Small Laundry Room Ideas Ikea

Small Laundry Room Ideas Ikea – Find an affordable washing solution that fits your outdoor space perfectly. JONAXEL storage can be adapted to your space and personal needs and fits even the smallest balconies!

Place and dry the laundry without dripping on the JONAXEL combination rails underneath.

Small Laundry Room Ideas Ikea

Small Laundry Room Ideas Ikea

Create smart storage in small spaces with JONAXEL netting and baskets. It is narrow and fits in many places, and the wheels make it easy to pull when you need a clear view.

Small Laundry Room Ideas With Big Style

Don’t let small gaps get in the way of ironing your clothes. The JÄLL ironing board is small enough to fit in the washing machine, and the legs fold easily – you can hang it on the rail when not in use.

Vertical storage gives a good overview of all the small things you keep in the laundry room. The SKÅDIS board comes with accessories such as small shelves and hooks to help organize detergent, hangers and roller socks.

TRONES saves valuable floor space in small closed verandas with shallow storage such as shoe cabinets. And of course you can store more than just shoes in them and use them for seasonal storage too! New laundry room cabinets and new lighting and storage solutions have completely transformed the laundry room – come in!

After remodeling our kitchen a few years ago, I decided to give my dreary laundry room a much needed makeover. We used IKEA cabinets and wardrobes and added tons of extra storage and it made a difference! Today I’m sharing all the details about the IKEA additions to our laundry room, as well as some other little additions we’ve made to it. Hopefully you’ve found an idea or two that you can use to decorate your laundry room!

Our New Laundry Room Cabinets (on The Cheap!)

Our laundry room isn’t that big (7’5″ x 5’6) and when we bought our house, there was some prime real estate that was unused, including the wall above the washer and dryer, no cabinets, or completely empty. shelves. This is what the “before” looked like:

Not only is it a better place to do laundry, it’s also very practical and full of storage! I wanted to keep the cost of this small renovation down, so I used IKEA products in all the new storage in our laundry room. Above the washer and dryer, we added an IKEA SEKTION wall cabinet with AXSTAD doors – specifically, we used two in the middle and one at each end:

Creator frames are easy to hang and hang. You can attach the rail to the wall and make sure it is straight, then the cabinet frames can easily be attached to the rail and locked in place. To give them a full, built-in look, we added small filler pieces (cut out) to each end of the cabinet and a strip of crown molding on top:

Small Laundry Room Ideas Ikea

When you buy cabinets from Ikea, everything is ordered separately, so you have to buy hinges for the cabinet doors and shelves for the interior of the cabinets (I also used):

Tips For A Laundry In The Bathroom

I wanted open shelves between the two cabinets, and although Ikea has many options for wooden shelves, luckily I had some leftover white oak planks that I bought to make the kitchen corner shelves:

What I use! The oak board was cut to the center of the cabinet at both ends and then attached with screws that ran from the inside of the cabinet to the end of the panel. It has a woven basket (with socks from a friend 😊), a couple of washing powders and my dryer balls:

The final touch for my new laundry room cabinets was to add a champagne gold color – I love it!

Another great addition to this side of the utility room is the large butcher block above the washer and dryer. It is supported by simple wooden crosses (horizontally mounted wooden slats) attached to the back and side walls. Having this flat surface to sort and fold clothes was a game changer:

Clever Ideas To Make The Most Of A Small Laundry Room

I bought a butcher block from Ikea and although they are not the same type as mine, they are very similar.

Some other small additions to our laundry room include wall mounting. It’s perfect for air drying Jeff’s shirts – you just pull the bottom and there are 10 hanging spaces:

When I bought mine it was only available in silver, but now it’s also available in white (I want that colour!).

Small Laundry Room Ideas Ikea

Having a rolling cart makes it easy to get hold of laundry supplies, including detergent, bleach, sprays, and laundry detergent. I also have one on the bottom shelf for the dryer:

Three Ikea Laundry Room Design Ideas Under $4000

I’m sure you’ve also noticed the cute tangerines on the wall – these are simple stickers I bought! They’re easy to put on and can be removed without damaging your walls when you’re ready for a change. I share the step by step details of installing vinyl decals.

The other side of our laundry room also got a big makeover – the previous owner had open shelves in the middle of the wall to hold kitchen utensils and shoes:

We removed the shelves and installed IKEA PAX wardrobes to create wardrobes and shoe drawers (we don’t have wardrobes, so wardrobe space was a must!) – what the laundry room looks like today:

I shared all the details of how we used PAX wardrobes to create space for coats and shoes in my IKEA post. If you are thinking of changing the floors from saltillo tile to wood, we made this change as part of our kitchen remodel because the floors in the kitchen and laundry room are connected. If you want to learn more about my engineered hardwoods and how they have held up since we installed them, check out our Hallmark hardwood floors.

Diy Laundry Room Makeover — Xo, Macenna

Thanks for stopping by today to check out our laundry room! If you’d like to see a cool new project we’ve created with Ikea products, check out our basic wardrobe update with our Ikea PAX wardrobes. IKEA is the source of many renovation and home decoration ideas. Here we share tips and ideas on how you can use IKEA products, which may not necessarily be for the laundry room, to make your laundry room look great.

Kris combined two excellent IKEA systems side by side with great results. I used IKEA kitchen wall cabinets (SEKTION with AXSTAD doors) for the storage cabinets above the washing machine and dryer. On the other hand, I have created a pantry with PAX frames, shelves, drawers and KOMPLEMENT drawer runners. This acrylic ribbon finish completes the style.

For Melissa, they wanted a quick and affordable laundry room update. They wanted a shelf that could dry and fold clothes, as well as shelves for baskets and boxes. The solution was the IKEA ELVARLI shelving system. He chose the free-standing option ELVARLI and created a mix of open shelves and drawers. They added an air drying clothesline. the board functions as a collapsible station. This is a simple and easy DIY solution. And also a good choice for renters.

Small Laundry Room Ideas Ikea

If you don’t have a dedicated laundry room, set aside an area in the bathroom for this. Install shelving systems such as IKEA JONAXEL or BOAXEL to create storage solutions for your laundry room. Then close off the area with bi-fold doors or curtains.

A Colorful, Organized Laundry Room

Mabel chose a winning combination of matte white and wood texture for the laundry room renovation. These are handmade door panels added to IKEA SEKTION cabinets. The combination of two different materials elevates this room from informal to fabulous.

Chris hacked this laundry column from IKEA kitchen cabinets to reduce the slope to run a front-load washer and dryer. That’s not all, it even hides an ingenious shelf. Pull the shelf over the drawers and you have space for a laundry basket. This makes loading and unloading quick and practical and saves your back.

It’s a small laundry room, but that doesn’t stop jillgg from maximizing every little space. From a stacked washing machine and dryer, to IKEA LACK shelves on the right, tall washing containers and a tall slim cabinet on the other – this small laundry room has it all.

In small apartments, every little space is important. And if you are looking for some space to wash, I would recommend a balcony (if available). This is a great place to do laundry because it actually gets a lot of light! You can easily customize your BOAXEL shelving system

An Affordable Laundry Spot With Jonaxel Shelving Unit

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