Small Childrens Bedroom Storage Ideas

Small Childrens Bedroom Storage Ideas – Few rooms need as much work as children’s rooms. And it’s not just the design of the room, but its style, theme and color scheme. This is often a daily chore that takes up a lot of time each night, and if your kids have a lot of toys, it can often seem endless! But you can save a lot of time and effort with clever storage units and some clever organizing tricks that can turn that messy nursery into a more bearable and tidy space! The best part about it is that you don’t really have to spend money on it, thanks to the great collection of DIY storage ideas we’ve put together today!

DIY storage ideas for kids rooms are easy and take very little time. With some of these projects, you can even get your kids involved and complete them in a few hours. The best part is that each of these projects also allows you to teach your kids how to organize their room and maybe soon, pick up all those toys and stuff on the floor and leave them alone. (We know it’s a never-ending dream) Sometimes colorful and sometimes clever, here are 11 great DIY ideas for kids’ rooms –

Small Childrens Bedroom Storage Ideas

Small Childrens Bedroom Storage Ideas

Touching an entire wall is a great way to free up square meters and give a child’s room a wider visual appeal. Practical, wall-mounted storage in small children’s bedrooms allows you to easily create a space for work or even a play area. Converting old boxes into open box-style shelves is a popular option that also works well in a child’s room. The innovative shelving and DIY box storage units you see here are inspired by the designs we found at Hus & Hem and seem to blend seamlessly with the room’s modern aesthetic.

Best Kids Room Ideas

Looking for something a little more colorful for the kids’ study or craft area? Then Brit+Co’s triangular wall storage system is for you. It also adds color and creativity to the interior while having a good geometric contrast. No more pencils and stationery scattered around the kids room!

Decorating a child’s room is also about having a little fun and escaping the strict restrictions of the adult world. So why should DIY storage solutions for these colorful and vibrant spaces be any different? The peek-a-boo play bag below is a great example of a DIY storage solution that’s simple, easy to recreate, and still lots of fun for your little one. You don’t need DIY skills for this project and it costs next to nothing.

This next idea is a really genius idea that can convince your kids to be more organized. And all by yourself! The DIY toy chest also hides storage space and after playtime is over, it’s very easy to clean up. Take DIY fun to a whole new level with this gorgeous and absolutely stunning LEGO table stand made from storage boxes created by our Wee family. This is a project that kids will enjoy participating in, and it also turns those many LEGO pieces into something useful.

Storage spaces in girls’ bedrooms are different from boys’ rooms and even more demanding! We love this DIY open shelf storage idea from Kelly’s DIY blog and it could easily be used in a boy’s bedroom or adult space as well. How you decorate and use these open shelves depends on your creativity as well as need. Another super stylish idea is the wardrobe for girls from A Turtle’s Life for me, who seem to have everything sorted, from headbands and bracelets to dresses and shoes.

Cool Bunk Bed Ideas For Small Rooms

Yes, boxes offer a simple and straightforward storage option in a child’s room. But there’s still plenty to choose from in the DIY world, from funky storage boxes on wheels to vintage boxes to much softer and more modern fabric toy storage boxes. Of course, some of these require crafting skills that are a little beyond beginner level, but you should be able to get the hang of it in no time! Finally, those with more time and tools can also try DIY children’s tables and chairs that have built-in storage. It’s time to start creating a more fun and organized kindergarten!

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