of plastic, and the approximately 8-inch screen has a thick bezel. When you hold it horizontally, there are two speakers on the top edge and a MicroSD card slot on the bottom. The right edge, or vertical top, houses the volume controls, power button, USB-C charging port, and 3.5mm headphone port.

Amazon Fire Hd 8 Review: A Good, Cheap Tablet With One Big Compromise

We’re glad Amazon switched from Micro USB ports to USB-C charging ports. Not only does this allow for fast charging, but the cable always points the right way. However, the inclusion of wireless charging support on the HD 8 Plus means you never have to turn it on.

Although it looks cheap, the Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus is definitely practical. I think the tablet can withstand some drops and bumps, and it feels very thick and solid in the hand. It weighs 355 grams (12.5 oz), which is pretty heavy for a tablet this size; For example, it is 310 grams heavier than the iPad Mini, but I find it comfortable to hold for longer periods of time.

The Fire HD 8 Plus display is identical to the Fire HD 8 display and remains unchanged from the last version. That means you’re looking at an 8-inch LCD screen with a relatively low resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. It’s sharp enough for web browsing and will serve you well for streaming movies or playing casual games if you don’t expect high definition.

The Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus is also good for comics, but I’d recommend switching to a Kindle or other e-book reader. The screen glass is reflective and has limited glare, making it difficult to read in bright environments, so this tablet is best used indoors.

Amazon Kindle Fire Hd 8 Review: For Amazon Prime Users Only

The installation process is easy. Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus has content like books, videos, games and apps, music and more. It runs on Amazon Fire OS, which is a carousel interface that breaks down things like If you’re a Prime subscriber, you’ll have easy access to all the benefits of Prime, including Prime Video, Kindle Lending Library, and Prime Music.

Although Fire OS is very accessible, the Fire HD 8 Plus differs from the standard Android tablet. You can’t customize the home screen, though there is an “For You” tab that suggests content based on your activity. The main thing is that it is impossible to access the Google Play Store or other services.

The Amazon Appstore has a good selection of apps and games, including the biggies like Netflix and YouTube, but it’s much smaller than the Play Store, and many of them aren’t updated very often. Technically, you can attach services to Google, but most people don’t want to mess with the software.

What Can I Do With Kindle Fire Hd

Priced at $109.99, the Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus comes with “Special Offers,” which are basically ads on your lock screen unless you pay an extra $15 up front to remove them.

Amazon Fire Hd 10 (9th Generation) 32gb, Wi Fi, 10.1in

Perhaps the best thing about Amazon’s interface is the inclusion of browse mode. This allows the Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus to function as an Echo Show, so you can use it hands-free and

Amazon’s range of Fire tablets has always been weak in the performance department, so it’s a relief to hear that the newer Fire tablets are slightly bumped up from the 2018 model. They have quad-core chips rated at 2GHz. They’ve also gone up in the RAM department to 2GB for the HD 8 and 3GB for the HD 8 Plus.

I’d like to tell you that Amazon’s new hardware offers a silky smooth experience, but a lot depends on what you’re used to. Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus is a bit slow to respond to touches and shocks. It takes a long time to load an app or switch from a game to the home screen. Compared directly to 2018’s HD 8, the latest tablet is faster, but if you’re switching from a new phone or iPad, it feels lethargic.

It may not be the fastest tablet on the market, but it gets the job done. There you can play various games; I was very surprised

Case For Kindle Fire 7 Tablet 12th Generation, 2022 Release,fire 7 Tablet Case For Kids,premium Protective Light Weight Folio Stand Cover With Auto Wake/sleep For Amazon Fire 7

. Works well for video streaming; the dual speakers are definitely a bit small, but there’s a 3.5mm headphone jack. I’m not a big fan of Amazon’s Silk browser, but the Fire HD 8 Plus is perfect for reading the morning news because it’s a comfortable size for lying in bed.

You can set up different profiles for different family members and choose age-appropriate content with built-in parental controls that turn the Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus into a family tablet. What I love is that it automatically downloads some of the latest Prime Video movies and TV shows of your choice with the On Deck feature, so they’re ready to watch offline.

This tablet has a front and rear camera of 2 megapixels. The front camera is suitable for video calls and can be useful when the tablet is docked in display mode. There is no reason to use the rear camera because your phone has a better camera.

What Can I Do With Kindle Fire Hd

Amazon claims the Fire HD 8 Plus will get up to 12 hours of mixed use before needing to be plugged in or charged, and that sounds about right. That’s a two-hour jump from the previous model.

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The tablet can be fully charged in four hours using the included charger, but if you use wireless chargers, you may need to charge it every time you plug it in. That’s how I used it and it rarely dropped below 50% and only after a long gaming session.

Having the Show mode on the Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus is very welcome and you can activate it by dragging the notification shade to effectively turn the tablet into an Echo Show whenever you want. When the tablet is placed on the wireless charger, it automatically switches to display mode. If you use Alexa with smart home skills and devices, she will be very attractive.

You can ask Alexa to play movies or music, perform web searches, and even show you recipes. It’s a very useful hands-free mode that works great in the kitchen or on your bedside table. You can use Amazon

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