Small Living Room Chairs For Small Spaces

Small Living Room Chairs For Small Spaces – In other words: no fun. While these things are worth noting, follow them too closely and you’ll end up looking like a sterile highway motel room. This is not our vision for you. Your tiny home deserves more than a hard bed and a small refrigerator.

The Crystalline Marie Daisy armchair brings a touch of funk to her cleanly styled living room. It also looks great with a linen pillow.

Small Living Room Chairs For Small Spaces

Small Living Room Chairs For Small Spaces

No piece of furniture has the energy of a large home more than a modern accent or armchair. Functional decor, accent chairs for small spaces can offer more seating *and* express your personal style. We hear you: How can you add *another piece* to the mix without the clutter effect? What about the rules? We’ll help you turn them around. Take a seat and we’ll unlock the transformative power of the accent chair.

Types Of Living Room Chairs And How To Choose One

In most decorating literature, accent chairs are written off as embellishments: they’re the icing that makes a room modern vanilla. Traditionally, our (lucky) resident decorators used the accent chair exclusively on the rare occasion they had company. Even today, we still see reports of accent chairs that exist more like sculptures than seats, often in catalogs showing images of crowded, roofless living everywhere: in the hallway. Living room. the bathroom?

We love the shades of blue in this cute reading nook at Lars Built House. The matrix chair in muted blue looks especially beautiful against these tricolor tiles.

But what if you live in an apartment in the city and – like many of us – can barely fit a bag of groceries into the hall of the apartment? And your star (the small living room is undoubtedly your section)? And the only place to sit in your bathroom is a porcelain throne? For those of us living in 700 square feet (or less), the living room is a rare commodity. An accent chair can’t just be decorative: it needs service.

You know you want an extra seat or two, but as someone who lives in a small space, you have some obstacles. Like walls. You can’t just throw an accent chair anywhere. So how can you add a bit of decoration without feeling cluttered? While there are a thousand ways to have an accent chair, here are some of our favorites for little nests.

Small Living Room Ideas To Maximize Your Space

Accent chairs are more manageable than sofas! We love how Vestage Home designed their Embrace chairs to be easy to move and lie on.

Since there is a sofa in the living room, it is the most natural place for a comfortable armchair. Create a conversation-ready circle by placing an accent chair next to a sofa or a couple on the couch. With a mid-century coffee table in the middle, this set is perfect for discussing whether Game of Thrones needs a rewrite for season eight or centering an appetizer on a charcuterie table.

Comfortable but with minimal visual clutter, Maison de Pax chose the Lento chair to combine seating in their living room with a farm theme.

Small Living Room Chairs For Small Spaces

What if you want the exact opposite of a chat circle? Relax now! By placing an accent chair in the corner of your bedroom or modern living space, you can create the feeling of a room within a room without the need for room dividers. For the bookworms among us, a reading nook—complete with a cheery, comfy chair—is incredible, no matter how small a house we live.

Kowilk Faux Leather Accent Chair Comfy Upholstered Living Room Arm Chair Single Reading Sofa Chairs For Bedroom Dorm Room Office Small Spaces Waiting Room Furniture,off White

How does a corner become a niche? Only with a lounge chair that will absorb you, like the Nina Lounge Chair as seen in DIY Playbook Home.

Standard desk chairs can be raised, lowered, and rolled, but they don’t add much to your aesthetic. Plus, they make you think about work, which is the last thing you want when you’re trying to relax. Consider moving beyond your home office by replacing the stand-by swivel stand with a modern recliner. Since multitasking is your friend, you can always assemble this reliable accessory as a stylish way to keep guests moving.

The accent chair doesn’t have to be upright. Chameleon style, as seen in the home of Jenny Crocker of Living Patterns, is striking without being obvious. Swain in green velvet is an easy favorite.

Curiosity attracts the eyes. And accent chairs make cute—but unexpected—perches for baby plants, books, or alarm clocks. Go to the next table. Go to the bedside table. Go to the plant stall; Unupholstered wooden seating is an all-round wonder for small spaces that need space. They get the job done without leaving a big mark. Bonus: You can always pull up a chair when company comes over.

Living Room Furniture For Small Spaces

The Esse stool embodies the magic of multifunctionality. This cute modern stool can moonlight as a bedside table, daylight as a seat, and afternoon home for your latest reading. Styled here with the Nova sofa.

When used as a dining setting, the chairs can transform any meat and potatoes meal into a steak au pouvre resting on a bed of pommes soufflé. But don’t limit your creativity only to culinary feats. By mixing and matching accent chairs around your dining table, you can create a harmonious and eclectic look at the same time. What’s more? With plush cushions, soft upholstery and a mid-century design, contemporary dining chairs are starting to look suspiciously like accent chairs. Any chair can be an accent chair when you move it away from the table. How easy.

The Chanel dining chair looks just as good on your couch as it does on your bistro table.

Small Living Room Chairs For Small Spaces

Accent chairs should stand out, but not dominate the entire living space. So how do you choose pieces that don’t make big demands on your space? Look for pieces that *look* smaller than they actually are. This translates into accent chairs that include:

Apartment Size Furniture

The silhouette that accentuates the structure on the cushions forces your eye to make the chair look smaller than it actually is. Take the Levo chair for example. Featuring a frame-dominant design, its low, open back and bare, bare legs will catch your eye. (But not before giving him a cheeky peek, of course.) As a result, your room looks less cluttered.

In small spaces, you want to feel free, not cramped. Your dad’s “lazy boy” may wrap around you, but those arms set visual boundaries that overwhelm a small space. Armless chairs like the Twirl Chair welcome your eye instead of blocking sight lines with a square design.

In all the right places. Chairs with rounded corners take up as much usable space as boxy pieces, but have a smaller visual footprint thanks to their curves. For example, the generously curved back of the Savary chair provides a full seat and full lumbar support even when cornering.

Just as high ceilings create the illusion of a larger space, low furniture creates the illusion of high ceilings. Therefore, accent chairs that hang close to the ground make rooms appear vertically shorter. You can also avoid geometric patterns with this trick. For example, even though the Eco Chair technically falls into the box category, it can still work in a small space because it’s small, sturdy, and doesn’t take up much space with a long back.

Piece Dining Set, Modern Dining Table And Chairs Set For 4, Kitchen Counter Height Dining Table Set With 4 Upholstered Chairs, For Small Space, Breakfast Nook, D7157

Airy tones, neutral light and subtle natural elements brighten up the room. And light is synonymous with space, which is exactly the magic we are talking about. By choosing accent chairs in powder tones, you can also stand out from some of the other tenants. There is nothing small about Sven’s silhouette. But in birch ivory, Sven can turn a corner into a cozy reading nook without swallowing the room. Another creative way to use color to the advantage of living in an apartment is to match the upholstery with the wall. Using this method, the chair blends in with its surroundings and blurs the line between wall and fabric.

The bright seats contrast beautifully with the dark walnut color of the Seuss chairs. Shera Gill pulls them over to her desk to do some work and then spins them around to entertain the company.

Your small space is your little palace and it deserves decorations that make you feel at home. And accent chairs are an easy way to free up space while satisfying our need for additional seating. By striving for visual balance and following a few decorating strategies, you can achieve your big design dreams without feeling cramped in your small space.

Small Living Room Chairs For Small Spaces

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