Small Boot Room Ideas Ikea

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If you have space in your home, you may be looking for trunk storage ideas. And why not? Boot rooms, being small, are great for storing dirty shoes (kids and dogs) and their accessories in one easy-to-clean space, away from the kitchen, hallway and the rest of the house.

Small Boot Room Ideas Ikea

Small Boot Room Ideas Ikea

So, instead of filling your hallway with dirty shoes and rain-soaked coats for all to see, if space allows, why not create a separate section for wet outerwear? In addition to keeping wet things out of sight, the design of the charging room can also prevent moisture from entering the hall.

Best Walk In Closet Ideas

“Large country houses have always had boot rooms, but these days they are seen as an important ‘valve’ to the outside world or the main entrance to the house,” explains Andrew Peterik of Artichoke.

“Although we take inspiration from the English countryside when designing our interiors, that doesn’t mean we don’t like to be colourful,” says Louise Wiksteed, director of interior design at Sims Hilditch.

“We chose a shade of pink for this shoe room in a 16th-century mansion. While it may not be part of the traditional palette of navy, green and cream that comes to mind when thinking of historic homes, it certainly breathes life and happiness within the space without losing any of its character.

While rubber boot trays, shelves and wire scrapers should be a staple in every trunk to keep dirt out, you can’t beat entry runners for style and function.

Diy Ikea Mudroom Hack For Small Spaces • Maison Mass

Pairing this with luxury vinyl tile flooring ensures you won’t have to deal with dog mess, dirt or mold that can be cleaned from this durable surface in no time. It is also worth paying attention to patterned tiles, which hide more dirt. effectively.

“For a sophisticated selection, light tones with hints of pink are the best alternative to neutrals. It can be used from ceiling to floor or combined with white and soft gray to create a Scandinavian-style interior,” says Helen Shaw , Marketing Director of Benjamin Moore UK.

“Natural stucco tones or light TERRACOTTA colors create a wonderful earthy atmosphere in the room. They look very elegant in well-lit rooms with natural materials or painted wood.”

Small Boot Room Ideas Ikea

“The exterior of this Georgian parsonage is the epitome of country living. The Cotswold green cupboards and checkered storage baskets perfectly reflect the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside in which this house is set, bringing out its character,” says Wicksteed. Lnyzqus 10 Tier Tall Narrow Shoe Rack 20 Pairs, Pink Shoe Organizer Shoe Tower,kids Vertical Shoe Shelf For Small Space,stackable Shoe Stand Holder Zapateras For Garage Closet Entryway

“When we design our interiors, we always consider the natural environment of the house and use this to determine the choice of colors, shapes and materials chosen for the system. Like the entrance to the street, this is very important when creating the boot room.”

Scandinavian design is a trend that won’t go away anytime soon… And the trunk concept is no exception. Using the concept of light colored wall coverings and matching wooden floors, this trunk design is ‘beautiful’ – that’s Swedish style to you and me.

To add an element of hygge to your home, add a rattan umbrella stand and felt bags to store the aesthetics wood or a real option for grilling.

You can also hang raincoats, scarves and bags on wall hooks. Notice how the trunk is decorated with a soft blanket and a potty bowl to prevent bad smells.

Small Entryway Storage Ideas

“The storage of ferns is often a natural way, creating a wearable and easy-to-clean barrier between the main house and the garden. As we move further into the house, we often connect the utility rooms with the kitchen or the utility room, as seen in our design of the Malvern family home,” says Wikstin.

“It fits well with the continuity with the water interior as we often use the same floor color or paint for fixing and fitting in all these rooms.” A trunk can also be a great place to store unnecessary items from the kitchen.”

“It can be cleaning products, kitchen towels or even canned food! We often install special structures in our luggage rooms with many storage solutions, including baskets under the bench seats.

Small Boot Room Ideas Ikea

“Why not give your laundry room double functionality?” Custom cabinets will help create a room that is both laundry and storage, creating a seamless transition into shared space,” says Tom Hawley.

Shoe Storage Ideas For Anywhere In Your Home

“We know people are trying to make the most of their homes and multi-use living has become a necessity as we spend more time in our homes.”

If you have a dog, do not forget to work in the space for leashes, bags, balls and treats if they are not already filled in the hallway storage concept.

Suggested ideas for your boot room mean you can make the most of your available space by providing dedicated areas for coats, shoes and pet beds.

This classic cabinet design, hand-painted by Martin Moore, is painted emerald green to stand out as the crown jewel of your home.

Ikea Kallax Hack: Turn Bookshelf Into A Seating Bench With Storage {diy}

Wallpaper ideas work surprisingly well in trunks. Adding pattern, color and texture to this scheme, the striped motif is a familiar design that adds a rustic charm to a space designed for a rustic setting.

However, location is important, so try to avoid areas that children may touch after hours of picking cones and pine cones, or your dog’s favorite spots where he rubs dirt on his coat.

You can also add plaid, plaid and plaid accessories to this theme. Maybe you can reupholster your bench, or maybe invest in a nice dog bed. The choice is entirely yours.

Small Boot Room Ideas Ikea

We all know the benefits of indoor plants at home, but how about incorporating them into your closet concept? For us this is not a problem.

Modern Utility Room Ideas: 10 Ways To A Sleek, Efficient And Organized Space |

Whether you went for a walk in the garden or brought new plants from the garden center, you may want to take them outside or use them as a pop-up plant.

Interior enthusiast Mo Hussen has created an “indoor jungle” by adding greenery to this part of his home. Dark blue doors and oak shelves add to the beauty of the interior, while various plants usually fall on the table.

If your trunk is smaller than most, the space may seem large enough for a bench and an oven… Until now.

So, instead of scrambling to put on your rubber boots, or shivering in the trunk despite wearing multiple layers of clothing in the winter, these multi-purpose heat absorbing desks kill two birds with one stone. Instead of choosing a traditional oven design, this oven allows you to relax a little after a busy shopping trip or a long walk in the woods.

Hallway Shoe Storage Ideas For A Tidy Home

Kosfort is a luxury for many country houses, so don’t deprive yourself of comfort or relaxation because you think a good layout won’t match those qualities. There’s always a solution that doesn’t have to seem trivial, sorry pun.

“With around 45% of UK households now having a pet, it makes sense to adopt this furry friend from the start,” says Simon Bodsworth, managing director of Daval Furniture.

“With that in mind, consider incorporating custom options like built-in dog beds, walk-in showers, and custom storage spaces early in the design process.”

Small Boot Room Ideas Ikea

“Here the shoe box is a cover between the outside and the inside to remove dirt effectively, protect the house from the weather and store all the equipment associated with a family living in the English countryside,” says Marina Jonas. , Marketing Director of Artichoke Ltd.

Creative Mudroom Storage Ideas

We love these wood and brass bins that store socks or clean dog waste bags ready for your trip around the countryside. The center table has space for umbrellas and walking poles. And open shelves provide easy access to hats and other accessories.

If ever there was a boot room that showed a storage orientation, this would be it. With pigeon holes, a top shelf, hooks and cupboards, you can fit hiking gear, pet food and more to your heart’s content.

But the real winner here is the hidden storage bench. Here, boot socks and blankets are still safely stored in the cozy room, so you won’t be bundled up in random socks and shivering to keep warm.

A storage bench with comfortable cushions and pull-out baskets underneath give this storage a relaxed and rustic feel. The built-in bench and wooden dresser are painted in Light Gray Room color, by Farrow & Ball.

Magnificent Ikea Mudroom Hacks

“A bench for removing shoes or sneakers is a must, but you can also use this place for storage. Drawers are built into the trunk to make good use of the space. A row of hooks above the bench allows you to hang coats and hats,” explains Chris Spinks. , kitchen designer at Hush Kitchens.

Choose luggage compartment furniture that fits your space.

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