Things To Do With An 18 Month Old

Things To Do With An 18 Month Old – We made this game by gluing the sides of the napkin to the cardboard. I put a label under each hat and a feather under a random hat. As Stone opens each envelope, we can learn the name of the thing on the sticker, and if he finds a feather, he will have a tickle attack with that feather.

Sticky notes can turn any book into a flip book. For this activity, I took a stack of sticky notes and completely covered the book release. Stone then removed the sticky notes to reveal the photo below. This activity can also be done on a family portrait. When the child peels off the sticky notes, he finds a family photo.

Things To Do With An 18 Month Old

Things To Do With An 18 Month Old

One of Stone’s favorite activities at 12 months old was throwing a ball into the opening of a shoe box. Sometimes he would open the door to see how many balls were inside the box. This activity develops body stability and high speed skills.

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This is a simple activity that can hold a child’s interest for a while. All you need is a few different boxes and some toys. Shoe boxes are great for this. I hide a toy in each box and my child opens each box to find out which toy is inside. Stone loves cars, so he usually hides different types of cars in each box. He takes them out, plays with them, puts them back, opens and closes the top boxes.

Stone is 13 months old here and this activity helped her learn our last name. We used the search and find activity board for this game. I printed and cut out pictures of myself, my husband, my daughter, my grandparents, and my pets. I used laminate to protect my sheets and put them in every crack. Optionally, you can attach a sticky magnet to each image to make it easier for little hands to grab the photos. Stone always enjoys getting to know everyone!

For this activity, we took some plastic containers and some empty bottles. At first I put the boards separately from the dishes, but after a few minutes they all mixed together. I noticed that Aston prefers smaller sized caps. He especially spent a lot of time putting the caps on the bottles, removing them, filling the bottles with small balls, emptying them and putting the caps back on.

1. Hide 1 small toy under a cup and leave the rest empty. Move the cups and ask your little one to find the toy you have hidden. We play this game over and over again. I usually change the toys I hide under the cup to surprise him. Inflatable toys are especially fun to use. After Stone discovers a toy, he closes it to perform an action.

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2. Hide a small toy under each cup. Every time your child lifts a cup, he finds a new toy.

This is a fun little activity for the little ones. Roll a toy in a laundry basket placed on the floor and encourage your child to crawl inside to retrieve it. Tunnels can also be used for this activity. Of course, I included a car in the basket because Aston is all about cars.

It’s a messy activity, so I usually have to mentally prepare myself before doing it. I keep the pom poms in a container away from the kids and sometimes we take them out for a fun game. Here’s how we play with them: throw them in the air to make pom-poms rain (yes, you’ll find pom-poms all over the house for days), walk and jump on them, put them in a plastic bottle and shake Practice fine motor skills by picking up and placing them in a plastic cup/bottle, find pom poms of the same color.

Things To Do With An 18 Month Old

One of the things my toddler likes to do is drop things into the opening of the box. Here is an option on how to recycle a plastic broom box. Collect old credit cards, gift cards, and ID cards and show your child how to dispose of them in an empty tissue box. My little one especially likes the old ID cards where he can find pictures of mommy and daddy.

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This is another fall activity. Any plastic cup with a straw lid will work. Cut the straws in half so they fit in a cup and show your child how to put them in. This activity develops fine motor skills.

Everyone knows about this activity, but I wanted to add it to the list as a reminder. Encourage your child to explore the different sounds made with metal and wooden spoons and sticks, and show him how to make a fast and slow drum. Great for gross motor development and understanding of rhythm.

When it’s too hot or too cold outside, we try to play active games with the kids inside the house. We made this obstacle course using things we had – a play tunnel, a children’s slide, stepping stones,

And a couch to play We invested in these items to help kids get their energy out and they have been used time and time again.

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This activity is great for developing fine motor skills. It took my child about 10 minutes to put the toothpicks in the playdoh and then take them out.

For this activity, we printed my husband’s photo and glued it to the bean bag. Then I made a hole in the mouth and then my toddler started feeding the daddy pom poms 🙂 If your toddler tends to put things in his mouth, the pom poms can be replaced with real treats like cheerios.

My son is obsessed with cars, so all car activities are welcome in our house. These paper tunnels provide another way to play with cars. My son especially liked using the bigger push cars because they went a little further. For added fun, we also used a strip road to build roads and drive cars through road tunnels.

Things To Do With An 18 Month Old

For this activity, we used dot tags. I used to label my son’s body parts and each time I would say “here’s your leg, here’s your arm” and so on. We managed to practice fine motor skills while removing the tags as well as learning the names of the bodies.

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This is another activity to develop reading comprehension skills. As I put the clothespins in my baby’s clothes, he takes each one on and off.

If you like these activities, check out my e-book 65 fun and developmental activities for 12-18 month olds. It includes many of the activities in this article and many more that have been tested on my little one. In this post, we share 18+ easy game ideas for babies between nine and eighteen months! You don’t need a lot of stuff! I bet you can do many of these activities using things you already have at home!

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My youngest is 16 months old today. Crazy! Although most of the activities we do are more for my preschool and kindergarten, we have tried to find activities that a toddler/toddler would enjoy.

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I’ve put together some simple game ideas for 9-18 month olds so that I have a “go to” resource when I need a quick idea for my little guy. I love simple activities that use very few ingredients because I usually don’t have a lot of time to prepare anything.

These 18+ easy game ideas for 9-18 month olds are ideas that I have tried or plan to try with my son…and they have great ideas from many of my favorite bloggers.. .and some of me too.

If you have a baby between 9 and 18 months, check out these ideas and see if they work for your baby. Every child is different and also at different stages of development, so make sure you only do activities that your child is ready for… and then try the rest in a few weeks or months. It’s amazing how one week kids aren’t interested or can’t do something… and the next week all they want to do is the activity and it’s easy for them.

Things To Do With An 18 Month Old

Click the links below for more details on these 18 easy game ideas for 9-18 month olds…

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If you have other favorite easy play activities for 9-18 month olds, please share them in the comments!

Anyway, some of these activities are fun for siblings together or for 18-month-olds + so if you have an older child you think would enjoy them too, give it a try.

A Year of Play is a simple e-book filled with a year of fun learning activities. It’s designed for kids ages 2-6 and includes 12 monthly calendars and 48 weekly activity plans! I’m glad you’re here! I hope this space is inspiring, useful and fun! Please stick and be

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