Small Attic Bedroom Low Sloped Ceiling Bedroom Ideas

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Small Attic Bedroom Low Sloped Ceiling Bedroom Ideas

Small Attic Bedroom Low Sloped Ceiling Bedroom Ideas

Over the years, attics have gotten a bad rap. While the general perception is that it’s a dark, dusty space with barely used holiday decorations and furniture covered in cobwebs, we’d like to say that the oft-overlooked upstairs space – with its high ceilings, impressive windows and secluded location – is actually an ideal bedroom.

Best Attic Bedroom Ideas

Do you need proof? Next, we rounded up 25 charming attic rooms that are sure to prove that the top floor of your home doesn’t have to be dedicated to storing Christmas decorations and ditching scratched wooden furniture. From sun-drenched contemporary spaces to rustic, textured sanctuaries, these charming loft rooms are just a matter of packing and heading upstairs.

Keep scrolling for inspiration to transform an oft-neglected upstairs bedroom into a bedroom, courtesy of Instagram and some of our favorite designers.

Boasting not one but two skylights, this sun-drenched loft room is a bright and airy upper-level haven. An off-white palette takes advantage of the abundance of natural light to make a small space appear larger than it is. Warm wood floors and wicker baskets add warmth and texture to an otherwise neutral space.

Let this room demonstrate exactly how to make the most of a vaulted attic ceiling. A striking chandelier emphasizes the height of the room by drawing the eye. In particular, the wicker structure of the lamps, paired with wood-panelled walls and a neutral color scheme, also brings a cozy vibe to the space.

Attic Bedroom Ideas

This contemporary room includes lots of patterns and styles to bring the room to life. The diamond-print wallpaper not only covers the flat walls, but also the small slopes in the corners, creating a sense of unity throughout the room. A wicker headboard and full-length mirror add texture, and little accents on the pillows and rug add to the perfect white space.

In this loft room, plenty of textural details create a cozy and welcoming space. Note the rustic wood walls that double as headboards, the exposed stone columns near the windows, and the bed with plenty of texture. Curtainless windows accentuate the idyllic, textured space, but also include a room divider that is both decorative and functional.

Let this tranquil verdant loft room showcase the power of paint to transform a space. Here, fun green paint adds a healthy pop of color, while a white ceiling makes the small loft space look and feel larger than it is. Paired with wood accents and a patterned rug, this room exudes a warm vibe.

Small Attic Bedroom Low Sloped Ceiling Bedroom Ideas

Here’s another loft room that deftly embraces its unconventional architectural details, a space that demonstrates how awkward features can be turned into design assets. Here, the bunk bed is positioned between two immovable sloping walls – a unique bed arrangement that creates a unique space.

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No designated bedroom is complete without greenery, as evidenced by this plant-filled space. In addition to lush garden beds and hanging braided rope, a series of star-shaped pendant lights draw the eye to the ceiling, giving the illusion of a larger space.

Nothing says country like exposed brick, especially when we’re talking about a loft. This stunning room features brick walls juxtaposed with sloped white walls and ceiling. The velvet ottoman at the end of the bed is a sure hit, while the rest of the decor throughout the room exudes a vintage vibe.

While this loft room is decorated in neutral tones, it’s anything but boring. With a shiplap roof, jersey fabrics and natural fiber trim, it’s a masterful piece of layered texture. Also, notice how the quad bed accentuates the high vaulted ceiling and breaks the symmetrical design. genius

This room takes advantage of the small space with a complementary red and green color scheme on the walls and window treatments as pops of color on the white walls. Given the sloping ceilings and tight space, the green-striped headboard behind each single bed basically doubles as a proper accent wall, but it works.

How To Design A Room With A Sloped Roof

Hanging chandeliers take advantage of a small space in a loft room with a sloped ceiling. Futuristic lights stand out against the soft gray walls, drawing the eye to the ceiling and visually exploiting the vertical space of the room. A combination of different models energizes the area without feeling uncomfortable.

We were mesmerized by this elegantly styled room. Pale blue walls blend beautifully with the neutral palette, while also keeping the room from feeling washed out. White furniture, classic upholstery, and a headboard that echoes the shape of the walls create a sense of cohesion. However, the most striking thing should be the delicate chandelier with wooden panels, emphasizing its grandeur.

This mint green laminate gives this room a stunning transformation as an accent wall. Use neutrals for the rest of the room to let the color pop – patterns and finishes are simple and straightforward.

Small Attic Bedroom Low Sloped Ceiling Bedroom Ideas

Converting an attic into a guest room is a great way to make use of unused space. In this bright, naturally-lit white room, there’s not only room for an Eames bed and chairs, but plenty of Michigan-themed decor. The result is a welcoming space for visitors near and far.

How To Decorate Slanted Ceilings

With its sloping roof and small spaces, the architectural design of this attic room is stunning. A carved opening in the wall becomes the perfect place to place the bed, creating a comfortable sleeping space. The room is still large enough for a desk and computer so the room can double as a work space.

Wood paneling is making a comeback, and this loft room with wood paneling makes for a compelling installation of the material of the moment, giving it an immediate upper-cabin vibe. This minimalist loft bedroom is a rustic hideaway with plush beds and minimalist décor.

The unique slope of this loft room creates the perfect backdrop for the mini polka dot accent wall. This is not the only part of this space that catches our attention, however, the golden geometric light draws the eye upwards, emphasizing the height of the room. Symmetrical decoration on the table and matching lamps create a harmonious ambiance and give a sense of calm, perfect for relaxing after a long day.

The architectural design of this loft room is stunning – we couldn’t take our eyes off it. The cutouts against the walls add a 3D effect, but adding an enchanted forest wallpaper makes the scene look spooky? We never want to leave.

Bedroom In An Attic Room With Sloping Ceilings With Vintage Wooden Beams And White Aluminum Skylight Stock Photo

Another artful embrace of architectural details and awkward loft rooms, this space demonstrates how attractive functionality can be turned into a design asset. The bed was perfectly positioned to soak up the sunshine that poured in from the windows every day. Also, the monstera plant hangs perfectly on the wall and it receives lots of sunlight to help it bloom.

The minimalist aesthetic of this loft bedroom offers a sense of calm. Bright white walls are the perfect setting for any possible theme or decorating desire. Simple floating shelves and framed artwork now fill the wall space, while mid-century-inspired side tables and rose gold Edison bulbs bring in some serious modern vibes.

In this bright loft room, the installation of vertical stacked wall panels visually elongates the room, making a small space appear larger than living. Additionally, bright white shiplap panels contrast with the wood vaulted ceiling, helping to visually increase the size of the space and making the room look light and airy.

Small Attic Bedroom Low Sloped Ceiling Bedroom Ideas

This bright and artistically designed white loft space takes advantage of the home’s architecture in a wonderful way. A wall-to-wall headboard doubles as a side table, and the bed rests directly beneath the angled recess – the obvious focal point of the room. The small gallery wall on the side proves that there is always room for some decor if you know how to place it.

Dreamy Attic Bedroom Ideas That Are Super Cozy

A predominantly white color scheme accentuates the architectural features of this loft room: exposed wood beams and a charming fireplace. The ceiling and fireplace are juxtaposed against the white alabaster brick walls for an interesting contrast. This bed is stunning with white linens and a vintage wood headboard.

This loft exudes a studio vibe—and we love it. Sloped ceilings and textured drapes add a rustic touch. In addition to beds, glass tables and leather sofas are also known, which are perfect for extra seating.

This retro style loft space –

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