Small Room Storage Ideas Pinterest

Small Room Storage Ideas Pinterest – Are the toilets and towel rails in need of an overhaul? Eliminate clutter with these genius ideas for maximizing bathroom storage space. From managing bathroom cabinet storage to space-saving organization, you’ll never run out of inspiration to solve your bathroom storage problems.

Do you have limited space in your bathroom? I know firsthand how frustrating it can be to feel disorganized due to space limitations. Let’s face it, there are a lot of things in the bathroom that need quick access.

Small Room Storage Ideas Pinterest

Small Room Storage Ideas Pinterest

However, with the small square meters you have, you can create a beautiful bathroom and create a lot of storage space. Designers and DIYers share creative small bathroom organization solutions that keep things convenient, organized, and stylish. Today I’m posting some of my favorites to inspire you to maximize your smallest space through creative thinking. enjoy!

Kids Room Storage Ideas

How exciting is this amazing innovation? The hinged full-length mirror opens to reveal plenty of storage space. It attaches to door hinges and folds to make the most of even the smallest of spaces. This feature works even if your door is next to a wall. Find it here.

They have a number of viable options, such as rows of towel bars, mirrored medicine cabinet options, and armored cabinets that mount behind doors.

Add shelves and baskets above the toilet for extra shelving, like in this beautiful bathroom. Note how the power plug is connected. You can then store your electric toothbrush or razor in a cabinet on top of the dresser to maximize space.

This is one of my favorite ideas. Empty rear doors provide excellent storage options including towel rails, coat hangers and more. You can even rent these portable towels.

How To Decorate A Small Bedroom: Essential Space Saving Hacks For You

Hooks are one of the easiest ways to use wall space for extra storage. You can hang many things such as:

Vertical storage is a must, especially if you have less space. We love this rotating makeup organizer. It’s tall enough to hold a full-sized bottle and is compartmentalized for easy access and grouping.

It’s easier than you think. Medicine cabinets have come a long way in terms of aesthetics and style. You can place them on a surface or mount them on the wall for stylish hidden storage.

Small Room Storage Ideas Pinterest

How to install built-in cabinets. Cut the drywall, measure the gaps between the studs, and buy the right size medicine cabinet. Modern homes require special spacing between studs, so most are standard sizes. This project takes less than an hour.

Bedroom Shelf Ideas

Get a basket for everyone with this quick small bathroom organization idea. Instead of rummaging through drawers, stack items in containers for easy storage in the bathroom.

You can fit more baskets than regular shelves to keep everything neat and organized. Notice how all the elements have the same color scheme. This keeps the basket from looking messy and full. Adding a printed label ensures that products are returned to their original location.

These open trays are small enough to keep on your desk, so you can save shelf space for items you don’t use often. For more ideas, see our other decorating ideas using tiered trays.

Antispace is there no problem? Use a shallow shelf over the sink for bottles and brushes. Floating shelves like these are perfect for small spaces like bathrooms, thanks to their compact size and modern technology.

Best Bedroom Storage Ideas For Small Spaces In 2022

How cute are these planter cups! I’ve seen similar ideas using mason jars, plastic cups, and even toothbrush cups designed to stick to the wall.

Don’t have a linen closet? no problem! Use a small closet outside the bathroom to store larger items like towels, spare toiletries, and less frequently used items.

After living in many small bathrooms, one of my favorite tips for staying sane is having an empty space outside of the bathroom. This works especially well for anyone who lives in dorms or with roommates who share bathroom time/space.

Small Room Storage Ideas Pinterest

Because small bathrooms typically have little horizontal space, you often have to think vertically for new organizational ideas. For example, baskets aren’t just for shelves. Use the wall with simple hanging baskets for bath and linen.

Stylish Bedroom Ideas

This is genius! Use the outer rods to hold shower curtains and liners, then use the inner rods to store items like bath sponges or quick-drying boxes with similar pockets. Pair with a tension rod or shower head mount for maximum storage. I don’t recommend shower accessories with suction cups because they tend to spill.

Like the beautiful ladder rack, it’s perfect for small bathrooms if you have the space. In some bathrooms, you can use the space between the toilet and the bathtub to install such shelves.

Use every inch of space (even the space above the door). Love this neat idea. While I found the photo shelf to be too tall, there are plenty of options that are lower and more affordable for everyday use.

Do not forget about small doors, such as in cabinets. I have an article dedicated to great kitchen and bathroom cabinet storage ideas.

Creative Solutions For Storing Items In Limited Space

We all have small items that get lost in drawers. You can use the bin’s handy drawer dividers to easily pull out essentials. Other ways to divide up storage space include jars with lids, adjustable drawer dividers, and square jars with clear lids.

Install magnetic panels (galvanized steel) on cabinet doors for more space. There are also many magnetic organizers such as toothbrush holders, magnetic barrette holders and personal tools such as scissors, scissors or tweezers. The metal pin stays on the strip until it is needed.

I love finding hidden storage and this gem is one of my favorites. In the bathroom or kitchen, install custom hinges and trays to provide extra storage on unused drawer fronts.

Small Room Storage Ideas Pinterest

Other styles include narrow stackable pull-out drawers, expandable double-door double shelves, and simple tiered baskets. The ability to pull out the tray and have easy access from the back of the cabinet makes the most of storage space.

The Most Incredible Small Spaces On Pinterest

Converting a kitchen storage space into a bathroom is great for maximizing counter space. A spice rack is basically a shelf wide enough to hold small bottles. The tissue holder is perfect for holding bracelets, scarves or trinkets.

How cute is this? ! These stackable and rotating containers are easy to place on the counter and save space.

If you’re looking for more bathroom organization ideas, our newsletter subscribers have access to cute printable labels and more.

Some ideas include placing medicine cabinets, shelves on the wall or above fixtures. One of our favorite ideas is hidden storage, which creates a full-length mirror and great shelves that hide behind any door.

Creative Aesthetic Room Ideas

In a small bathroom without natural light, light and pastel colors can make the bathroom feel larger. Make sure the area is properly lit for maximum effect.

After purging unused items, there are a number of ways to organize them, including grouping by category, grouping by frequency of use, and (my personal favorite) bathroom products by task order of use.

Organization of small bathrooms is possible! A small bathroom doesn’t hurt to keep all the tools you need to get ready and organized. I hope you enjoy these ideas.

Small Room Storage Ideas Pinterest

P.S. I love seeing your creations. Be sure to snap a photo and tag #cravingcreative on Instagram! You can keep in touch with me by following me on Instagram and Pinterest and subscribing to the newsletter. For most of us, the new term is well underway and we have plenty of time to get used to the new timetable. But keeping your dorm room tidy can be difficult due to busy schedule. There’s nothing worse than being late for class only to find you can’t find your phone or keys because your room is completely disorganized. I’ve been there and it’s sad. To prevent this from becoming an everyday occurrence, I’ve listed 10 dorm cleaning tips to help you keep your room clean and tidy this semester.

Genius Ideas For Better Small Bathroom Storage • Craving Some Creativity

Many dorm rooms have loft beds (if not, you can buy bedding anywhere). Take advantage of the extra space. A suitcase or suitcase is great for storing all the things you use to pack things because you don’t know where else to put them. It’s also a great place to put extra clothes/shoes that you’re not using at the moment.

The great thing about storage cubes is that they are very affordable and the possibilities are endless. I use them in my closet for bags/purse, belts, hats and countless other accessories. Or, if you (like most of us) have a cluttered drawer, you can put this all in your drawer and it will be clutter-free in no time.

Most college dorms have very limited closets, and finding a place for all your clothes can be difficult. The velvet hanger is thin but strong enough to keep your clothes from falling off

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