What Can Happen If Your Blood Sugar Is Too Low

What Can Happen If Your Blood Sugar Is Too Low – I took my first cup of coffee and sat on the sun deck listening to the birds sing. My head hurts like I didn’t sleep. I could sleep all day, but I have work to do. It was a beautiful, sunny day, but I felt heavy and stuck to the chair.

It hurts to raise the arm. My blood sugar was 381 this morning. Again. We have to meet at the office at noon. When driving on the interstate, the lines blur.

What Can Happen If Your Blood Sugar Is Too Low

What Can Happen If Your Blood Sugar Is Too Low

I know I wouldn’t be running on a high A1C if the DMV blew it. When I come to the office, I will be like a dark fog and take a deep breath around me. When you start looking at the month-end report, the numbers blur and you can’t focus. My 36-ounce water bottle left only a few beads on the table and across the building to the bathroom.

High And Low Blood Sugar

Sometimes go there. My body is as fit and puffy as the Blue Girl from Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. My blood sugar is a blue river stuck in a blue river. If I have a needle, I can make myself famous.

It must be crowded. My skin is so dry and flaky that even lotion can’t moisturize it. Water cannot quench my thirst, my mouth is like the Sahara desert. Holding the refrigerator with one hand and the bathroom door with the other, I wondered what I could do until I realized I couldn’t take it anymore.

I stopped my regular insulin and switched to long-acting insulin. I can’t wait for it to start. It didn’t start this morning. I don’t need to report in brain fog right now. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. I look forward to the “conversation”.

My thoughts come to mind when the family gets together for the weekend. The food was delicious, and my favorite family recipes were distributed around Aunt Ruth’s outdoor table. I don’t want to participate. Yes, I should exercise after eating. I had chips and cookies. This is too much for my weak will. I can take my sister with me on the bike.

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But that big beast of a spike in my blood sugar felt amazing. I imagine trying to make a two-seater pedalo with 300 seats. I fell asleep because I couldn’t do it. Sometimes your fatigue overwhelms your need for control. Then diabetes will win. It’s hard to get back on track, and one Sunday page can set you back a month. Mistakes and disappointments happen.

I rummaged through my bag for keto sticks. Opened the bottle and voila!! 1 row left. No problem going back to the bathroom! My partner said it smelled like “strawberry” and asked what my perfume was. No further instructions needed, positive. Of course! DKA, happiness!

I was shocked, my heart was pounding. I immediately called the manager and explained my situation. He agreed that he should go to the doctor. I packed my things and got ready for 3rd grade after a year.

What Can Happen If Your Blood Sugar Is Too Low

I should have controlled myself better. 9.7 A1C is not good. I’ll try to do better, but right now I’m not dreaming. Not every upper class is bad, thankfully. They rushed me to the hospital and gave me insulin and fluids. I didn’t sleep much there.

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The stress of people coming in and out of the room all night made me want more control, so I didn’t have to go back. When I have high blood sugar, I don’t let it control me. I’m going to get insulin support, even though it’s a program that diabetes educators tell me about.

When I got to the hospital and my blood sugar was back to normal, I felt anything but normal. The nurse on duty said I was around 140, but for some reason I felt like my blood sugar was low. My brows began to sweat. My hands are shaking a little in anger. The nurse wasn’t too happy with my reaction, so she checked my blood sugar again, asked about my blood sugar levels and what she was doing with them, and told me I had high blood sugar.

He said I might feel like that for a few months when I’m “back to normal”. Very good, I thought. What motivates you to lower your blood sugar. I feel more or less swept! Now that it’s accepted, it’s time to get together! I asked to speak to the social worker. I need to adjust something for insulin. I can’t afford it and don’t have insurance. He told me he would talk to her and get help with the insulin leak.

When the blood sugar is down and planned, I prepare for the reality of hospital bills. A social worker came in and helped me with some applications. I can get insulin and supplies at the village medical clinic.

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I was able to get financial help from the hospital and it was easy. I’m so tired! I’m like a butterfly that can’t get off the ground. My wings are flapping and I am getting older. I hope this taste will be soon.

I met with a nutritionist who counted carbs with me. I know it, I believe it. It’s just a job. Going out of my way on holidays and special occasions is my problem. I find it difficult to maintain the steady and steady rhythm needed to manage my diabetes. I found some advice from a nutritionist to help, and we planned an exercise and activity calendar.

We discuss how to beat your blood sugar targets and stay energized. If I have 2 sugars over 240 mg/dL, I should call my doctor. I don’t have to wait until ketoacidosis. He gave me a new bottle of keto stick to take home. I took myself home.

What Can Happen If Your Blood Sugar Is Too Low

2 hours after lunch my blood sugar was 150 mg/dL and I knew it. This is something I haven’t experienced in months. I contacted the support group that the social worker told me about and decided to join a walking group in the city. I am going to make some lifestyle changes this time to keep my A1C under 7.

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I was diagnosed with diabetes at the health department and they were able to make the 0 percent income criteria because they considered me uninsured. I gathered all the resources I needed, which was to make sure I didn’t have the same disability, and of course to avoid this ugly complication. However, in my book, the fatigue you feel if you don’t have self control is not worth it.

I keep daily blood sugar, food and activity logs. It helps me to see that my blood sugar levels are usually within the target range prescribed by my doctor with my new efforts. I have noticed a big difference now, it’s been a month and my blood sugar is around 150 mg/dL and I don’t feel bad. I am now “back to normal” and I can go out and exercise more. I will take my sister with me after dinner. I used to meet in the field for 30 minutes at work.

After dinner we will walk around for 15 minutes. All this helps me stay on target. I took the best advice and implemented it. I eat more, not less. Now I eat the right foods and know what to do if my blood sugar goes up again.

I will not wait, I will tell the doctor immediately.

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