Small Dressing Room Ideas Ikea

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Small Dressing Room Ideas Ikea

Small Dressing Room Ideas Ikea

Building a wardrobe can take a lot of time, effort, and – let’s be real – money. But if you’re willing to get creative, you can tackle a closet update on a budget and still end up with something completely unique. How? By making the most of your IKEA wardrobe system and sprinkling it with thoughtful touches that make the space look more expensive than it is.

Original Ideas For Organising Your Wardrobe

Of course, if you’ve ever shopped at IKEA, you know that the Swedish giant offers a wide variety of wardrobe systems, so shopping for them is a challenge in itself. Then you need to install the cabinet system, cool it and coordinate the space and decoration.

In other words, building your own IKEA cabinet may not be easy, but it will be a cost-effective way to score the unique cabinet of your dreams. To make your life easier, we spoke to three lifestyle bloggers – all with first-hand experience with IKEA wardrobes – to find out what you need to know before building your own.

The first step is easy: figure out what you want your closet to look like. If you are satisfied with the size and shape of the cabinet, you can leave it as is. But if not, it might be worth thinking about several structural repairs.

“When we bought our house, we immediately decided to update all the doors and windows to match our transition style,” says Casey Finn, author of DIY Playbook. “Since we have already replaced the door and frame, we thought it would be worth removing the wall between the cabinets to create more space.”

Ikea Pax Hack: How To Turn Pax Wardrobes Into Built Ins

Finn said he talked to the contractor to make sure the wall wasn’t loaded and was being repaired. When he received the permit, he asked the contractor to fix it.

Result? Two spacious closets fit the rest of the home. “If you’re relocating, look at all the options to get more storage and make it more useful for you and your family,” she said.

Once your closet looks the way you want it to, take a moment to measure it. You will need these exact measurements when purchasing an IKEA wardrobe system.

Small Dressing Room Ideas Ikea

Once you’ve created your canvas – in this case, the closet silhouette – it’s time to fill it. Simply put: it’s time to shop (online).

Owner’s Closet Transformation With Ikea’s Pax System — Love & Lilly

Well, when it comes to IKEA, shopping is not easy: there are many products on offer, and since IKEA sells products in collections, it is a good idea to start by choosing a wardrobe system before narrowing down to the products you want.

“Personally, we like to use the PAX collection the most because it feels high and built-in,” says Finn. “It’s also great because when you put the PAX frame in the closet, you can easily adjust it with rods, shelves, drawers, etc. If you want to change the wiring in the room (say, from the office to the bedroom), you don’t have to cut everything out and start over.”

And remember, you can always customize your wardrobe by mixing products from different product lines. Jackie Hempel, the lifestyle blogger behind Finding Lovely, does just that. He used the PAX system as the basis of his wardrobe and then threw in some SONGESAND hats to give himself more options.

He said: “For us it is a low cost. “When using the PAX system, of course, there are many options for dividing the space, but there are no ready-made products. It’s worth buying pieces of drawers and cabinets to enjoy the feeling of a built-in closet.” After doing the math, Hempel realized that those closet spaces add up—and fast.

Hacking The Ikea Pax Into A Fully Custom Closet

“We thought we could put in two SONGESAND dressers that already had shaker drawers and add an inexpensive decorative element to the space,” says Hempel. – It seems to be a ready-made product, the construction of which I want for very little money.

Once you have decided on the design of your wardrobe, you can take advantage of IKEA’s design tools. Organizers are not available in all closet systems, but they are available in some popular closet systems, such as PAX.

Start with the exact size of the cabinet. Then move the furniture around until the cabinet looks good enough. Even if the designer only gives you access to one cabinet design at a time, remember that you can combine different options – it may take a little more time.

Small Dressing Room Ideas Ikea

According to Finn, it took him a few hours to organize his space and go into the local IKEA to see the products he had his eye on before buying them.

Ikea Walk In Closets: With Or Without Doors?

“This is our first time using the PAX collection and we want to get an idea of ​​how it sounds and looks in person,” he said. “We also want to see all the improvements you can add to make sure we can see all the options before buying.”

Finn says the process is helpful, but don’t worry if you don’t live near IKEA. “It’s still easy to get good product ideas online,” he said.

Once you have your IKEA products in hand, it’s time to build your wardrobe. Remember, while IKEA wardrobes can be customized to a certain extent, they are not designed to fit exactly where you want them. You may have to do extra work to make sure everything is in order.

For example, lifestyle blogger Erin Kestenbaum used wood shims to lift parts of her closet system and make sure everything was level. He said: “Many houses are not built in square shape. “So if you level the unit, drawers, doors, etc. will work as intended.”

Small Walk In Closet Ideas: Stay Organized In Tiny Spaces

This method may make more space at the bottom of your unit, but don’t worry about it for now. You can catch this when you are putting the finishing touches on your property.

Also, make sure you follow the instructions. “If you’ve ever bought something from IKEA, you know the tips,” Finn wrote in a blog post about putting together an IKEA wardrobe. “They have no words. Instead, you must strictly follow all examples.”

He adds that while you may be tempted to start working, it’s worth stopping and reading the instructions carefully. “If you put a screw in the wrong hole, your part will be damaged,” he wrote.

Small Dressing Room Ideas Ikea

An easy way to save time and energy? IKEA find delivery to your home. Finn shares that it is very easy to pay less and all items are sent directly to your door.

Pax Wardrobe, White, 687/8×227/8×791/4

Lighting is essential in any closet, and if you are DIYing a closet makeover, you will have the option of building lighting into your closet system.

Kestenbaum took this approach and added subdued light to her wardrobe. “It’s common for custom cabinets to include lighting inside the unit so that everything you have is visible,” he said. “Enclosed lighting helps things look better and provides much-needed functionality – especially in this long, dark space.”

To accentuate the look, Kestenbaum drilled holes in the top shelf of each unit. Then he filled the hole with a plate lamp. To make things easier, Kestenbaum taped the lights tightly in the electrical box so he could easily access them whenever he went into the closet.

“Alternatively, IKEA sells lamps directly through the PAX service system,” says Kestenbaum. “It’s not as simple as flipping a switch.”

Best Ikea Storage Hacks For Small Bedrooms

Your closet lights up on and off – surely it’s time to put your clothes away, right? Not really. Now it’s time to add luxurious architectural elements like baseboards, moldings, custom cabinet fronts, and more.

When your IKEA wardrobe system is complete, you will see a lot of space below the unit, and depending on the height of your unit, there may be more space. Since your closet system is not custom made for your space, this is to be expected. Kestenbaum uses a clever method

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