Small Space Storage Ideas Bathroom

Small Space Storage Ideas Bathroom – Do the toilet and towel cabinet need major repairs? Eliminate clutter with these ingenious ideas for increasing bathroom storage. From bathroom cabinet storage solutions to space-saving organizations, you’ll never feel more inspired to solve your little bathroom storage problem!

Is your bathroom short on space? I know firsthand how unpleasant it is to feel cluttered due to limited space. Let’s face it, there are a lot of items in the bathroom that we all need quick access to.

Small Space Storage Ideas Bathroom

Small Space Storage Ideas Bathroom

However, it is possible to have a nice bathroom with a small area and create enough storage space. Designers and DIYers alike have shared creative solutions for organizing small bathrooms that keep things simple, organized, and even stylish. Today, I’m sharing a few of my favorites to inspire you to maximize your minimal space by thinking outside the box. Enjoy!

Creative Bathroom Organizing Ideas

How cool is this amazing update? Full-length hinged mirror that opens to reveal tons of storage space. It attaches to door hinges and unfolds, making perfect use of even the smallest space! This works even if your door is right next to a wall. Find it here.

They have several options that work as towel rails, a mirrored medicine cabinet and a cabinet attached to the back of the door.

Add shelves and baskets above the toilet to create extra shelving, like in this beautiful bathroom. Notice how the electrical outlets are even connected. Then you can place electric toothbrushes or razors on shelves instead of toilets to maximize space.

This is one of my favorite ideas ever! Clear rear doors offer great storage options including heated towel rails, hangers and more. You can even buy such removable towel rails for rent.

Bathroom Decor & Organization Ideas — Catherine Rose Design

Hooks are one of the easiest ways to use wall space for extra storage. You can hang many items, for example:

Vertical storage is a must, especially with limited counter space. We love this rotating makeup organizer. It’s tall enough for full-sized bottles and divided into compartments for easy access and grouping.

It’s actually a lot easier than you think! Medicine cabinets have come a long way in terms of beauty and style. You can mount them or sink them into the wall for hidden storage.

Small Space Storage Ideas Bathroom

Installing a built-in cabinet: Cut the drywall, measure the space between the studs, and purchase the right size medicine cabinet. Most of them are standard sizes, as modern houses require a certain distance between the studs. This project takes less than an hour!

Small Bathroom Ideas: 12 Easy Ways To Maximise Space And Create A Luxurious Sanctuary

Get a basket for everyone with these quick ideas for organizing a small bathroom. Instead of rummaging through drawers, put things in containers for convenient storage in the bathroom.

Baskets hold more than regular shelves, keeping everything organized. Noticed that all the elements have the same color scheme? This prevents clutter and an overflowing basket. Adding printed labels ensures that items go back to where they belong

These open trays are handy enough to keep out of the way or sit on a table, saving drawer space for less frequently used items. Check out our other decorating ideas for tiered trays for more ideas.

No counter space? No problem. Use the bottom shelf above the sink for bottles and brushes. These types of floating shelves are ideal for small spaces such as bathrooms due to their compact size and modern fittings.

Simple Bathroom Wall Storage Ideas

And how beautiful is this cup for a flower pot? I’ve seen similar ideas using cans, plastic cups, and toothbrush cups to stick to the wall.

Don’t have a linen closet? No problem! Use a small bag outside the bath to store bulky items such as towels, extra toiletries and items that are rarely used.

After living with multiple small bathrooms, one of my favorite health tips is to create a separate toilet from the bathroom. This is especially good for living in a dorm or with roommates who share bathroom time/space.

Small Space Storage Ideas Bathroom

Because a small bathroom inherently lacks horizontal space, new organizational ideas often require vertical thinking. For example, baskets are not only for shelves! Use a simple hanging basket on the wall for toiletries and bedding.

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas That Will Crush Your Clutter

That’s cool! Use the outer rod for a shower curtain and liner, then the inner rod to hang things like bath sponges or quick-dry pockets like this one. For maximum storage, combine with a tension holder or shower head. I don’t recommend shower accessories with suction cups as they often fall off.

This beautiful ladder shelf, if you have the space, is perfect for a small bathroom. In some bathrooms, you can use the space between the toilet and the bathtub for such shelves.

Use every centimeter of space (even the space above the door)! I love this brilliant idea. Although I think the shelf in the photo is too high, there are many options that will be lower and make daily use easier.

Don’t forget small doors like cupboards! I have a post on the best kitchen and bathroom cabinet storage ideas.

Smart Hidden Bathroom Storage Ideas

Each of us has little things that we lose in our drawers. You can use convenient drawer dividers between drawers for easy access to important items. Other ways to organize storage include jars with lids, adjustable drawer dividers, and square jars with clear lids.

Install magnetic plates (galvanized steel) on cabinet doors to get more space. There are also many magnetic holders such as toothbrush holders, magnetic strips for needle holders and personal tools such as cutters, scissors or tweezers. The metal pins stay on the strip as long as you need!

I love finding hidden stash and this stone is one of my favorites. For bathrooms or kitchens, install special hinges and trays on unused drawer fronts for extra storage.

Small Space Storage Ideas Bathroom

Other styles include narrow, expandable drawers, double shelves for double doors, and simple tiered baskets. The ability to extend the trays behind the cabinet and easily access items makes full use of the storage space.

Diy Storage Ideas And Tips For Small Bathrooms

Repurposing kitchen storage for bathrooms is ideal for increasing counter space. Spice racks are generally wide enough for small bottles. A paper towel holder works wonders with bracelets, hair ties or chips.

How cute?! These stackable and collapsible containers are big enough to keep on the counter and save space.

If you’re looking for bathroom organization ideas, our newsletter subscribers get access to beautiful printable labels and more!

A few ideas include a first aid kit, a wall shelf, or an overhead light. One of our favorite ideas is hidden storage, which creates both a full-length mirror and gorgeous shelves hidden behind each door.

Space Saving Bathroom Storage: Small Bathrooms

In a small bathroom without natural lighting, the bathroom looks larger in light and pastel colors. For maximum effect, make sure the room is well lit.

Once you’ve gotten rid of the items you don’t use, there are several ways to organize them, including grouping by category, grouping by frequency of use, and (my personal favorite) putting bathroom items in the order in which they were used.

It is possible to equip a small bathroom! A small bathroom is not an obstacle for storing all the necessary tools for preparation and priming. I hope you enjoyed these ideas!

Small Space Storage Ideas Bathroom

PS I love looking at your creations! Don’t forget to take a picture and tag #cravingcreative on Instagram! You can also keep in touch with me by following me on Instagram , Pinterest , and signing up for my newsletter! Since downsizing our home from CT to NC, organization and smart storage have become more important than ever. When both of our daughters were home after college for a few weeks on vacation, I realized that I needed new ideas for small things for their shared bathroom (I thought the table was full of toiletries and makeup that are not there. .Home – Ha )!) Today I’m sharing 15 small bathroom ideas that will help you pack functionality and organization into every available square inch!

Small Bathroom Ideas — Live Home 3d

Let’s get to work on the new storage solution I added to my daughter’s bathroom (I’m thrilled with how much extra space it adds!) I installed one that attaches to the back of the door with door hinge pins. All you need to install it in a bathroom or other room is at least 3.5 inches of clearance between the center of each door hinge bolt and the adjacent wall. There’s a magnet on the top that attaches it to the door so it opens and closes through the door, but easily detaches from the door if you need to grab something inside:

The back cabinet behind the door I installed is painted white, but there is an option to have a full length mirror in the back – you can find that option. This is one of my favorite home organization ideas of all time!

Another way to use the space behind the bathroom door is to use hanging shelves, for example:

I love that it can be customized with different sized tanks that can be placed at any height

Bathroom Organizing Ideas: Inexpensive + Easy!

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