Modular Living Room Furniture For Small Spaces

Modular Living Room Furniture For Small Spaces – From modular sofas and cabinets to compact homes, these living concepts showcase a minimalist aesthetic. Photo: Mario Wibowo

As parts of the world descend into another coronavirus lockdown and others learn to spend more time at home, we highlight five dynamic and reusable life concepts. From modular sofas and cabinets to compact homes, these units and spaces showcase a minimalist and unique design aesthetic and offer occupants a flexible living environment.

Modular Living Room Furniture For Small Spaces

Modular Living Room Furniture For Small Spaces

California-based design firm Umé Studio developed the concept of a modular sofa that includes traditional Japanese Zabuton cushions, which are usually placed on straw mats called tatami. The sofa includes a maple base with a low groove, triangular dividers, Zabuton cushions and headboards. The wooden walls can be arranged in different configurations in the grooves, resulting in various configurations, such as a bed-like platform or a sofa with two seats. In addition, a wooden partition can be placed in the center of the base. This central compartment comes in two variants – with a full height file or a low table with a flat top for cups or plates. Umé Studio collaborated with Japanese furniture brand Takaokaya to create Zabuton cushions filled with cotton for this project. The wooden frame of the sofa, including the base and dividers, is made in California and coated with transparent water-based polyurethane.

L Shape Sofa For A Small Living Room?

Zabuton sofa can be used as a platform similar to a bed or a sofa with two seats. Photo: courtesy of Umé Studio

“Our Zabuton sofa is an attempt to reintroduce the traditional Japanese form into a modern piece of furniture. With the popularization of the high floor in the 17th century, Japanese society as a whole adopted tatami living as a principle of guidance in the design of houses. Zabuton cushions were used to provide comfort in the noble seats,” recalls the studio.

The Swiss artist and designer Till Könneker has created a compact cube, which includes a sleeping area and modular furniture pieces for small studio apartments. Entitled “The Living Cube”, this smart unit was originally designed by Könneker for his one-bedroom apartment. “My own living space had no storage but really high ceilings. I wanted an all-in-one solution and one sleepless night the image of this living cube came to mind – I made a simple sketch there and then in the dark,” Könneker recalls.

“The Living Cube” has a queen size bed and space for storage or work under photo: Rob Lewis

Smart, Adaptable Furniture Concepts Using Ingenious, Modular Design

“The Living Cube” consists of a platform with a queen size bed and a storage or work area underneath. There are a series of compartments in the walls to accommodate a 42-inch flat screen TV, shelves, a folding desk, storage for clothes and shoes, and a minibar. These flexible enclosures can be adjusted according to individual requirements. “The Living Cube” units are made of three-layer spruce wood, stained black and finished with bio-oil.

British design firm Studiomama renovated the interior of a single-storey house in London using custom and adaptable plywood furniture. Measuring just 13 square meters, the compact space has been modified by the studio with a folding bed, a standing desk and a pull-out dining bench with pink cushions. “Such a small space has to be designed like the interior of a caravan or a boat. Everything had to be custom made as there was no room for any pre-made furniture which was a big challenge. In addition, the use of a dominant one. material made a uniform space – the floor, walls and ceiling form a unit” – says Nina Tolstrup, co-founder of Studiomama. The final cabin-like residence consists of modular sections of custom-made plywood furniture. Each unit serves as a different space, such as a bedroom, office, living room, kitchen, bathroom, dressing room and dining room.

“We see that the problem of how to live in a compact living space becomes more and more important, especially with the trend towards urbanization and the emergence of megacities. We wanted to use this project to ask questions about this that really we need it for a comfortable life,” adds Tolstrup.

Modular Living Room Furniture For Small Spaces

A young couple from the Indonesian architecture studio K-Thengono commissioned the conversion of a 16 m2 living space into a kitchen, dining room and living room. The company has developed a built-in convertible cabinet that can be adapted to different uses during the day. The cabinet includes extended furniture such as a dining table and bench, sofa, shelves and plenty of storage space. The benches and dining tables fold out from the wall, turning the space into a dining area. The sofa is integrated into the cabinet using the Bi-Fold system to save more space. When all the cabinet doors are closed, an empty living space is revealed that residents can use for home workouts and yoga practice.

Brand New 83” 2 Piece Modular Sofa, L Shaped Design, Sofa Bed With Storage For Small Living Room, Apartment And Small Space, Gray For Sale In La Mirada, Ca

When all the panels of the Living 3-in-1 cabinet are closed, an empty living space appears Photo: Mario Wibowo

“The design aesthetic is minimalist with white surfaces and white Carrara marble counters, which enhances the feeling of space and light. The mirror walls are placed in the space to create a sense of ‘ depth and add dimension to the space. In addition, functionality is essential in the various design strategies, making each piece of furniture as efficient as possible for multiple uses,” says the studio.

Gary Chang remodels his 344-square-foot studio into a 24-room space Video: Courtesy of EDGE Design

Award-winning Hong Kong architect Gary Chang, founder of EDGE Design, has transformed his 344-square-foot studio into a space with 24 room plans and “endless permutations.” The core of the design comprises sliding wall units stacked on either side of the central space. These walls slide inward to reveal the various potential rooms that lie between. For example, the panel can be moved to open a guest bedroom, full bathroom, closet and home theater. These mobile panels are actually not just walls, but rather bookcases, facing both towards and away from the central space. Any space with similar objectives can be achieved by pushing or pulling these large wall panels suspended from the ceiling.

Best Modular Sofas Of 2023

The core of the ‘Domestic Transformer’ consists of sliding wall units positioned on either side of a central space Image: courtesy of EDGE Design.

“Domestic transformer” is an exercise in extreme conditions in closed spaces, which is now a global phenomenon. It is an experience that places all the necessary and unexpected activities in this compact space without compromise,” concludes the design company.

Pallavi is a freelance journalist based in Mumbai. She studied economics and English in the US and now writes about design, travel and lifestyle for leading Indian publications such as

Modular Living Room Furniture For Small Spaces

. An avid traveler and design lover, he finds inspiration in everything he encounters, whether in his immediate surroundings or traveling around the world. Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch, Modern Linen Fabric L Shaped Couch W/reversible Storage Chaise & Side Pockets, 3 Seat Modular Sofa For Living Room, Apartment, Dorm, Small Space (light Gray)

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Modular Living Room Furniture For Small Spaces

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Modular Living Room Furniture For Small Spaces

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