Small Space Storage Ideas

Small Space Storage Ideas – Sweater in the oven. Shoes in the kitchen cabinet. Books in the freezer. New Yorkers pay an average of $3,400 a month for their tiny apartments, so they’ve learned to get creative when it comes to maximizing every square foot.

Although your home may have a lot more space than a typical NYC studio (thank you very much), you can get away time and time again by committing to these six exciting tricks.

Small Space Storage Ideas

Small Space Storage Ideas

“I reached my saturation point with stuff, so I created a new formula,” says Matt Austin, an artist and designer who lives in a 700-square-foot subway apartment in Bushwick, Brooklyn. First, if he hasn’t worn anything in two years, he goes. Then something new comes into his life, something else has to come out. “Ideally, two things,” he says.

Diy Small Space Storage Hacks — Caroline Burke

Artist Matt Austin frees up space by keeping a simple wardrobe of classic pieces that he can mix and match Photo: For Anna Rothman

In addition to ruthlessly fixing your stuff, keeping track of what to buy first makes an even bigger difference.

Adopt a capsule wardrobe – a small collection of clothes that mix, match and layer for multiple uses, this frees up a lot of closet space.

Before you hit the “Add to Cart” button on Amazon, ask yourself a few questions: Does it really make sense to order this quesadilla maker when you can make quesadillas in your microwave, on your stove, and in your oven?

Storage Ideas To Maximize Your Smaller Space

If you’re diving into inground pool costs, find out which options are right for you and your budget.

“People look at space in terms of square footage rather than cubic footage,” says Anne Sullivan, owner of New York City-based People for Life. Lie on the floor and look up.

Sullivan suggests hanging bicycles from the ceiling and placing high shelves along the perimeter of the room. In the kitchen, free up drawer and counter space by hanging pegboards for utensils and magnetic strips for knives.

Small Space Storage Ideas

Use inside every closet, cabinet and interior door in your home. Sullivan mounts magazine file boxes inside kitchen cupboards to store tin foil and plastic wrap. In her two-bedroom Manhattan apartment, Janine Sarna-Jones, owner of Organize Me Inc., uses a container storage system that allows baskets of various sizes to be attached to the back of closet doors for vertical storage that connects quickly to existing closet space .

Small Space Storage Solutions

Houses don’t clean themselves. But the simple rules (wake up and make!) will make you feel like them.

You know it’s a good investment. You need a way to do this with less money and time.

Ilana Eck, a New York lawyer and founder of the entertainment and lifestyle blog “Sharing Spoon,” admitted to holding on to a lot of stuff. The only way to make him work is to keep his life.

For her, organization means storing her dishes right where her family members will be when they need the stuff. Toys are in cheap clothes storage boxes in her kids’ closet.

Clever Small Space Storage Ideas

Don’t forget that your furniture can double as containers, says Sullivan, with internal storage like ottomans or a coffee table with drawers.

If you use containers in a visible area, “it can become part of your aesthetic,” says Sullivan. “But you have to stay on top of how you present things. “Uniform containers are easy on the eyes, and clean boxes are better hidden in closets.

You can double your storage space by keeping some items outside instead of putting them away. For example, Sullivan recommends hanging pots and pans above the kitchen door if possible. What could be a more appropriate kitchen accessory than cookware?

Small Space Storage Ideas

Austin swears by what he calls the “anti-closet”—just an outdoor clothes rack. Doing so forces you to put your things away and keep them organized, as everything is visible. “The whole thing is really an exercise in artistic living through good design,” he says.

Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

No closet? No problem. Matt Austin stores his clothes in plain sight, which helps him stay organized. Photo: for Anna Rothman

You can also consider the things you already have that double as fun designs and storage. Clear space on your bookshelf by using a stack of hardcover books as a whimsical lamp stand. Or tear out the pages of one of these books and place around your wireless router or modem to store the ugly things out of sight.

In spy movies, someone is always stealing valuables from secret hiding places. You may not be a spy, but there are many nooks and crannies in your home that could be hidden storage just like in the movies. Consider installing drawers behind stairs or in the dead space under your cabinets. If there are a few inches between your refrigerator and the wall, build a rolling pantry for storage.

Hide things in plain sight. Cut the wallboard between the studs to make room for narrow shelves for small items. Then, cover the storage area with paint or a removable cloth. Or go the extra step and craft hinges to create a door. James Bond would be proud! We lived in 11 houses during our marriage so we got to know a wide variety of places.

Storage Ideas For Small Closets

At 1100 square feet, it’s one of the smallest homes we’ve ever lived in, so utilizing storage space was a challenge.

When we lived in our home in Chicago, we built our platform bed with storage to solve space issues in the guest bedroom. It’s a simple design with lots of storage underneath and wheels so we can move it around.

Another fixture in our Chicago home, this DIY refrigerator cabinet is one of our most popular DIYs.

Small Space Storage Ideas

We did this when we remodeled our entire kitchen and it made such a difference in a very small space.

Clever Small Space Storage In Your Home

The fridge was quite large so the cabinet helped the giant blend better into the kitchen and gave us a ton of usable storage that was easy to reach (unlike the cabinets that were there before).

I just painted it white, added jute rope handles and 4 wheels and put it on our front porch.

This is the perfect place to keep some garden tools, candles and dog essentials. It also gave me the surface to add some outdoor decor like a potted plant and lantern.

I never used open shelving in the kitchen until we remodeled the kitchen in our Chicago home. For the short time we have to enjoy our new kitchen, I loved to have open shelves.

Brilliant Small Nursery Storage Ideas

I just keep our everyday dishes like plates, bowls and glasses… the kind of things you use every day, but I love how convenient it was.

I knew when we moved to North Carolina that no matter what house we bought, I was going to use the barn wood shelves again.

As promised we removed the old dusty wine storage cabinet and installed 2 barn wood shelves. Again, I filled one with everyday food and the other with a plant and a few decorative pieces.

Small Space Storage Ideas

I still love them. Not only do they add some character to the kitchen, but they are great for extra storage.

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas That Actually Work

We don’t have many kitchen cabinets so our dishes are empty for essentials other than food.

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to not share the DIY storage automation we made for our cargo trailer conversion.

Not only can they be used in an RV, but I can think of many places to use them in our home. Right now I use them to store our dog stuff, like towels and toys and dirty clothes.

They would work great in our house though for extra blanket storage. They have the added bonus of offering extra seating, which is always welcome in a small space where seating is at a premium.

Organizing Must Haves For A Small Space

These are our 5 unique storage ideas that we used in our tiny house. But really, you can use any of these ideas no matter how big your site is.

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No matter how much square footage you have, it just doesn’t seem like enough. If you’re working with a small space to begin with, moving all your things with limited storage options can seem impossible.

Small Space Storage Ideas

Luckily for you, we have the solution. Scroll for 20 storage ideas to maximize even the smallest spaces

Unique Storage Ideas For Small Spaces That Are Simple To Do

If you have a lot of plants and you’re working with a small space, consider storage solutions that keep your pots off your floor and counter space but are visually pleasing. Put the pot on the wall, use hanging

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